Many people felt the ongoing shifts in the earths atmosphere through the Earth Changes, social reorganization, and the cosmic radiation in 2019, and we now walk into a whole new format for life on our planet. The new year ahead is packed with surprises and rewards.

The new year hold more of earth rearranging of her lands, people and climates, and will force people to pay more attention to how they work with nature. It will hold great challenges. Please know that Earth and nature can always over ride any human endeavor and sometimes in just a few minutes. Move if you need to, or just get out of the way.

It is always a personal walk through life and as such, each person will encounter what they need to grow. Many people will open up to think more deeply about many issues and not keep recycling old thoughts from prior times. In order to sustain life, we must work more harmoniously in all areas, and no longer will the ultra-rich and privileged be able to sustain a form of superiority as humble pie gets delivered to each according to their nature.

As for myself  2019 was hard for me in that I felt the on-going shifts and needed so much bed rest to integrate. I truly did not write all those articles that ran through my mind while I was laying there. In many ways, it was a good thing. For I have new eyes to see more to each of those stories. Perhaps this year will allow me to offer more to you.

Heaps of Gratitude!

I wish to give my sincere thanks to all the wonderful new people I met this year through my work, play and interactions. Each soul is so beautiful that it brings tears of joy to my eyes! Even with all of our personal struggles, the beauty of our souls shine so bright that everyone glows! I see you!

I wish to thank all the generous people who have supported me and worked with me in all ways! I am so very grateful and humbled!

I am grateful to have been a service to so many people this past year.

May we all walk forward towards the world we vision where peace and harmony bloom more readily, where prosperity is for all people, where kindness is the new trend, where war is obsolete and forgotten, where there is healthy food and water for all of God’s beings, two legged, four legged, winged and crawling.

May people find new ways to honor nature in all expressions so that they bond with the true essence of all of this!

May we find more ways to speak to each other and embrace the beauty of diversity throughout our entire planet!

I thank you all!!!

~ Carolyn Thompson

(above photo of me from 1994 on Kauai, spa owner)