As the world converses on the subject of suicide, I wish to add another viewpoint, probably one that has been made before, and that is… there is an unseen source that assists in pushing sad people to suicide.

For me, death is not dark, it just happens to everyone at some point in their life. Death is kind of an unknown factor for us. We have many ideas about what it is. Some believe we just turn to fodder, while others might believe we are eternal in our essence. It is that last notion that I harbor, although do not ask me for some laboratory results. I have had two near-death experiences and that is my inner proof; good enough for me. I do think death is just a transition to a different form.

Throughout my life I have studied many mystics and their works seeking out the mysteries of life.

It is through this study that I came upon the notion that “suicide” is very unnatural and it is “impulse” upon sad people by dark entities.

Drugs of all kinds, alcohol and depression are the magnets that bring the entities to a person. Through this influence by an unseen entity, a person will start to think of suicide. If the person stays in that low emotional state of mind, the impulses grow to kill oneself.

Case Study

There was a young boy about 14 year old, high intelligence and healthy, yet he was very unhappy. From the work we did, he had a large entity around him that told us “I own him”.

Now let me go back to the discovery of this entity. I was visiting my friend Miriam and it was the strange behavior of their cat that made me tune within to ‘see’ why this cat was freaked out and hiding. My friend took me up to see her son’s room as he had proudly build his computer. She was proud of him.

We walked in to his room, he was not there, but there sat his dog in the middle of the room. He was looking at us but also looking out of the side of his eyes to the boy’s bed. His ears were down and he kept darting his eyes to the bed without moving his head. The dog would not move as his master called him. He was trying to show us…. And then I saw it.

There was a large mass of black slow moving cloud-like shape over her son’s bed. I could ‘see’ it was also outside and on the window. The hair on my arms rose and I tried a removal technique that did nothing.

I told my friend and she just pointed in that direction and said get rid of it. I tried something else, but it did not move.

I could not remove it alone. This was a strong and strange energy I had not come across before.  So I called Pearl, another clairvoyant, to help remove this energy. She worked with me over the phone.

Pearl and I worked to remove this black blob, but not without a fight. The extra-terrestrial entity was huge, mean and claiming that “I own him!” several times. Soon we found what worked and the entity was not only gone but could never return.

Miriam asked me if that might be what was causing her son to be so sad and having thoughts of suicide. Her son told her several times and he had no hope for this world and how it was a shit-basket. He also told her he would never “off” himself (meaning he doubted he would ever kill his self).

My friend started crying hard and told me of her difficulties with her son. He was depressed and did not care for his life.

As I sat there I tapped in to her son to see if there was a root cause for this young boy’s depression, for there was no visible discomfort in their lifestyle.

As I scanned his Akashic records, I could see that one vaccination, the MMR, had placed a chemical within his body that caused a breach. With this chemical extraterrestrials can attach and work towards controlling a person. It was an unnatural chemical that should never be inside the body.

I asked Miriam if he had his vaccinations and she said, yes. I asked if he got the MMR and yes he did. I did not tell her what I saw, I could not give her something that could depress any mother!!! Yet she confirmed at least he had what I was sensing.

I went within again to see more but then she spoke up again. She told me that actually the MMR had made her son sick and kind of different after he got it. He had nightmares, rashes and fast fevers (fast fevers the body is trying to burn off the chemical within the body)

Seeing her sad, I reminded her that whatever the blob was it was gone. I asked her to say prayers of protection for her home and family and to keep her family happy when she could. I also kind of told her just not to worry about her son as his age was a difficult stage. To support him, listen more and say very little. As when a boy is this age, it is time for me to start being respected in a new way, to give more adult responsibilities which help build self-images. I have her a huge hug and told her she was a great mom.

About two months later Miram called me excited saying that her son’s depression seemed to go away. He was starting to make future plans and having ideas of how his uniqueness is needed in the world.

She thanked me and even wanted to pay me…. No way, we are friends and I love her and her family. Today that young man is a successful and conscious manager of a retail store.

Modern View of Suicide

Presently the viewpoint of suicide is that you can medicate your way away from it. (Let’s just throw oil on to the fire, OK?)

Due to Anthony and Kate’s resent suicide, but also others that have shocked us in the near past, the talking heads talk as if the proper drug would prevent this. That all a person needs is a pill and they will be fine. It is a complicated subject, and won’t go in to the subject of depression here.

Yet nature burst with life force and it is natural to want to live and thrive. Look at that grass that grows out of in the cement that is excitement.

Humans are more complicated and have mental expansiveness that brings in more dynamics, yet there is a sense of surviving above all that pushes us through so many experiences.

If you look around us, we are changing in such a way that it is hard to keep up with it all. Add to that our media dispenses despair and most depressing thing to hear or read, workloads and low pay, and the general malaise of feeling unloved, it is a wonder we are happy as we are.

Yet in response to many of our own healing paths, many have found that seeking more depth of an experience and finding a balance helps to bring about the confidence we need to be whole and happy. This is what the whole self-help movement is about and why is it here!

There are so many wonderful therapists of all kinds of complimentary therapies at our discovery that can return us to our core state. I have been through many just for my own healing. They do work. They brought me out in a good way.


I present the hypothesis that suicide as a thought is from an outside influence and no other cause. Yet that outside influence cannot touch anyone unless they are medicated, boozed or sad enough.

The outside influence can only interact with someone who are in constant low emotions, like self judgement, blame and shame, and many others.  This influence can multiply IF and only IF a person continues to entertain low emotional thoughts. Like attracts like energy.

Now due to the nature of our human understanding, this is probably the best I can explain it until more is discovered about our bioenergy, and our outer world around us.

There is a theory that our world/reality is a hologram we project, yet that seems incomplete to me. There is much more and, probably very wonderful.

It will take time, sharing, exploring and thinking way out of the box before we can harness enough understanding to go beyond the idea of “negative entities” and how this interaction works. For now it is the best I can do.

Tale of Bar

As a waitress and bartender at a small bar, I would watch people sink in to drunkenness. There was this point when consciousness dimmed and they would risk doing things they would not sober. I could almost set my watch to the rhythm of this state of “drunk’ for each night, the crowd would “shift”.

By about the second and third drink, most people soften in to a more loose state. It is the state we like about booze. We can let go of stress and it acts like a social lubricant. Yet after that state, drinking more booze takes a physical body in to a deeper state of drunkenness which attracts these types of entities.

Entities siphon drunken energy, as they also do for smoking cigarettes and marijuana, and do they love drugged people. As a person slips in unconsciousness the entities can actually act through a drunk person.

These entities can impulse people to do odd things, and also control them. You can feel them if you are sensitive to enough.

Each time I went to work, I blessed and brought in rainbow light in to the space. I did not see it at the time, but I was making the place vibrate differently.

Many psychics will tell you that an old bar will always keep its atmosphere no matter how many times it is sold, decorated, or painted. For bars with very drunk customers are the perfect hangout for these entities  waiting for those in a physical body to get drunk. That is why some bars seem to never change.

No Worries, Be Happy

Master your moods and attitudes. Take control of what you think.

Push negative thoughts and self-degrading thoughts away and replace them with positive thoughts as fast as you recognize it.

It is your own ability to keep your feelings high and content that thwart all the dark plans of unseen entities.  It is simple as that.

No special incantations and rituals will work as well as the emotional and mental constitution of being content and happy. One can still enjoy life without getting dragged down.

People do not need some special exorcism for clergy, or holy water from a holy well to get better, they just need to get out of the rut of thinking in ways that attract.

Month of May 2018

May was intense with really strange energies; some that shifted people in to greater understanding of their self, and yet those who were under the influences of drugs, alcohol or generally sad, got a double dose of their own malaise. There was an amplification which affected all people. So the deeper the saddness, the deeper the feeling can in May.

Due to the “trending” social media, people are talking badly to each other, criticizing, shaming and outright rudeness which breeds more of the same. No wonder people are just not feeling happy in our world. It is a popular thing, and perhaps, it is time we spoke our truths, yet keep it clean and short, and do not wallow. Staying too long in negative language, thoughts, ideas, words and actions will led you to a company of dark.

We are truly working toward more direct and honest communication so we cannot make walls or rules, just add more heart in to it.

In May, I was having sad thoughts about a situation and a lot of self-criticism. After a week or so I found that I even had thoughts of suicide. Now I would never, never ‘choose’ to think that. I know myself to some degree and suicide is never a thought or option. I love life and people and am eager for the next day. Yet my sadness brought this thought in.

When the suicide thoughts came it, I entertained them, looking at how and then laughed out loud as there is not one option I would ever choose! In a larger perspective, I knew this was like a dark cloud over our world and moving towards those who are susceptible to suggestions. sure enough, the news reports some suicides of famous people.

The news won’t cover those who were not famous, yet the reports of suicide rising 30% from where it was, showed me where suicide thoughts can to me from. It is in the air, so to speak. It is a time to force yourself to be happy and believe in all of you.

Bless those who have gone this way, Anthony, Kate, Robin and others. They appeared to be at the top of their careers, and prosperity, and yet perhaps their inner world was so lonely.

Brains Don’t Think, They Process

As I have written before, we do not “think” with our brain matter. Brain is a switching station that instructs to body complex with incoming from mind/Mind. Mind is more like an energy field and not contained within our body alone as it also resides outside of our physical body.  Metaphysics talks about our ‘local’ or more personal mind and also the larger collective Mind.

Many “thoughts” float through our “mental” energy field, mind, and many are not of our own making.  We tend to “think” all the time and also tend to think we “think” of everything that floats through that field, but it does not work that way. For many times our thoughts intersect with many of the other thoughts, ideas, and such and this is where inspiration may come from. This is the place where artists play, musicians compose, and writers tap in to when they go in to that creative state.

This is why there can be two group of scientists on opposites sides of the world can discover nearly at the same time, the same kind of information and discoveries even as they never know about each other’s studies!

Love Yourself and Love One Another

The children’s book “A Winkle in Time” now a movie, presents a similar idea in that we must think very well of our self. It ripples out in to the universe. The so-called villain in this is called “It” and proclaims to be the most evil mind in the universe. It points out that it is important to appreciate your own being, all of it no matter what.

Once we understand how we are One, we will begin to understand how easily we share information through thought and telepathy.

My sense of it is that these entities that wish to have people kill themselves are thick right now and harvesting many sad people. Be careful.

Love yourself. Forgive yourself and everyone, all the time. Let go of what you cannot do anything about. If you are having a hard time, there are so many people in this world that can help. Our closest friends tend to be the best source, and then the wonderful therapists that will lead you forward and help you to understand and balance your emotional and mental malaise.

Care for YOU! Love YOU! Reach out to others, as they too want to be loved and be love!

~ Carolyn Thompson

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