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Enigmatic Healing Sessions

Enigmatic Healing is a process of Soul Integration on all levels of a person’s being, body, mind, etheric templates and subtle energy systems in and around the body. Through the use of energy medicine (energy healing), the client receives their own unique blend of codes, information and sequences to align all aspects of their soul in Divine Order.


Enigmatic Healing Session

Each session begins with assessments of the body, energy centers and fields of the client, then Enigmatic Healing energy treatment, followed by a quick reassessment.  Long distance or in person.  { 1 session  $75.00   (U.S.dollars)}

Spiritual Consultation

Conversation on matters that concern the client in concert with our Higher Selves and our spiritual teams. In person, email, or by phone.  {1/2 hour $40.00, 1 hour $75.00}

Mentoring and professional speaking available. .

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