Techniques & Tools


As tools and techniques are written about on this blog, they will be added to this page for easy reference. There are many web sites with wonderful information on basic energy anatomy and other healing modalities, what gets posted here will be my favorite and “go-to” tools that perform.

I also publish only those authors I perceive have value to my own point of view, so know this is all filtered by me. It is not that anyone else is right or wrong, more that I use what seems to work. So there are links to many exciting authors out there here within this blog.

The best way to learn any healing modality is in groups, practicing, sensing, and receiving treatments as it is in the ‘giving and receiving’ where the most valuable information presents itself, even if it is not fully understood at the time. Anyone who thinks they can only give and never receive is a fool and dangerous.

Growing spiritually is not about finding perfect material; look at it as a scavenger hunt, and that each person, book, video and experience adds to your own energy tool kit, {or perhaps makes you keep what you have instead}. Some tools get left behind, while new ones takes their place. Spiritual growth is very much like moving through classes in school, each laying a foundation, experience and knowledge, then you move forward. No one technique that is taught today is complete and the end-all. Through diversity you will expand your own presence.

EnJOY the journey!


Spiritual Training:

Unified Chakra Meditation by Ein Soph

12 D Shield Building Technique by Lisa Renee

The Invocations to the Rays by Ariel

Silent Prayer by Tobias and Geoffry Hoppe

12 stages of Light Body Ascension by Jasmuheen

The Flow to Higher Self by Carolyn Thompson

New Reality, New Elements by Kryon & Lee Carroll

Difference Between Being an Empath and Having Clairsentience by Kris Bethea

Spend More Time Noticing What Is Coming For Great Results! by Abraham-Hicks

The Discipline For Abundance by Caroline Myss

Self Care for Empaths in Times of Great Change by Carolyn Thompson

Managing Our Energy; Aka Cords by Carolyn Thompson

Untangling Aka Cords by Carolyn Thompson

Aka Cords; Life Streaming Everywhere by Carolyn Thompson

Evolution of the Soul by Carolyn Thompson

Earth Element is Transforming by Lisa Renee

Telepathic Road by Carolyn Thompson

Thoughtforms … Thoughts Form … What You Think Forms! Quotes from the Ascended Master Djwhal Khul

Thought-form Building Rules by Ascended Master Djwhal Khul

Thought Power by Ascended Master Djwhal Khul

Help from the Spirit World in the Practice of Energy Medicine by Douglas E. Busby, MD, MSv DMin PhD

Electricity of Life; Bioelectricity, morphology and electroceuticals


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