Ancient Hawaiian culture revolved around and understood life through their deep relationship to nature and all that is around them, seen and unseen, and to the reality of our Higher Self. They understood their inner relationship within their own incarnated being.

Ho’omana (to make “Mana”, or life force energy) teaches about our “Three Selves”, the Higher Self (Higher Power, Divinity), Middle Self (consciousness, mind, active presence), and the Lower Self (instinctual, subconscious, unconscious, inner child) that functions within our body.

Our Higher Self tends to be illustrated above our head a foot or more, for it is a part of our divine individuality that resides mostly outside of our body with a portion that is fluid down through our head and chest area.

Higher Self is naturally anchored in our heart and can easily communicate through all our physical parts that receive communication and it is what animates the body.

Our Middle Self can be considered as operated in our upper body as we can think and feel consciously with heart and mind. It is our active and working energy we use daily and with a focus of mind towards are goals.

This area also includes our stomach and solarplex energy center as an active communication of subtle energy information center.

Lower Self can be considered mostly in our abdomen (our calabash), where we store our memories, beliefs, habits, fear and angst. As scientists keep looking for parts of the brain for the location of our subconscious, they misunderstand that mind is an energy field that encompasses our entire physical form and interacts through the brain switching station.

The mind stimulates the organic parts of our brain to the body. Memories stored within the cells of the body will spark the connections up through mind first and then spark in the brains neurons. So this energy field of mind saturates the physical body through and through.

Lower emotions and mental energy information are stored easily in part of our intestines and abdomen, physically. This is where we store bad memories and traumas in our cells.

“Butterflies in the stomach” is our nervous reactions of previously stored, not so pleasant reactions to our past experiences of the same kind. These memories stored within the abdominal area are served up to our mind as alike kind action, thus we dread the reactions. We think that there may never be a better, newer reaction to our efforts for that is all the subconscious offers us.

Sure enough this is the same area where we process food, by removing what is good for the body through the intestine walls and sends the unwanted fibers and such out of the body as fecal matter through the rectum. Yes, this is where we store our mental shit.

Forgiveness is the pathway of removing this type of storage. Forgiveness of our own self first and foremost! It is amazing how much we can punish our self!

Next forgiveness for all others included in any memory. Some of the information stored in our abdomen is useful and worth keeping, but the painful, guilt, shame, and other traumas may actually work against us if it still holds the ‘charge’.

Our memories of child abuse, emotional dramas that affected us deeply, whether we liked early in life, and many other common human occurrences get stored here. Subconscious mind just stores it all in order to bring safety and protection to the person.

Yet when there is a ‘charge’ to it, an electrical charge actually, certain patterns will spark an automatic response as self-defense even when it is not needed. This inappropriate automatic response will supersede the Higher Self’s response which would produce a more beneficial outcome. We just do not hear it. We are reactionary.

Working with Functions

Although these so-called ‘three selves’ are truly just ‘one being’, in our complexity of personality it helps to place areas of function in to these three in order to access and work with portions of our being more efficiently. In this way, a person could remedy their life and bring back peace and balance to their own inner conflicts.

Our middle self is who we are most of the time, yet can be deeply influenced by our lower self with its contents of our collected beliefs, emotional charges and mental structures.

Lower self is much like a storage unit filled with memories and social order as we perceive it.

When we do not know what to do, our lower self/subconscious offers up a plate of repetition. We can believe very tightly that these offerings are the only way it is, only way to go or act.

Through our conscious self, our middle self, we can explore with different or more creative ways to work with situations rather than rely upon the old repetitions of our lower self.

When we are in flow with our Higher Self, we receive the best guidance of all. For our Higher Self is our own blueprint, so to speak of our soul’s plan for this life as well as our collection of experiences throughout time and space.

For many people, they can hardly hear their Higher Self Guidance, as they are so used to their subconscious telling them their every move. Then they wonder why they keep falling in to the same old bad situations.

Their subconscious is limited in its offering as it is only the records of our past in this life. It feeds us what we have stored, our reactions, decisions, beliefs, rituals, things we have been told, ways of handling situations, and all other types of memory that we keep for later use. It reveals are our blocks to being loved or unloved, and to why we do things the same way over and over again. When we change our mind and repeat that change enough, the subconscious changes its records.

In our current time, we can find so many useful ways to dive deep in to our subconscious and swim through our memories; finding the points that need to be neutralized. The Hawaiians also practiced the path to making things right through Ho’oponopono.

Any personal introspection can help if it is stays away from too much judgement. We already did something, we feel uncomfortable about, so why keep hurting our self over it. Forgive and let it go. Know it is past. Love yourself now. That was then and this is now.

Opening the Pathway to our Higher Self

The Hawaiians taught that in order to reach the Higher Self, one must go through and work on their Lower Self first. For there was where the obstructions to the flow of divine in their life. And it was not so much as there really is some kind of wall or partition to our Higher Self as is where we focus our mind.

When our mind repeats to no end and be so absorbed in a particular drama or dramas, that a person will not notice or hear their Higher Self’s guidance. If they do, they may think it is the wrong answer or just too different to consider. What?, be nice to this ass hole? Never!” Yet the prompting by your Higher Self might have been the game changer, if one was adventurous enough.

Our Higher Self is an interwoven part of our personality. This aspect of who we are can easily be ignored. Our preoccupation with ‘who did what wrong” may just be louder than that still small voice, as some have come to call their Higher Self guidance.

As your Higher Self says to forget that issue, your subconscious may openly whine that you cannot forgive as that one did your wrong. So which thoughts does a person choose to follow?

This wisdom is reflected throughout many cultures and today it is the focus of many authors and people through so many venues; that to become full and authentic, one must clear up their subconscious mind. Developed practices can clear up the electrical charges of energy information stored within the body, within your cells, that are not productive, so that a person could become, embody their Higher Self clearly.

Simple Wisdom

With so many interpretations of discussing the pathways to wisdom out in our world right now, one might wonder where the easier pathway is. Personally I found the Hawaiians wisdom the easiest to make use of.

As far as psychology goes, that is the hardest path to follow and find clarity. They tend to make a person feel deficient and insane. They may resort to drug therapies which leave the issues drugged. Some take a person deep within and sort out their disillusions.

Yet when a soul is diligent, most pathways can take you to clarity. Trust what you find real interest in and go there. There is a reason why there are so many ways to work this as they match the diversity of the soul journeys.

Even the new age and self-help community can make a person go through too many steps. Each person presents as they have learned, really, and so do I actually, so I do not expect everyone to cheer me on! Yet look at how many people are actually grabbing ahold and moving through the dross of their inner landscape; awesome!!

Receiving guidance from your own Divine Higher Self is never out of reach. It only gets resolved by you. So to hear your own divine voice clearly, it is a journey through your own inner being of conscious and subconscious. Just review.  Many things we hold dear are part of our authenticity. Many things might not be ‘popular’ but still a part of who we are.

The grand spiritual goal for any person is to hear their own divinity clearly. It is this guidance that knows everything about the soul journey and leads one forward in the best way.

Meditation is a great way of clearly the subconscious and conscious mind chatter that may never seem to stop. Being in control of your mind instead of your mind being on control of you is a great way to open up to the clarity of your Higher Self.

Mastering the quieting of mind may be hard at first, and yet with practice, you reform how your mind and brain works with you.

You will pause and slow down your thoughts when you wish it to. It can possibly take a year or more to see results of quieting the mind meditation, yet the outcome is exquisite. There comes a time when you are a walking meditation, in which you can quietly focus on what it is you wish without interruption from other thoughts. This is great when you are working with subtle energies.

Guided meditation assists in a different way and is also great help. Many creative guided meditations will take on a journey to meet a personified version of your Higher Self so that a conversation can be experienced.

The Gifts of Higher Self Flow

In a world where we are taught that all good things come from outside of our self, it is a hard idea to sell that we already have it all within.

People seek gurus, which works for some people. Some people seek psychic readings, which can be helpful as well. Some people are making a fortune of confusing the pathway to the Higher Self. Keeping people is the slow lane racks up the flow of income and there are many careless people out there profiting from this practice.

Seeking people outside of our self can be so very tricky. We can easily receive information that can set us on a course to ugly experiences. Consider it the long road to connect clearly with your Higher Self. Yet if it seems the path to you, take it!

There can be a lot of fun and adventure just stepping in to a classroom of seekers like yourself. Skip around different types and cultures to see that common thread through all of it. Gathering with others is truly beneficial as there are many who are similar to you and the sharing of experiences can connect many truths within.

Channeling is also a popular pathway these days. To receive information from entities and we know is not from our own knowledge can be exciting. Scribing and orating the words as they flow through your mind is a wonderful practice and can give useful information.

With this comes the practice needed to make sure you are not being fooled by “faker” astral entities. That whatever is said to or through you always needs to be weighed in your own heart and mind.

If it is degrading, disrespectful or demanding you do something illogical, like cutting off all your hair; do not follow the advice or command.

Benevolent channeling needs to respectful, kind in tone, philosophical, and rarely, ordering us to do something. Anything like an order needs to be rethought about, and know that you must be responsible for any outcome.

True orders come from your Higher Self which will alert you to leave the house while a plane is steering to hit it in the next hour. Personally my Higher Self has saved me from many events where doom was waiting. I just went the other way for I was listening and acted upon it.

Lower self would argue the point. But when you have cleared the pathways, you really only have your Higher Self large and in charge!

The right “guides” to be listening to are the ones who display a deep respect for where we are on our soul journey, patience, and gives a higher guidance.

Higher guidance is that which is not controlling our every more or thought.

Many of us had planned to juggle communication from entities of our soul groups or spiritual teams we are participating with in this life time.

Never make an arrangement with any entity; if there is an “arrangement” of they will do something for you IF you do something for them. Stay away from this old black magic of humanities history which has created more harm than good to our souls. Some faker ascended masters say to follow their advice to the letter and they will reward you after you die. That after death you will have mansions and riches to your liking, that they will serve you instead. Lies. Once you commit to be a slave you stay a slave. End of story.

Never give up your prime Divinity and Sovereignty to any entity no matter how glamorous they present themselves. True Ascended Masters work with you as a partner, in the manner of our abilities, with respect to you.

For the astral realms is full of fakers, pretenders and controlling spirits who easily will lead you to ruin, just for the fun of it. Some of the famous Ascended Masters and our off-world Leaders are faked all the time and so many people follow their every word, even without logic and common sense.

There is no shame in discerning that any one of them are not saying things right. In fact it is a skill that needs to be honed and everyone gets tested. Think for yourself with heart and mind.  The best guidance is truthful, forthright and patient. You are never regarded as subordinate. If some entity does that to you tell them to Fuck Off! Be gone!

The best guidance is from our own inner Higher Self.

 Our Higher Self is the key to knowing the best way to go in our individual lives. Trusting our own self comes hard in the day and age of many religions and social standards who teach us to doubt and be submissive.

Many wonderful guides stand around us to assist us in portion of our soul journey, just ask for their help. Each has their own fields of expertise to polish your skills.

When one truly is in the flow with their Higher Self, many things change in their life. Life becomes easier.

Why is that? For one reason is that a ‘person in the flow’ has cleared out the subconscious enough that the lower self is no longer creating the painful repetition. Now what comes is more pure and divine.

The gift of the Higher Self is the ease and grace; through more difficult times, there is a calmness and guidance on what to do and how to move through it. There is this peace that becomes natural in the mind, and so the observation is broader and takes in more so that any action is taken with more wisdom and better outcomes.

As one allows their Higher Self to lead them through life, there comes a time when Higher Self merges more in the body a person, higher self embodiment. As most of our being is really outside of our physical body, when we have made room and are following our divine guidance, a portion of our grand divine self, shifts downward in to our chest. The Higher Self tends only seek room in our body from the High Heart area and upward through our crown energy center; the person is ‘enlightened”.

Actions from wisdom and patience, creating with less drama, being a benevolent person within a life’s journey is all part of what comes of allowing the Higher Self its true part.

More of our own unique skills (what some call gifts) come on-line for many of these divine skills will only work when an incarnate has reached a certain level of wisdom.

EnJOY your own unique journey and the skills that open up to you!

~ Carolyn Thompson

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