It is time to share some things that are illusions and the truth behind them. It is not essentially my truth, the little me in this body truth; it is truth as per the Melchizedek Ouri of which I am one. In a series of myth busting and twisted beliefs, we will express things that will piss some people off, and it may create confusion for others, while some may just go “Aha!” as they have had similar insights already. It is not for you to just believe what is written as you need to take it all in to the crucible of your heart, the center of you and work it according to where you are right now.

But the time is NOW for what is real as the unreal is falling away fast. How fast, we will need to live through it ti see it. Live in the NOW.

With the cosmic energy wave that is presented in the video by Allison Coe , she presents a timeline that we concur with and it is nearly upon us all. Not all of what she says we can align with as much is the usual trying to make sense of things. Some things humanity cannot make sense of directly. Yet there is this wave that is a game changer.

In the months of the aftermath of this wave, which has two elements to it, you will see many things no longer working,…at all. So the series we will present is to help people wrap their minds around what fell away and how to proceed differently. These are designed to help people move forward, and it is not judgements. In writing this, I share some of the similar discomforts having being told these and yet, there is a sense of freedom in that many of this things lived in my mind with a ? next to them. We plan to help show where it got twisted and perhaps why it was twisted.

As with all information, use your discernment and keep what you feel good about and toss the rest. You are a Divine being in human form growing from the inside out and it is time for everyone to step out of illusions.

~ Carolyn Thompson