Erroneous media sources spew that the people of the US of A will go through a civil war soon… some said it would be from the elections, others due to this or that…. this is wrong. So very wrong.
Do not buy in to that “thoughtform” and it is a big thoughtform being feed every day through fear and media propagation. Do not be led in to anger or harm.
There are many ugly people wanting to gain from neighbors shooting up neighbors. Banks, greedy people, and control weirdos scooping up what is left in their wake, free houses, property, money in banks, etc. And yes, this media promoted idea created a gun buyout of illogical proportions this year. So people believe in this “idea”, but most are also not wanting to go there at all, they do not want to shoot people. There is no need to do it.
Do not believe the people promoting civil war. Maybe small groups of people who follow someone on-line, “special ops” kind of posts, like they have inside secrets, saying this or that (which never happens over time), promoting the idea that people must fight to get something back that we really never lost: it is just obscured.
These on-line special op secretive talking heads, talk in special languages that make it easy for people to fill in the blanks with whatever they want. They stay hidden because they do not want us to know they are…. fakers ….for their real intention is to create division and anger. Their posts are taken as truth before it is vetted.
They sound like the good guys, patriots, or such, but their hidden agenda means death for the people and families who act on the lunacy they subliminally promote day after day.
Many have promoted that there is lots of actions, even evil people being put in to prisons when there is no proof anyway that this is correct. It is an idea that has not taken form. A part of the larger thoughtform. Yet due justice must preside as this is not about revenge or anger.
Take your time and measure with your heart and mind before taking any one else’s opinion as truth.
It is time to truly expand past simple opinions and media musings so that we preserve what is our heritage, what is our dream as a United people living in the United States.
Each state still preserves its own social order while participating in the harmony of our unity.

UNITED States is Very Real


The United States is still very young in the worlds perspective of countries and WE the People keep working to bring it in to Harmony… not through civil wars or killing our people.
We work through laws, community action, working together to achieve what is best at that time for all people. We are still working on this Unity of States … As it keeps getting better.
Those people who are “exposing evil” do so and it is a great thing, but running for guns and hate only gets you dead.
Going in to group resolution teams and removing the pathways that evil people take, removing them from offices, from positions or roles takes away their power over others. Community action sets up new pathways for the best of our ideas to continue for the good of generations to come.
Killing a neighbor does nothing like that. Going in to civil war gives more power to those perceived as evil doers; it gives them the “idea” that we cannot take care of ourselves.  It is what any controlling group wants people to do; to die and to make the other people criminals which allows them to pretend to take more freedoms. Do not fall for it.
We are taking care of ourselves!!!!
Look at this Covid dance we are all in… WE chose to mask-up, distance ,and stay at home in order to help our neighbors!!! We chose to be kind and act in unity through this flu season. That says volumes to me. I get chills thinking about how others all are doing this world wide …. what we chose to do to help lessen the spread of the flu!!!
We are thinking about each other. We are acting in kindness to a grand degree! Own this! Those that chose not to do the mandates were respected for the most part, some people battled others over their freedom to choose. We will always have that. That is freedom.
It is also seen in the way we drive cars! Even though the people driving cars are probably of every ethnic group, every nation world wide… we just see cars, and we drive to preserve our own and their lives.
Laws are there to help us harmonize, like sheet music, but in the end there are always a few people driving crazy and yet because people are caring, people will pause enough to let them by safely, calmly.
To me our roads show the essence of our unity in the United States, and the way people chose to cooperate together.

Self Proclaimed Experts


“I know inside information, you won’t believe what they plan”, If you knew what I know, you would …”, “Look at what is coming next, this is the worst ever…”  Talking Heads in media love to be expressive and loud. They want big audiences, to be important and to become rich. Even those who channel special “masters, ETs, or some spirit guide” can give out information that is erroneous.
Do not let some “talking head” tell you “this or that is evil and that we must fight, physically.” Do not let others take away your kindness and peace through the rhetoric of anger and opposition. We already know the path of peace and cooperation in a huge way. This is our true pathway through chaos and change. This is our legacy.
It is healthy to know oppositions and obstacles, for in that way we have things to work on together. This way we GROW our US of A, together.
The Civil War during the 1860’s in the US was the most disastrous war ever. It had its reasons for being. But they killed whole families, economies, and so much more.
Today we have NO reason to create civil war. We have all the reasons to change things we do not like through coming together and recreate better organization and order.
We have a good life, we have family; We are working to learn to act, behave and work together. This we cannot forget. This is what is lacking in so many discussions. (but then Fear cannot be propagated with hope, can it)
I do not care who our president is, he/she is the fall guy these days…. who people love to bash, smash, disrespect and hate. It became part of our culture from the 1960’s and now it is at an all time high of rudeness. Our 2020 President has been feeding that disrespect back to the people. Like table tennis…. each side lobs insults…. so boring and a waste of energy.

“Change is the only constant in our universe.” ~ Aristotle


If our United States needs to change its style of working, we need to do it with calmness, research, committees and deep thought. We need to gather what works best and take it further.
What will come of it is not frightening, it might be a struggle, but in the end our US will become better, easier, and more equity than ever without falling back in to old social systems of socialism, communism, or other old philosophical orders preached at earlier times in our history.
For we are in an age of advancement, of courage, and a time for some of the most creative ideas to come in the history of the world.
With coming together to be Voices in these Processes we can remove the “scary ideas” and “controller mentality” through our own efforts, through our own wisdom in action. Have you noticed we have plenty of time before such scary ideas are implemented?? We do! Step up to assist to stop things, when there is time to, as large groups taking it logically and legally so there is no backwards stepping.
Now is the time to step up and contribute to our growing and advancing society that proves we are free, soveriegn, equal, and loved.
We the People of the US of America are working on progress…. take your part and walk with us, for the future we hand our children will be of our doing!
~ Carolyn Thompson