In this critical time, ALL of us are called in to a higher service NOW!

Patricia Cota-Robles  “You are an essential part of Earth’s Ascension! ..”

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How do we step up to this call to service and put it in to practical use? I wish to share what I experienced yesterday.

I went to a local burger place for lunch and sat at the bar, for I knew the service was faster there. The bar was full of people munching away on all kinds of burgers, turkey, buffalo, veggies and of course beef. They were all cooked on the grill and matched with some very tasty options.

My burger came and after a few bites the server, who I will call Ben, asked me how it was. I told him “perfect.”

He sighed and said I was the first person today without a complaint. He was moving very fast throughout my visit.

Now this restaurant makes burgers like my mother did, nice thick and cooked well. Looking around at other plates, no ones plate seems to suffer.

I made a few more fun comments, one when the lady next to me could not get the mustard to squirt. Ben came to see and they found that it was a new bottle with the seal still intact. I made some funny comments about being clean and first user, etc, but this lady was just intense.

I ate the whole thing.  Ben was wiping down the bar near me when I told him that my lunch was so satisfying. (which is was, I have not been able to eat much in the past few weeks. I get through about half of it, even less than half, and stop eating. Good I wanted to lose to bulk anyway. Yet when I feel I had enough I stop eating and end up throwing food away.) Ben was happy I told him that for he was still feeling a bit low.

As he handed me my bill, he reached out insisting to take my hand. He held my hand and thanked me for my positive attitude. He told me that it made him feel so good he was going to carry that throughout the day.

By telling me that, Bill had also instilled some joy within me so that it bubbled within me all day. I still tear up remembering the look and kindness he had in his face while he told me I had changed his day.

What did I do? I just said nice things. I was weaving my golden light of my heart as words throughout the area I was sitting. My spoken words were also heard by others not just Ben and I. Simple.

This is what ANYONE can do, no talents needed. THIS is what changes our world.

~ Carolyn

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