I believe a true healer is one who has reached a place of owning and humbly accepting the Self, leaving behind all doubt and fear, choosing ownership, empowerment, gratitude, and humility. To accept oneself fully, to love all aspects and integrate into wholeness, is what healing is all about. When we can do this with a deep sense of truth and knowing that reverberates to the depths of every cell, then we can help others to do the same.


All healing takes place at this level of vibration.

What I have witnessed over the years is that many healers do not yet understand that the healing energy of All That Is, is something that must be received through the healer, rather than something that is given to the person/place/thing they are working with.

It’s just this slight change in perception that makes a huge difference.

It’s never about a healer healing someone or giving to someone. It’s about a healer getting out of the way, receiving the gift, and allowing Great Spirit to move through and do the work. It is Spirit that does the all the giving.


The healer is not giving healing energy, they are receiving it. And because a true healer knows there is no separation, the energy they receive is a natural emanation of All That Is. It is a gift to them, which flows through them and into the world.

The healer is not giving it so much as they are living it.

Receiving the healing energy can only come to pass as the healer seeks Oneness within themselves, and that takes an enormous amount of Love and Compassion for Self. When that exquisite place is reached within, the person/place/thing they are working with attempts to become attuned with their vibration, and depending on the client’s intent to reach wholeness, an attunement can take place.

The healer’s great task is to humbly and openly receive the healing energy and to understand and accept that the outcome for the one before them is a private contract between that individual and their higher self, and that they will move forth on their journey in whatever way they so choose.

It is my humble opinion, that a true healer is one who can look another in the eyes and see God there. A true healer is one whose mere presence can uplift and transform what was once darkness into light. A true healer is one whose simple words or loving touch can bring comfort and peace to a troubled heart. A true healer can walk in this world, naked of all the traditional healing tools and external paraphernalia that gets so over emphasized, and using only their eyes, their touch, their pure divine essence, can shed light and love wherever they go.

True healers do not need the fancy baubles and trinkets, pouches or spells, to do the work they came here to do. Instead, they’ve learned to walk in their truth that they are One with God. They have learned to receive, learned to trust what they cannot see, learned that their open, healed, and humble heart is the only tool they need to be in alignment with All That Is. From this place, healing and the wonderment of all creation, spanning all levels of consciousness, including past, present and future, can occur.

With this great gift a true healer is born, and then free to participate in soothing those who have not yet chosen to accept this truth, and to propel those forward who have.

~ Heather Fraser

heather fraser

Heather Fraser has given up all titles, labels, definitions, and any illusions of specialness of who she thinks she is. She now lives in a state of what she likes to call The Beauty of Being, where she is transforming and empowering lives through the art and practice of simply being one with life.

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