As we expand out own consciousness  the need for certain operations within ght body also change. Our Energy Centers change. When we reach certain octaves, so to speak, Dissipate in this context means ‘gradually vanish’. As the need for certain energy centers diminishes so does the actual vortex of etheric energy. As our consciousness changes there is a gradual movement within to change of our physical body and much of our energy anatomy.

6th Dimensional Consciousness

Those that make it to 6th dimensional consciousness will find many more changes to their physical body and that more of their energy centers (chakras) have dissipated.

As we wrote about earlier, at 5th dimensional consciousness the root energy center totally dissipates and now the Tube of Light grounds us as well as the energy centers at the souls of our feet.

At 6th dimensional consciousness, the solar plexus energy center has no need to spin, yet is very wide open and shaped like a cone where the pointed end is anchored inside the body to the spinal core and the larger open end is facing outward.

This is a major hub of activity now.

This enlarged energy center and its activities may cause upset stomachs. It is a good practice not to eat a full stomach at this level. If you eat to a full stomach, it can be very uncomfortable and tight feeling. There is a need for room as energy flows through the stomach and the intestines; all part of the emerging Light Body.

The second energy center, our sacral center is no longer spinning yet remains the same as in 5th DC for creative purposes. ‘DC’ for Dimensional consciousness.

Energy Field Changes

Now at this level of DC, the energy fields/bodies also change. The first layer, the Etheric Double blends with the other two etheric fields. They were separate before and now they become one full field.

The emotional and mental energy fields dissipate as they are no longer needed. They both have been tamed through the conscious work of the soul and there is no longer a reason for separate fields to hold energy in.

This does not mean we do not think nor have emotions, as we still will think and have emotions. Yet our need for that extra space to process and hold our thoughts and emotions has gone. (illustration is suggestive of fields and may not be accurate rendering of them)

For those who have studied the 3DC energy anatomy and energy fields, we had learned that the emotional and mental energy fields can overflow and that energy moves in to the physical body causing distress, illness and other manifestations.

At 6 th dimensional consciousness, the emotional and mental energy fields are no longer needed.

The mental processes at 6DC have changed dramatically. For those in this evolution, you will note how many times you felt ‘absent minded’ and that is because the way that we process mental information has changed.

We now think in a Field of Mind, the higher Mind, a collective Mind. No longer do we restrict our thinking to the small personal mind, although it was always connected to the Higher Mind, just not much access to it.

Our physical brain is only an energy processor, sending impulses throughout the body which gets in energy information from the mind/Mind and other stimuli.

Our physical heart is also just an energy processor. These processes are not fully understood in scientific circles yet; so the study of the brain right now is focused on the brain as the originator of thoughts. They have identified that certain areas of the brain are where impulses move time and time again for certain thoughts and emotions. But this is not the discovery of thought itself.

The emotional field dissipates due to our ability to not be reactive or have emotional triggers at this level. All the work a person did on removing the emotional/mental obstacles to their happiness now prove to be great.

Building Upon Love

At 5DC a person is still working out some deeper moments, beliefs and anchored thoughts and making them neutral. Those last emotional and mental areas that would spin us in to a drama, emotional or mental, now are more of a reflection and the “charge” is gone out of it.

We may not forget those experiences and yet when we tell stories of them, we no longer ‘feel’ the emotions nor get pulled in to a one-sided opinion about them. We know our part of it and respect that it was part of our path.

5DC is about the Heart and so these deeper revelations and discoveries open a person up to loving so much more, deeper and unconditionally.

We discover love does not need to be returned, that love sent out is wonderful.  We find no lack of love.

Although there are still the observations that there is not enough love expressed in our world, which is no longer a heavy load. An understanding that people are all on an evolutionary path allows for their walk in life, just where they are. This is the building of compassion and unconditional love for one another.

Calm of Sixth Dimensional Consciousness

So by the time one lives in 6th dimensional consciousness, they are experiencing a calm they have never felt before. This calm will be there in dramatic situations and cause the person to think clearly for a resolution and right action.

This does not mean the person will be without emotions. This means the emotions are now appropriate for the situation and will subside quicker. The emotions may even feel more amplified and raw, yet the mind and the heart will not linger on it as understanding flows in through the higher Mind and gives way to calm again. There are no more emotional wounds which fester in dramatic situations.  This is what being clear feels like!

In 6th DC we also see our Heart, Thymus, Throat energy center change more. As they were blending in 5DC, now this area is changing more.

Your Changing is for Your Experience

The changing upper body energy centers are to be experienced first, before any more written explanations. Experiencing their changing and the alterations they each go through is part of your own path and gave/gives you energy information. You are in control of your own Divine Soul and its growth. Listen to your own wisdom and grow.

Hold on to information very lightly…. pun intended!! Do your own personal discovery!

Those that successfully move to 5DC, and beyond have found their inner source and follow it closely and make great progress through that practice.

With all of these changes of our energy centers and bodies at each level, our physical body changes; it becomes healthy, corrective, and rejuvenates the physical form. This is a natural outcome of spiritual evolution. The higher in dimensional consciousness one moves, the body becomes refined and perfectly health, less food is needed and more innate abilities come on-line.

The Light Body has always been with us, yet until 5DC does it become pronounced enough to form wonderful changes and activations. Think about your Tube of Light you are born with, and as it widens and the more Earthy components dissipate, the larger and more active your Light Body becomes. You expand from the middle of your body outward, so go within, meditate and love yourself, fully. Your core is key!

~ Carolyn Thompson

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