Techniques & Tools

…….. A collection of the tried and true techniques & tools for spiritual growth are provided here as links to articles provided in this site. Use what you like and leave the rest.

Walking our path

Everyone walks their life in their own unique way which provides great diversity in our world. Even growing up in specific cultures, certain families, dynamic location, on land or on the ocean, you think and do through a combination of your genetics, education and your own spiritual identity from before you were born here.

Many paths through life offer us experiences and opportunities. Although people may say one way is the right way, it is not true, for there are many ways. Honor your own inner path.

Here at Enigmatic Healing we are offering a variety of methods people have used in their spiritual growth. The articles and links offer help in areas that might be of interest.

Self Mastery offers experiences to develop your spirituality. High Sense Perception offers information and practice for mastering your own gifts of seeing, hearing, knowing, smelling, sensing, and other ways to perceive and decipher subtle energy information.

When practicing any technique, if it feels off, or if it bothers you, then it is probably not for you or perhaps you wish to stop. Trust yourself. Consider why later on. Take time to think about your experiences yet be flexible on trying to place a firm context to it. Sometimes the answer comes much later.

Our life is like no other persons even if we all start out small, like a seed, we grow, bud and later bloom; we gather differently, think in our own way and express uniquely!

Nurture your own growth with intent and honesty to get the best of life.

With Respect

With deep respect for the diversity of all religions and spiritual beliefs, use your own spiritual foundation to start.

Be open to new growth, for as a flower moves through its stages, so do people grow through beliefs and practices in order to obtain the beauty of their soul.

Respect each others path and choices, because this is what masters do.

All articles reflect the authors viewpoints gained through their own path, experiences, education and choices bringing forward different insights that may conflict or act as as stimulant for deeper thought, as they should!

You are Unique

There is only one you, even if you have a twin, they are also unique and have differences from you.

Your life is also unique and it moves according to your choices. If you do not like something, choose again.

Life is not about changing others, for in reality we rarely can. People make up their own minds to change then do it from within. Life is about making changes for your own self that you can express to others.

As you realize what matters to you, you can monitor thoughts, change diets, learn new skills, make more friends, change jobs, locations and so many other life choices in order to fulfill our soul yearnings.

No one can grow for you.

Sometimes we need help or need to move towards solutions and that can be provided through friends, family and other sources of assistance and information.

The journey is a solo one because it is all within your body/mind/soul amalgam.

Our Core Star (soul) holds our unique energy signature and our energy fields process experiences, information and guidance through us.

Our Higher Self (unmanifested portion of you ~ think that your spirit is too big to fit in to this body!) holds this blueprint of who you are and all of who you might have been and will be. Blueprints are guidelines and can also be changed. Our essence that resides within our body is our Temple for our Soul; it is through our precious Body Divine that allows us to experience life!

Enjoy your own journey and do what is best for you. Learn more when you get stumped or stalled. yet sometimes being still is the answer.

You are unique!

People of the Chaco

My words are tied in one
With the great mountains,
With the great rocks,
With the great trees,
In one with my body
And my heart.

Do you all help me
With supernatural powers,
And you, Day!
And you, Night!
All of you see me,
One with this world!

by Kendrick Frazier, a Tewa prayer