Sound is an amazingly powerful way of creating positive shifts and changes on our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual being.

Having researched, studied and taught the use of sound for health and transformation for almost 40 years now, I have found two things: The first is that sound is an amazingly powerful way of creating positive shifts and changes on our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual being.

The second (and the one thing I find most interesting) is the fact that many people do not recognize sound as being energy medicine. Yet, in reality, it is. In fact, it well may be the most powerful form of energy medicine.

The idea of energy medicine is simply that everything in the universe is in a state of vibration—whether it’s perceived as light, aroma or some other energy.

Through using energy medicine we are able to put into alignment parts of our body—physical, emotional, mental and spiritual—that are vibrating out of harmony.

Most often, we perceive this energy as being very subtle, with something such as “Reiki”. However, sound is also a subtle energy. It is simply the least subtle of energy forms because it is slow moving.

If, for example, you take a sound wave and you double it 40 times, it moves into the realm of light. And indeed, whenever a sound is created, subtle vibrations of energy, called “harmonics” are also created and manifested.

Harmonics are geometric multiples of the frequency of the sound which continue to double, conceptually going into the frequency of light and beyond.

My first book, Healing Sounds, dealt with this phenomenon. Our ancient mystics, of course, were aware of sound as being so profound and powerful that it was considered the original creative force. So many spiritual traditions have statements such as: “In the beginning was the Word!”

Our quantum physicists are validating that everything is vibration and this vibration can be perceived as being sound. An example of this is called “Superstring Theory,” which incorporates the concept of simultaneous realities that are resonating at different frequencies—parallel dimensions that co-exist together—vibrating like the string of an instrument that has been plucked.

There are two basic ways that sound affects us. The first is called psycho-acoustics. Here, sound enters our ears and goes into our brain, affecting our nervous system, heart rate, respiration and brain waves. I consciously utilize my knowledge of psycho-acoustics, coupled with powerful intention of purpose and effect, when I create my recordings utilizing sound as a healing modality.

It has been my great joy and honor to have created over 25 award winning recordings, including “Chakra Chants,” “Holy Harmony” and “Reiki Chants.” I am truly grateful for the extraordinary feedback received from people who have listened to these different recordings telling me how they have experienced phenomenal healing. No doubt the effects of these recordings were due in large part due to the psycho-acoustics.

The knowledge and intent I utilized in the creation of these recordings, I trust also contributed to the reported healing effects they have had. The second way that sound affects us is called vibro-acoustics. This occurs when sound vibrates our physical body, affecting us down to our cellular structure, and even our DNA.

Self-created sounds, as well as instruments such as crystal bowls, Tibetan bowls, and tuning forks are able to create a deep resonance on a physical level. In addition, both of these powerful components of sound occur when, for example, we tone different sounds or chant mantras. When we do this, these tones and mantras can affect all aspects of our being, including our subtle bodies and our chakras—putting us in resonance with deeper levels of consciousness and higher levels of being.

Chakra Frequencies, the Visionary Award winning book co-authored by my wife Andi and myself, focuses on this use of sound. Because sound is so powerful as an energy medicine, it’s important that more people experience the therapeutic benefits of it. Yet, often when I talk about “sound” healing, many people think that I’m talking specifically about music – and they believe it’s necessary for them to be trained musicians or vocalists in order to receive the powerful, life affirming energies of sound. This is simply not true.

Benefits of Humming

Recently, my wife Andi and I published, The Humming Effect, which is the first professionally published book dedicated solely to the sound of the hum. We did this because we wanted to find a sound that everyone could relate to and experience. Humming is a sound that everyone can and does make.

We hum and experience the soothing effects from it, whether we are consciously aware of it or not. Thus, our book explores the therapeutic and transformational benefits of humming for everyone. We have been delighted with the positive response it has received.

Perhaps an aspect of why The Humming Effect has received such an optimistic reaction may be due, in part, to the first chapter – which deals with “peer” review information about the physiological benefits of humming. Andi and I started out with this material because we wanted people to realize the power of humming and felt it was necessary to present scientific and medical information that validated this extraordinary power.

Humming has amazing abilities to create shift and change. Some of the data on the beneficial physiological effect of self-created sound include:

• Increased oxygen in the cells
• Lowered blood pressure and heart rate
• Increased lymphatic circulation
• Increased levels of melatonin (a hormone that, among other things, enhances sleep)
• Reduced levels of stress related hormones
• Release of endorphins (self-created opiates that work as natural pain relievers)
• Boosted production of interleukin-l (a protein associated with blood and planet production)
• Increased levels of nitric oxide, (NO) (a molecule that is a vasodilator which relaxes our blood vessels, lowers blood pressure and is associated with promotion of healing. NO is also an antiviral agent.)
• Release of oxytocin (the “trust” hormone)

These are just a few of the many benefits of humming that have been scientifically proven. There are also many subtle body and etheric positive effects that also occur from humming. In our book, we discuss “conscious humming” which incorporates information from a formula I created many years ago: “Frequency + Intent = Healing.”


Intent is the consciousness that is encoded upon the energy of sound and it is one of the components that make certain sounds so powerful.

When I first developed this formula in the mid 1980’s, the idea of intention was something that seemed far-fetched.

Nowadays, there are many books and even television specials and films which focus on the importance of intention. There is now scientific data which validates the power of intention. Whether we call it intention, feeling, placebo effect or belief, these are just different names for the consciousness that we can encode upon sound.

Another way of perceiving this formula is: “sound + belief = outcome”— which means that the sound we make, when coupled with the belief of what this sound can do, will create the outcome we desire.

Such a concept seems to be in great alignment with quantum physics and the realization that we help create our reality.

When we consciously hum, we have people sit quietly, breathe slowly and deeply, close their eyes and hum. We ask that they first project a specific intention onto the hum. Then they make the sound.

The responses we receive when people hum in this manner are astonishing—everything from the relief of pain from headaches and sore throats to the blissful experience of resonating with higher levels of consciousness. Relaxation, deep healing and even journeying into divine levels of being can occur through humming.

In The Humming Effect, we suggest that “the simplest sound may be the most profound.” As we journey into the world of humming, we present deeper and more powerful exercises that seem to enable people to experience physical, emotional, mental and spiritual healing. There is even an advanced form of sonic yoga (Shabd Yoga) called Bhramari Pranayama that incorporates humming as its main sound.

Humming is certainly not the only form of sound that falls into the category of energy medicine. In fact, all sounds, depending upon their use, including “ultrasound,” can be considered energy medicine.

Ultrasound, which is high frequency sound beyond the range of human hearing, is now being found to be very effective for treatment of many neurological

injuries. Similarly, I believe that humming may soon be discovered to create neuro-genesis— the generation of new cells in the brain. It is our understanding that the self-created sounds of the hum will ultimately prove to be an extraordinary tool for various and amazing forms of healing that we have always had at our command, but have simply ignored.

For those with more interest in exploring the power of sound to heal and transform, I invite you to visit our award winning website:, filled with information on the uses of sound for healing.

You’ll find many different sound healing tools, including recordings, specifically designed tuning forks, and much more that will enhance health and wellness through sound. Additionally, there are free Healing Sounds downloads which are available.

On our website you will also find information on the several different Online Courses including “Power of Sound Healing ,” that I created for Hay House, “Sacred Vibrational Frequencies,” created as an Online Course for the Shift Network, and “The 11:11 Divine Name Seminar,” created for Healing Sounds.

All of these courses contain over 8 hours of teaching videos, a book-length’s worth of learning information, and hours of downloadable Healing Sounds. They all cover material on the physics of sound, intent, how to resonate your chakras with your own sounds, global harmonization and much more. These courses were created in order that all those who are interested  in my work with sound would now be able to learn about and experience the power of sound healing in the comfort of their own home. It is such a blessing for me to have this opportunity to impart and transmit such important information, exercises, and techniques in this manner.

I’d like to suggest that you work with sound as energy medicine whether it’s through listening to relaxing music, or by making tones that resonate your subtle bodies. Crystal bowls and Tibetan bowls, as well as specifically created tuning forks, are also other ways that you can use sound to shift and change your vibrational rate, bringing you into states of health and harmony.

Whatever you do, whether it’s through humming with your own voice, or feeling the frequencies of a tuning fork, sound is an extraordinary energy medicine that I trust you will explore.

~ Jonathan Goldman

JONATHAN GOLDMAN ….. Sound Healing Pioneer, Master Teacher, Grammy Nominated Recording Artist. Creator of “Chakra Chants,” “Ultimate OM,” “Holy Harmony” and many more. Author of  HEALING SOUNDS, SHIFTING FREQUENCIES, THE DIVINE NAME, and THE 7 SECRETS OF SOUND HEALING.  Jonathan has been named as one of Watkins Reviews “100 Most Spiritually Influential People on the Planet.”


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