On the day you were born

a rose ray lotus formed

within your heart temple,

in the etheric body of your soul,

and it opens gently, continually,

to express the Love That Your Are. 


Not a tiny flower, but an ever growing bloom,

that cannot die or whither no matter what.


For it is Divine, Sacred as You are Sacred.


Its power within the soft petals

are beyond comprehension,

and extend to all life one Earth and Beyond.


For You are Love Incarnate, Creators own child,

expressing and living life as you see fit.


In the center is pure radiance,

the golden celestial light of your essence

which travels to all other hearts where ever you go.


You do not need to do anything, just be.


We all are so glad you are here!


We could not do it without you!

~ Carolyn Thompson



Copyright © 2015-2025 Carolyn Thompson; All rights reserved.