As a person advances in frequencies, those on a spiritual path, a conscious path of the soul, an ascension path, the body changes naturally. The body changes due to the changes in their etheric bodies.

What may come as a shock to most everyone is that the energy centers (chakras) dissipate at the higher dimensional consciousness.They are no longer needed for their former functions.

As a person works toward higher access of their own consciousness, these energy centers change in the way they function and at the perfect time, they will fall away and not exist.

Classic 3D/4D Energy Anatomy

The classic seven major energy centers taught as part of our energy anatomy are for living in 3D, living through the solar plex. They act as filters within our third dimensional requirements.

Energy moves in and out of each energy center, major and minor, and they feed and release energy as the Divine body requires. Five major energy centers are present both on the front of the body and on the back of the body (2-6).

The first energy center, the root chakra, with the seventh energy center, the crown chakra, are active within the Tube of Light. The ‘root’ faces downward from our perineum area and the ‘crown’ faces upward from the top of our skull. (artwork by Alex Gray)

Now there are so many different versions of energy centers of the human body available for study, and to adding to that complexity, there are meridians, reflex points, and other kinds of energy flows, access points all over our body. We are energetically wired with subtle energy. It is actually fun to explore this part of our anatomy!

It is not easy study, and most of the study needs to be on a live human. With practice, you can dowse energy centers/chakras with a lightweight wood pendulum to find how they are, how they function and where they are on a person’s body. This shows you energy information, movement and placement.

The classic study of energy centers also shows that we have many minor chakras all over our body, at each joint, in the palms of our hands and bottoms of our feet.

These energy centers are constantly working and changing according to how we are, how we think, how our emotions are, and  what our biology may be doing as there are many factors for each and every energy center. To study the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual qualities of the major seven can help anyone discover much about their self and to find ways to change things that are not working well for their being.

Most people practicing Reiki and Energy Medicine use the energy centers of their hands, both palms and finger tips, to distribute healing energy through them to the recipient. Some practitioners use their heart energy center and third eye/spiritual eye energy center to also move energy through.

The practice of energy healing is regulated by the Higher Selves of all people participating in Energy Medicine. Energy that moves through and not “of” a person.

If a person believes they are giving their own energy in a session, they will deplete their own personal energy. Many Healers have had heart attacks due to this misperception; some have died. The energy they give is also a lower form of energy does not do the best for the client.

The energy centers on the Soles of our feet work to ground us to the earth, and also to return energy up in to the body from the telleric currents within earth. This is gathering energy needed to sustain life. Grounding to Earth (earthing) is essential for our health and to sustain our energy fields. We are electrical in nature thus electricity moves through us. The soles of our feet have many grounding nerve endings which keep us alive.

We also have energy centers at our ears, at our thymus gland (High Heart Chakra), pancreas and so many other places, while we are in 3D. The Ear energy centers are large cones.

Etheric Templates

Our Etheric Templates, part of our energy fields, work to hold the atoms of our biology in place, and the energy centers work to contain the integrity of the areas and organs they govern. It takes a lot more structure in 3D to hold our biological form as it is.

As a person moves in to 4th dimensional consciousness, their Higher Self adjusts the biology through the Etheric Templates that are in place.

This is done directly with the etheric energy and not the RNA/DNA. RNA and DNA hold codes and function as software for the body.

We appear to have three Etheric Templates held within our energy fields, the two closer to our body hold our essence in place while the third outer template works as a ‘connector’. Yet they are one complete field with other fields showing up in layers within this dynamic field.

The most noted one in the study of chakras is the light blue one that is closest to the body, as illustrated to the left. It is often the first auric field people can see when they begin to see auras. This is called our Etheric Double at times.

{Illustration from “Hands of Light” by Barbara Brennen, all rights reserved. This is a classic manual for the beginning study of Energy Medicine as is her second book.}

Higher Self Consciousness

It is through Consciousness that the Etheric Templates are patterned. The Higher Self Consciousness holds the biological portion of itself. As an incarnated soul makes strides in their personal development the Higher Self makes the physical changes.

So as each person moves ahead with realizations, and layers of awakening, the Higher Self opens the pathways, so to speak, for a refinement of the physical form.

Realizations can be simply understanding certain traumas so they no longer have emotional charges, or moving past old beliefs, and many of the steps any spiritual initiate takes on their spiritual path to move towards a more whole and happy soul.

4th Dimensional Consciousness Changes

As a person becomes 4D Consciousness, their Tube of Light expands outward from 8 inches to about 16 inches wide. About mid-way in our development through 4D, our energy centers change.

Our Tube of Light is located through the center of our physical body as light is in constant flow through our body, above and below it. All chakras connected through our physical spinal core are part and function within this Tube of Light.

4D is a reclamation time, that is, there is a returning to something more natural. 4D Consciousness is a state of living  life through the fourth energy center, the Heart energy center.

When a person is no longer living through the first three major chakras and is now experiencing life through the fourth energy center, they have 4D Consciousness.

This is a large area of study to refine this state of 4D consciousness, and when it is working in a balanced and positive way, it opens gateways to higher dimensions.

5th Dimensional Consciousness Changes

5D Consciousness is when a person is living more fully through their Throat energy center (fifth) . In combination with a refined and balanced Heart energy center, the Throat now speaks its truth and can express more kindly.

It is a process, so timing is not important. For when someone throat chakra opens more fully and feels safe, their first expressions many be loud and extreme!

Yet the Heart assists in toning this burst of energy release and in time, the throat can become a gateway for truth and love.

The High Heart energy center which is located over our thymus gland begins it activating when a person is living through their Heart energy center, yet becomes very active when a person moves in to 6D Consciousness. It comes on-line for specific purposes. This energy center has no chakra moving through the body to the back.

As a person moves in to 5D consciousness, their Root energy center dissipates. The root energy center is no longer needed as a unique vortex, specific energy center.

The Tube of Light is now the grounding force as are the chakras at the bottoms of the feet. The energy centers at the soles of our feet stay with us throughout our life in a human body.

The Tube of Light expands greatly, and now measures somewhere around 80 inches out from the center line in the body, so that it is becoming what is called the Light Body. Our Light expands and is becoming the predominant essence of our being.

The second chakra narrows into almost a 2 inch in diameter funnel in both the front and back. It used to and could spin in a diameter as much as 7 inches wide in 3D. Now it is dissipating, rather slowly,  and the issues held within this domain of the body are releasing rapidly. For many, they will forget the abuses and fears stored here.

Solar plexus in the back dissipates as the solar plexus in the front now does much more than it did in the lower dimensional consciousness. The upper chakras are now in flux.

The Heart chakra is expanding, front and back; the throat chakra (front and back) are merging with Heart energy center as is the growing High Heart energy center, over the thymus.

Some changes are more personal so that if certain upper energy centers were inactive, and partially closed, then they open much wider.

Rarely are any energy centers totally closed. Many people may refer to a center being “closed” yet perhaps it is more like the aperture of a camera and the chakra is merely a much smaller opening. A closed Root and/or Crown chakra is devastating to the body and could result in death. Many abuses cause irregular shaped root energy centers which lead to many health issues in the physical body.

All Energy Centers are Etheric Energy

Etheric Energy is a very illusive and hard to describe ‘energy’. Our science has no real terms or references to it and it is elusive… here today and gone tomorrow or with a blink of an eye. It also has many names in many cultures and studies. For the study of Energy Medicine it is called Etheric Energy. Yet due to the lack of definitive research much of our use of “energy” is vague and unspecified. In time, we all will find a more definitive language for this emerging science.

Etheric energy can be like a building block for material things and is moved with Consciousness. Thoughts can become things.

Seeing an Energy Center

During a demonstration of the Chakra Spread in a Healing Touch course, I saw the Heart Energy Center.

I was sitting on the floor, looking up at the massage table where the process was taking place on a volunteer. As the practitioner placed her fingers inside the Heart energy center and started to spread the chakra lightly out in a widening pattern with an upward hand movement, and  I saw this pale water-like “V” shape of the energy center.

Her fingers were touching the inside, the fingers made slight impressions in the whirling sides of the spinning chakra, much like a potter does on a spinning wheel creating an open vessel.

It looked like the thinnest water vortex ever made, beyond paper-thin. It was delicate yet durable. The speed of this spinning was indeterminable to me. It was impressive. Jaw dropping!

With loving approach of the practitioner softly using her fingers, each energy center spread opened a bit more. This particular technique was for very deep relaxation and  can be used for people who are dieing.


Many people write that we gain energy centers the higher in frequency we move up, but it is the opposite; we loose our energy centers.

Perhaps they became more conscious that we have many more energy centers everywhere. Many not ever discovered or written about. These experts have discovered many of our hidden vortices and their functions. It takes so much research and thus we have many viewpoints out there. Please keep an open mind and be kind.

As we move higher in frequency, we no longer need certain energy center functions. We become more Light.

When a person leaves 3D Conscious behind, all that energy anatomy information changes and much of it is worthless in the higher dimensions.

The only ‘dimensions’ I speak or write about are those levels of “Consciousness” and not any reference to the description in Physics, a measure of spatial extent. Yet due to the fact that Consciousness is in a context of space while in our physical body, perhaps there is more to discover. But for now, the term Dimensional Consciousness is the best used for Energy Medicine. As people shift out of one area of consciousness, the ‘levels of consciousness’ create differently.

Our energy fields shift more as we evolve!

~ Carolyn Thompson

Copyright © 2012-2025 Carolyn Thompson; All rights reserved.


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