This is one of my favorite clearing techniques/tools, and I am not sure where I first found this. Yet I have been using it for years. It is created with Celestial Golden Rays. This is of such a high frequency it is hard for lower energy forms to escape it.

I use it for clearing my clients, for clearing homes and areas and perhaps other clearing as needed. It is used through the imagination to see this and yet it is a powerful toll that really works wonders. With practice the application of it moves Celestial Golden Rays in ways that purifies and restores.

Remember imagination is also thought and also forms in to ‘creatables’, so that when you take a tool like this and apply it, there is a positive outcome. You would have to witness that outcome to know. Yet you can use it and not truly know when you are just starting. Perhaps it is easier to see yourself or someone just being happier and that is proof enough.


As in any good tool, you need to form it precisely enough. Imagine a fishing net perhaps a circular style, one that you can cast and it spreads out in to a nice round shape. It does not need the weights on it as some fishing nets have, just the mesh.

Now imagine the mesh of it to be a very fine weave, which is the holes are tiny and perhaps these holes can change is size while you are using it to become impassable. I used the words “impassable for anything that is not for the highest good” of the person, place or thing.

Now the actual fiber of this fishing net is made completely out of Celestial Golden Rays. Imagine this golden net that can change sizes, mesh sizes, and move through anything, leaving all that is good and wonderful untouched and yet it can grasp the most tiny of negative or unwanted out of whatever you are passing it through.

Using this first on yourself and do use it a few times to feel it and get a sense of whether your Net is strong enough. For if you do this weakly, it will be weak. Or sometimes you need to pass it through more than once.

Trying it out

Settle yourself, quietly, meditatively and sense your body and energy fields. Feel and sense mode!

As energy is subtle, you may not find anything, or perhaps you find something and it feels “off”. Or not for you.

Now take this image of the golden net of Celestial Golden Rays woven with tiny holes and position it over your head. With your mind and imagination, allow this net to move down through you, gently as it does not interfere with anything other than removal of ‘unwanteds’. This net can move through your cells, organs and your entire physical body easily and gracefully without disturbing any functions. It sifts through and gathers up lower frequency forms, thoughtforms, etc. that are no longer useful or even harmful to you. It can also move through all your energy bodies the same way. It can move through anything.

If you are an Energy Medicine/Reiki practitioner then you probably know what you are wishing to gather up and can sense when that is complete.

Move the net through you from above your head down to below your feet and when you feel it has moved enough, close up the net, and gather up the contents. Take a moment, does this net contain anything?  Whatever is on this net cannot get out. So you have time to check out more subtle energy.

Now to move the contents forward and away. Call forth a tube of light that acts like a vacuum that comes down from sky and it will draw up all the contents when you slightly open the net to it. Gone. This tube of light will take the contents to their next step. We do not need to qualify where or how. For the workings of this tube of light knows and distributes accordingly.

At first this may seem like a slow process, and take your time to get it right, to feel right and for you to learn to sense what it is doing. For it is also an instructional tool. I have learned much by sensing what it gathers up and why. If at first you cannot get energy information, do not worry. Trust what you get and leave it at that. As you practice you will learn and gain more wisdom on subtle energy.

I can use this net in less than 30 seconds for most purposes. It is a well-developed technique and over time I just call it forth and use it. At first I needed to imagine it and give it the qualities to do its job. So if you are starting out, take time to build your own personal net.

Using this in areas take more time that with a person or small objects. I have used it to clear parts of town and sometimes it took many sweeps of the net to gather up what is no longer needed. Old thoughtforms are one thing this world need less of. Old thoughtforms are what haunts people and keeps them from being creative. When you clear your area of old thoughtforms, you have really given a gift of light to the people that live there. They can prosper.

Celestial Golden Rays are my “go to” light for many things.

~ Carolyn Thompson