High Sense Perception

…… an ability to sense and access information beyond the normal means, as perceived through clairaudience, clairvoyance, clairsentience, clairalience, clairgustance, clairgustance, all which are used in various metaphysical activities and Energy Medicine.

Developing Abilities to Read Energy Information

Developing an ability to detect and assess energy information goes along way if you are working to become active with these abilities, and especially if you are working as a ‘healer”. We use ‘healer” as a noun denoting a position and not as a verb of actively “healing”.

All healing happens is self healing, and a ‘healer’ may assist through moving, or bringing in energy in which their Higher Self will apply as it is needed.No one outside of any person actually heals, its all within. Many can assist in helpful ways, but healing is within and is overseen by their own higher self.

There are some people who believe they do healing for people, that is they are the cause of healing and that is a dangerous thought. It will cause them harm over time.

Healers work with any number of unseen entities for guidance and energy like God, Creator, angels, masters, higher self of client and their spiritual team, ancestors, and extraterrestrials.

A healer can also remove energy of various types that no longer serves a person. Through bringing in and taking out energy, a person can then move in to a more balanced and healthy status.

Healers ‘assist’ by being able to read energy, to bring energy in that is needed, have telepathic communication with the body or Higher Self of the client, can move energy as needed or guided, and they can also bring new knowledge to a client so they can maximize their healing. Healers can also remove fine etheric debris, implants or hooks, clusters of dense energy, old thoughtforms, entities, and depending upon their abilities, many other anomalies.

In order to read, see, move, communicate with energy, one needs to develop their High Sense Perception. This is a term from the works of Dr. Barbara Brennan, who is a leader in this field of Energy Medicine. As she writes about this ability, she begins with our five senses, sight, touch, taste, healing and smell as a way we gather information. These sense are developed over time and are affected by your internal processes of thinking, feeling and being. The combination of your well used skills, like visual and kinesthetic, or auditory and kinesthetic, or visual and auditory are your baseline of which you continue to develop a higher sense of what energy is doing.

Through meditation, you can work within your own body to assess energy and movement to enhance your senses and ability to receive more information. We will include methods here.

Aka Cords ~

Etheric energy streamers we use to connect to others and we connect instantly when we think of someone.

Managing Our Energy; Aka Cords by Carolyn Thompson

Untangling Aka Cords by Carolyn Thompson

Aka Cords; Life Streaming Everywhere by Carolyn Thompson

Man’s aka cords moving from his solar plexus to her solar plexus, yet she appears to be uncomfortable with their conversation