Our world shifted greatly last year when governments all over the world demanded everyone to stop what they were doing and just stay home. Corona Virus was spreading as viruses can and this time it looked dangerous.

This changed the way we moved through our world in a huge way. Many businesses died and there were no funerals for them. Other businesses that were able to serve the quarantined became billionaires. New businesses were created to fit the needs and changes developed through out our world.

People died, as some commonly do from the flu, because their body is already struggling with other issues. Death statistics were publicized daily as a main feature of this virus, at first, which created extreme cautions throughout our world.

Yet as the pandemic wore on, it came to light that this influenza was only a part of reason for the majority of deaths due to preexisting conditions. Only 2% of the people that contracted the virus actually died while the other 98% lived to tell their stories.

Many suffered with this upper respiratory influenza and it is very slow to heal in many cases. Even when a person is no longer sick, there is a lingering  raspy breath and a lower threshold of comfortable breathing.

Corona Virus

Corona virus had been discovered first in animals, and then around 1960 it was discovered in humans. (1)  This flu affected people for years, and yet not on the scale it did at the end of 2019. Thus the distinctive name Covid-19.

I suffered with the corona virus in February 2019. This seasonal respiratory flu was one of the worst I had weathered. I rarely get the flu; I think the last time I had the flu was in the 1960’s.

What lead up to this case…. I wondered, as I love to brag about my healthy body (if you have not noticed!)

Why was I susceptible? How and where did I breathe in aerosol particles, if that is the way we get it?

I was stressed out during that time, with worry and changes on my mind.

Thinking about my surroundings, I had noticed that in the the past seven years, I could feel the air pollution closing in on me and making it hard for my lungs. Excessive coughing, or phlegm reactions from my lungs after being in cities, I had noticed discomforts.

We love to point at industry as a large polluter while ignoring our automobiles puffing out carbon dioxide and burnt particles of exhausted oil products. (2)

Reading about whole city populations struggling to breath as their city was covered in thick blankets of chocking smog, and the illnesses that came from it …. made me think about what is in our air. (3)   People suffered with bouts of coughing and congestion while the lungs would try to expel what it could.

That February 2019, the flu gave me fevers, not high fevers but low ones, and chills that followed. I was short of breath and found it hard to breath as moving air through the esophagus hurt. I used tiny breaths. I felt ill all over as I laid in bed for weeks with brain-fog.  I drank tons of water, took aspirins and natural remedies. The flu kept going on and on, feeling weak and shortness of breath.

I did not go to the doctor as I knew it was just the flu. My mother had shown me how to care for the flu; you just stay in bed quiet, drink fluids that help hydrate and assist the body to flush out, and rest. The body will heal in its own time. I slept most of that time.

Weeks passed and my body went in to an imbalance of minerals and vitamins so that I got dehydrated. I needed electrolytes which are needed for the body to absorb fluids right. When I was able to get out of bed and go about my day, I still had trouble breathing right, there was lingering soreness and a need to breath gently.

Little did I know at the time, I was forming some important natural immunity for the pandemic later that year. My Higher Self preparing me for the future. Natural immunity is what the body does naturally, forming the right preventative reactions for the next exposure.

My parents exposed me and my siblings to both measles and chicken pox to form natural immunity, as that was a practice back then. My father was a hospital administrator at the time so he knew what families to take us to for exposure.

My poor mother was swamped with sick children and yet helped us all to heal naturally and build our immunity. The days of itchy red bumps…. no, I do not miss those days. (photo of chicken pox)

Compromised Body Integrity

When you research the data from Corona virus articles, you find that many who died were already suffering from others illnesses, and that the flu just tipped them in to the grave. The elderly were the hardest hit from this as were older people in general. Other people had various reactions, similar to what I had experienced.

By the time people reach 40 years of age, most have compromised immune systems. Through the years of eating, drinking, smoking, stress, trauma, lack of clean air, sunshine and being in nature, lack of exercise and play, people end up with sluggish and poorly operating bodies.

Our body is much like a pump. It functions best when it receives lots of movement with the proper diets and water. Our muscles and movement stimulate and move our lymphatic system in to action, removing substances out of our body.

Little was known about our lymphatic system for years. It was discovered that we have a massive network of vessels, much like a large web all throughout our skin tissues that remove products from the body by moving them through to the interior larger vessels and nodes and out through our intestines. The lymph vessels have no muscular walls to move anything, but the surrounding muscles act to move the fluids when we move, jump and work skin tissue.  Fat people are those where the lymphatic system cannot remove the overload.

Our diet can get too full of things the body does not want inside. Our modern processed foods have too many additives the body was not designed to process that are now demanding some reaction within the body, so what does the body do….. remove it, or store it in the fat tissues.

Refined sugar is a major culprit for declining health in the Untied States. Recipes for nearly everything in the United States has an excessive amount of refined sugar in it. Look at European and other countries’ food recipes and they all have half the sugar in their recipes.

One hundred years ago, we would celebrate a week or month with one desert, like a pie or cake with our family.

Today’s people eat cakes, candy, sodas and refined sugary treats multiple times daily. Sodas are served at every meal in most all restaurants now including breakfast.

Science says yes, most foods turn to sugar in the body… BUT the difference is that the BODY is naturally processing good food in to sugars the body knows, versus putting already processed sugar directly in to the body. Stuffing refined sugar in to the body is not at all the same, and in time, it triggers inflammation and diseases. Our immune system gets compromised. (4)

Many countries where the indigenous cultures maintained simpler and close to the earth diets, are very healthy.

World air pollution compromises our lungs, water pollution and food pollution all put stuff in the body that makes it hard to be healthy in our world; welcome to our modern world.

Emotional and mental health is also part of the equation as what we feel and think most of the time plays a role in the health of our body.

Many shaman and healers will ask their clients about their emotional and mental trappings before every looking at the actual physical situations.

For it is our thoughts that create, and what we think of our body creates. Our body takes our thoughts literally.

And there are so many other things that compromise our health, like taking too many pharmaceuticals. If you are on more than three medications, take your list to your pharmacist and have them cross reference the individual drugs to see if there are interactions and contradictions that are causing you troubles.  Doctors and nurses rarely have that education and so a wise pharmacist can help you with your prescriptions.

Time of Censorship and Propaganda

One area of our Covid Drama so crazy is the censorship of science. Our modern medical systems have advanced so well and know how to treat many diseases, yet with this pandemic, the information has been restricted so that anyone who does not repeat the “standardized speech/propaganda on Corona Virus”  gets silenced.

It is of my opinion that this part of the drama is the most damaging.

Our doctors and nurses, specialists in medicine have a right to speak freely and discuss publicly about presenting illnesses. Through discussions, so much is shared, learned and also realizes what are not workable solutions.

Geeeesh I thought I lived in the USA, land of free speech!!??

In the USA, our 1st Amendment of our Constitution has been used in court to protect our freedom of speech and to protect a persons right to choose their health choices. Will we lose it, have we lost it, or are we so busy with being part of a group, the “right” group, that we ignore what we know is wrong?

Sure there are always quacks, those who study little and think they know it all, and can harm people with misinformation. History is full of them.

But the efforts to quiet the intelligent, hard working medical professional is beyond proper. A higher level of the abuse of the masses is removing medications that work out of reach and offering untested drugs instead while telling people this is the only safe way.

Ahh …..the vaccine drama, the ongoing drama. Yes it is a drama, like the old soaps on TV. Oh, she did …and oh the shame, he did not.

My parents received flu shots yearly, due to their own private medical choices for their health. It was their strong belief which helped them guide their Divine Body to stay healthy.

Even if the shots were sugar water or for the wrong flu of that year, their mind was made up. They made personal choices and that is the end of any discussion.

Mandates are trying to force all people to get vaccinations, even to get them without consent. This is driven by fears and irrational behavior.

Do the many new Covid vaccines work? We are still finding out with this world wide effort to vaccinate as many people as they can. These are experimental shots that are not like the former vaccines. There is much to read and research on these particular new medications and worth your study.

Do remember corona virus has been with humanity for over 60 years and in all that time, no vaccine was produced. That all vaccines took years of study and trails before any were given to people. With this pandemic, our brightest scientific minds created vaccines to try and stop this virus.

These formulas are now being tested all on those who step up for this drug. It would be grand if they worked out, but time will tell us what worked and what did not. Yet the mandates for absolutely everyone to receive these drugs without consent are all illegal. (5)

Time will tell us, just like in any experiment, where the products are tested and retested through the scientific method. In the years ahead we will gain valuable information on these new drugs and perhaps advance our knowledge in grand ways.

Some vaccines are proving ineffective and are the source of people getting covid and at a much higher percent than the previous transmission.(6) Again this is on-going study and we can expect ups and down through this world process.

What is very strange about this drama is that there is little to no conversations about natural immunity. Millions of people already had the corona virus so their body developed natural immunity; yet… they are still being told to get the vaccinations. There seems to be little scientific focus on natural immunity. (7) Vaccines are made to mimic enough of an illness to trigger the body in to producing natural immunity.

The deaths, the 2% factor, are the high profile of media right now, to keep people in that fight or flight mode.  (8) There are no tests for natural immunity so that it would be hard to evaluate. Time is the true test of natural immunity. Time is also the test for the defectiveness of these new drugs.

Drama Breaking Down

We are social people, world wide, and we are now more than every united world wide through our internet, through travel and through families. People talk and share often. There is no way that “propaganda” can survive in the age of information! Even with the extreme control they are trying to apply right now with our limited information. Truth can break through the false barriers.

The stories I have heard over the last 20 plus months about this illness tells me a collective story of hope. People are becoming more empathic and want to work in harmony with what is right. This is a time of slowing down our hectic pace and take time with family.

What is not in the charts or data bases are the hidden cases of flu these past two years. Like mine, so many people stay at home while sick and do not go to the doctor as they take care of their health on their own.

What the media reports on are the reported cases and the hospital cases which are usually the extreme cases. Do we have information on how much over the counter cold and flu medications have sold during this time? Does it indicate many more people have had the flu?

Drinks with electrolytes have been flying off the store shelves. Not reported. Many people just know how to take care of health of the body. Home health care is the oldest of medical interventions. Like this article on How to make your own electrolyte drinks (9), there are so many ways we can assist our body through to health.

In the footnotes I show very few sources of information, and if you are interested, go research more. Information is everywhere! There are some marvelous books,interesting videos, articles and personal accounts all around us. Most people have read about this as it is the most popular subject today. I do not write to discuss issues and viewpoints, rather to bridge the dividing gaps. Them and Us polarity is worthless. There are many more points to consider and while people are sick, it is not a time to fight. It is a healing time for the world’s people.

Looking far and wide one can see that the “staged drama” is falling apart and that so much more information is coming out.

The Covid Drama has changed us, made us different. What is that difference? Are we better off? Are we kind to more people? Are we afraid of anyone who breaths? Are we just numb with it all and just pursue our lives anyway?

Are we finding ways to heal this virus that truly work? Are we learning to feed our body better? Are we seeing the connections in our reality that also add to our dis-ease, like pollution and stresses? Does this drama serve a higher purpose?

Divine Rights

Humanity has been challenged with many issues throughout time, and one of those was about “experimentation on animals and humans”. We have already gone through those horrors, and out of it came what is called the Nuremberg Code which states that experimentation can only be done with “permission” of the individual. (10)

Walking in to the clinics and doctors to get a shot of drugs is considered “consent”.

Being mandated and forced to get a specific shot or loose something like jobs, incomes, or being fined is coercion. Its an biased act to control others. This is a test of standing in your integrity.

For some, being mandated to get a shot was a deciding factor and they got the shot and believe it is good. Others will not want that shot for they have different views on the health of the body. Some fear the shots outright as it is untested and they do not wish to become a casualty to it. Others had corona virus thus have developed natural immunity and to not feel a need for additional steps. There are so many other reasons as well, and it is actually kind of interesting to read what others think about this issue. All are good reasons.

Just know that each one of us has a place in this drama. What you choose is what you live with, and there is no right or wrong, per se. There is so much more going on underneath all of the media displays and government agencies talks, positive, negative and all things in between.

Respect each other during this drama, and known of us have the “right” answer. We have roles to play. It is by Divine Orchestration. Outcomes we may see in three years.

The most important part of this is to love each other and help one another. Do not take sides; acting as if one or the other side is better, for the game is still going on right now. Stick to your own sense of it all, knowledge and gut feelings. Trust that what’s right for you is right.

Do not allow coercion and group dynamics drive you to choose to compromise your own integrity. Learn how to just be and trust your own path.

In that, respect for others choices even if they go against all you feel, is a must. The dark part of this drama is about division and herding people in to an unchoosen corner. Do not let some flu season make you an animal. You are soveriegn and Divine.

You have Divine rights, and are co-creator of this drama. Choose love and no sides. Nurture those on all sides. Nurture yourself.

This is a time of holding hands across the globe; united in knowing we are headed out of the era of forcible control and coercion.

Although we cannot see the outcome yet, as it is still in formation, we are forming it now.  Our harmonious efforts create our path out of the dark ages.

Harmonize! If you cannot hold a tune, then play the drum or rattles! You are a unique part of all the world.

~ Carolyn Thompson


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