Subtle energy is not something we can see, but it is something we can feel and read with practice. Psychometry is the practice of reading the energy information stored within solid objects through touching and holding them. This can reveal the current and past energy connections the object had with people, places and events.

In my own search for understanding the information that was coming through me since I was a baby, I went searching through psychic fairs to see the “how and why” these people could do what they did. So many times, I just knew things, or saw things that other people did not. I pulled my own world close to me to protect me as I was abused many times for speaking up about what I knew or saw in this way. I learned to keep my mouth shut about spirits, angels or upcoming events.

Refining Perception Abilities

I sat down at a table with an older English lady in Houston for her to “read me”. It was always kind of a “test” I put all readers through. This psychic lady did not want to read me, instead she went on to coach me; telling me to ditch the glasses and get contacts so people can see my eyes, and also to attend her 8-session class. So, I did.

The first day was amazing, learning about Aka Cords and practicing with the energy threads that we extend as we think and place in each other all the time. At the end of this session, our teacher told us to be ready for the next session and we had homework.

We were to go buy a single flower and to be gentle with it. We were to embed an image into the flower, while we were in a centered and meditative state, and once that was done not to touch it or have others touch it until we returned to class. She emphasized that the flower needed minimal touch, and to try to only place in it one image.

She gave examples of how we can put too many images in to it, like driving to class while holding the flower would embed our thoughts and emotions of driving or thoughts about our boy friends in to this flower. So we were to let the flower go after one image was placed within its bioenergy.

I sat with my flower and placed in it an image of having a nice small home of my own. I imagined a square house with windows, door and flowers in the yard. I sat with it for about 15 minutes as our teacher had explained, and then I placed it into a jar of water.

This was a strong image for me as I felt so adrift in life and yearned for my own homestead. I thought this was truly an image I could embed. Previously I never experienced or thought about embedding images; this was a first.

We gathered in class and placed all our flowers in to one vase. Our teacher led us in a small meditation to bring our energy in to our center of our bodies and to be well grounded. When we opened our eyes, we were told to select a different flower, not our own.

Now we were to just sit with this live flower in our hands whose energy is already flowing and strong, and to just allow the images to come to our mind, through any of our senses. We sat for about 5 minutes.

Each in their turn, we all had a chance to say what we felt, heard, saw, knew, smelled, about this flower. We were told not to add or subtract any information we got, just to say it like we receive it.

Our intention was to find the energy information that a person had placed in it. Seemed to be an intimidating task before we started. Yet we all had collectively an 85% accuracy rate at the first try! Some people were spot on, word for word, while others had more symbology of the image.

The lady who read my flower was close to what I had input and talked about a house and a white picket fence. I had not imagined the white picket fence and yet that is symbolic of my desire of having a home of my own, my teacher explained. Symbology is part of this and makes it a bit tricky, thus why people do not wish to believe that people can actually read objects; it is not always so straight forward for many reasons.

But that day totally convinced me how we can read energy in objects and on first try.

The teacher explained that our car or house keys are with us so much, that things we hold in our hands more often are easier to read, so they are a wonderful tool to practice reading.

Old antique rings may have many stories in them as they are handed down from one person to the next person, so that gets tricky too, who are you reading about? It could be your old Aunt Bessy.

She showed us how to clear energy of our old objects so that it is only our own energy information in it. We swapped rings and keys and had more fun reading and laughed about some of what we found. One man read my antique ring and it was probably from two owners before I received it.

I pondered on how our thought plus emotion must create a third aspect to it, like a bond in which energy information then is so much more accessible.

Science Debunkers Wake Up

A note why some areas of science does not understand psychometry. Empirical science wants absolute results that are repeatable. The scientific method rarely works in most subtle energy branches of science.

After I added my thought energy (thoughtform) to that flower; the flower was then in a new state; its biofield held more. As soon as the reader touched my flower, its flower energy field had already begun changing as their touch and focus added new energy information into it. The “state” of the flower changed again. Actually, even as the reader looked at my flower in the collective vase thinking that is the flower they wish to read, they were already energetically attached to this flower and adding their energy to it. There is no way to repeat this. There are too many changes going on that cannot be controlled.

Energy moves constantly and changes constantly. Thus, Science may never discover that psychometry works due to their own limited way of approaching or studying it. As Heraclitus said The only constant in life is change”.

Subtle Energy means it is so delicate or precise as to be difficult to analyze or describe.

Even with our experiment using it, we found that the person who “reads” the energy is also part of the equation as the mind deciphers the symbology through its own filters and intelligence.

Science is moving forward in other areas that might help us to understand the nature of energy as we discover. Lynne McTaggart wrote The Field, The quest for the Secret Force of the Universe. It is through the study of Quantum Physics that we are discovering the forces that move in unimaginable ways.

Psychometry as Measuring the Soul

Joseph Rodes Buchanan coined the word “psychometry”, measuring the soul, in 1842. Buchanan came up with the idea that all things give off an emanation.

Psychometry (from Greek: ψυχή, psukhē, “spirit, soul” and μέτρον, metron, “measure”), is a form of High Sense Perception which may be able to access the energy information stored within an object, a flower, a room, an archeological artifact, etc. Everything is energy, so it is focusing upon a specific portion of energy that one might be able to ‘tune in’ and read accurately

Buchanan asserted that his particular psychism would supersede empiric science. He wrote a comprehensive treatise, Manual of Psychometry: the Dawn of a New Civilization (1885), detailing how the direct knowledge of psychometry would be applied to and affect the many various branches of science. It also would elevate the various schools of philosophy and arts thereby affecting wide social change and ultimately an enlightenment of humanity.

“The discoveries of Psychometry will enable us to explore the history of man, as those of geology enable us to explore the history of the earth. There are mental fossils for psychologists as well as mineral fossils for the geologists; and I believe that hereafter the psychologist and the geologist will go hand in hand — the one portraying the earth, its animals and its vegetation, while the other portrays the human beings who have roamed over its surface in the shadows, and the darkness of primeval barbarism! Aye, the mental telescope is now discovered which may pierce the depths of the past and bring us in full view of the grand and tragic passages of ancient history!”

Buchanan continued to promote psychometry throughout his life and his followers believed that it would revolutionize science in a comprehensive way as “the dawn of a new civilization”. Buchanan’s work on psychometry was continued by the geologist William Denton (1823-1883). In 1863, Denton published a book on the subject The Soul of Things.

Developing the Perception

Developing this subtle energy information is part of the task to become very good at it. Practicing with others so that you can share what was placed within an object and confirm or not the interpretation is vital. As in many of spiritual practices, it is the state of being a person is in that matters. Anyone emotionally involved will not be a clear as someone with no expectations.

A person must practice receiving and allowing that reception to be as it is presented, first and foremost, before any personal interpretation or expansion can be attached. For each person has their own unique chase of symbology, experiences and thoughts which can alter the perception. Provide the initial content without adding to it, always. When you are well trained, you may add more details as you understand them to be, as this is part of the energy information, and many times it needs to be added to for counseling purposes.

Suspend judgements as that stops progression and avoid over analyzing things when working with subtle energy. Perhaps keep a journal about what is perceived to build your own library that you can refer to and grow with.

One thing this all points to is how we are so connected to one another and that many times we already feel something before we truly acknowledge we do.

~ Carolyn Thompson

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