Becoming aware of your body sensations can help you to understand the subtle energy in and around our world. It may take time to focus in on specific sensations or it might be very natural to you.

Body pains, aches, places of hot or cold, poking feeling, sudden sensation and then gone, and others can be much more than what they seem. They might be bioenergy language of which most have not developed an understanding of.

As humans, we are affected by many things in our world that we might think has no effect at all. Our body will register nuclear explosions across the world, earthquakes, other people suffering, and many other types of bio-sensory events. Each person may sense something different from another or may have many things in common.

Experience as Instruction

When I joined study group to study human bioenergy (auric) fields and to practice reading them, it was a group of many different types of people, age, experiences, cultures, etc. After many classes, we all found some sensations that appeared we all felt at the same time. We felt flu-like symptoms yet there was some distinct points of difference from flu. And in the end we never had a full case of flu. Just the symptoms were simular as this was the body going through an experience.

First we had a very fuzzy headache in the top portion of our head, from the eyes to the top. By fuzzy, it was felt like it was not a smooth feeling headache that aspirin easily reduce, it felt more like many tiny particles moving slowly yet painful. The difference was a bit like fog versus a stagnant sand storm. Aspirin had little effect in this sensation.

The second thing that came to our awareness we found in common was we tasted a metallic taste in our mouths and throats. If this taste went down to the stomach, we all got pain in the stomach and intestines with variations to what followed next. It was a discomfort, one that you might make faces about but it never sent any of us to bed.

One clairvoyant lady mapped our symptoms and the dates the occurred. Perhaps her high intuition led her to the maps, she found what was going on worldwide, she landed on a “date match up”.

We were all feeling the fallout from nuclear experiments. Within three days of any detonation around the world, above ground or in the ocean, we all would feel this sicky-ness, and if it was very close, like Nevada, then we had these symptoms a lot sooner.

Every single time any nation tested their nuclear weapons, even underground, we felt it and got sick. It proved to us that these “tests” affected everything world wide, each time. Even if it was not observed or felt, these nuclear tests were never contained to a certain area.

It was in this group that we practiced and worked on a deeper sensitivity in order to read subtle energies. Each person brought to the class their own abilities and together we could present a larger picture of what it was we were experiencing.

Learning from another group of Earth Sensitives, I learned the language of what people who were focused on earth Changes felt and what it presented to them.

Through this group we shared our body aches and symptoms to see if they made sense and what was happening to the earth’s plates, volcanic activates and many other terrestrial events.

Many sensitives would make a drawing of their body and super impose the earth map on it, like northern portion matched up to the head, so that the countries and oceans all mapped similarly north to south.

When flashing deep pain (one that comes and then goes) was felt in the left leg, as an example, then it was known that an earthquake was building in Chile, South American and perhaps, an ‘8’ in magnitude. The body was presenting an inward experience of what was outward. Many felt the build up to an event and could predict what that was going to do and where.

Some people are great at sensing and predicting earthquake activities.

It is not an exact science as there are so many variables that have affects on people like magnetic forces, electrical pulses, planetary movements, man-made events, and etheric manipulations. Yet the body of information collected just from body sensations has proved to be very helpful.

The conditions of the “place” each person lived in also added to the equation, yet these fine people developed skills that help others to move out of harms way in time. And this was done not only with psychic awareness but mostly with the physical body as an instrument.

Body Scientific Method

Science has such a hard time practicing their “scientific method” on anything concerning subtle energy, etheric energy. No matter what kind of perfect, sterile room one prepares or special sensitive expert in place, subtle energy moves through all things and all people in ways they hardly understand. Influences from all over and outside the room, the state of the ‘expert’ during that time, (emotional, mental, physical, spiritual)  are all factors as well.

“It is our body that is the instrument for the study of subtle, etheric, electrical, magnetic, emotional, atmospheric, and many other kids of energy in our world.” ~ Carolyn Thompson

The more we practice and work with others in areas of our interests to hone a foundation of knowledge and language, the more apt we are to get it right.

So many types of practices are available in the field of Bioenergy that one must take the path of what they can do and are interested in. Not everyone has the same sensitivities, yet we all are sensitive if we open up to learning and using it. (Artwork by Alex Gray)

Energy Anatomy

The best advice I would give is to learn about the Energy Anatomy of the human body. Learning about your personal bioenergy, energy fields, both major and minor energy centers, the meridians, axiatonal lines, and all the many subtle energy movements through the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual makeup of our existence creates a foundation of information on which to build.

As you practice through your physical form, you will learn more in depth through experience, which is the true education. This is the only way you can really understand it.

In this learning you may find that your mental and emotional states moves energy in particular ways. That your own state of being, where you are in the moment matters greatly as to the kind of energy information that you receive and discern.

Take time to learn about your own emotional energy, what and why it expresses and ways you can perhaps move it to towards a more natural calm place. Being in certain emotional states can block or filter incoming sensations. Know thyself in and out!

When you know your own emotional states, you know when something is not being expressed by you and thus part of the energy information you are receivng at the time. Out emotional state can also reveal information, but knowing if it is yours or not yours becomes essential.

Being in a neutral state of being is essential for “reading” any energy, or receiving psychic impressions or telepathy. The more you master knowing yourself, the easier it is to side step your own package of experience in order to read outside or beyond it and be accurate.

Since we all come from so many diverse backgrounds, there are many variations of this knowledge and it is through your personal experience and working with others that you can accumulate your own scientific method devised information. You are the instrument of discovery.

Subtle energy exploration is unique. Journal as much of it as possible. For the Sun, earth, planets, the local, or people you are around can all play a factor in the outcomes. You own feeling state when anything happens plays a role in it as well. Looking back on your collection of experiences can show you so much.

“Feeling state” is that sensing just before we kick in to our emotions. For what we feel will trigger remembrances and other information which has emotional charges to them and turns that sensation in to a mental-saturated emotion.

The Center of Knowledge

All wisdom points to learning about your own self, first.

For when you are aware you are feeling angry, that you can also add that in to what is being sensed around you. If you have mastered your emotions than perhaps you are feeling the emotional state of a person nearby.

If the anger is yours, (yes the argument at breakfast is still going on inside), then you know why you really cannot sense a thing for your “ability” is busy with our own state of being.

“Knowing your “feeling nature” is the “sensory faculty” for subtle and etheric energy. It is the first few seconds of “feeling” that matters.” ~ Carolyn Thompson

Anything longer becomes your emotions, reactions and thus the energy information has changed. It is a very “light touch” of feeling. This is why one needs to master their emotions. Emotions will color your evidence and even blind you to the facts. Without that light feeling nature, you can rarely know what is going on in the subtle fields.

If you are emotional, the outcomes may reflect just your state of being, instead of accuracy.

If you are feeling calm and centered, being in a neutral state of being your results may reflect what is really going on. This is why so many teach meditation and calming exercises. It is a necessary part of your own internal scientific method.

World Population Advancing

Globally, people are now sensing more of each other and their own inner being naturally, due to the rise in frequencies in and around them. As a world population, people are shifting to higher self awareness states worldwide. Being able to know what is going on worldwide heightens this as we feel for others.

People are moving in to their heart energy centers more and working to balance the energies of the heart energy movements.

The heart is a major energy center where we can learn to sense all that we thought was so unseen. It is the bridge between our manifest world and the etheric realms that all work within each other.

As people move and actively work through their higher energy centers, more energy information becomes accessible.

Our energy centers move through us constantly moving energy in and out of our body, both front and back, and also through our tube of light down the middle.

Our energy fields maintain our awareness and state of being, and also receive energy information through our interconnectiveness. Our body is nourished with energy constantly, and moves out what is not needed. When one trains to learn energy language through their being, our body can “read” energy information as well.

Our physical body is a most important part of our existence. It is to be respected, fed properly, rested and take care of. It is our most important investment here in life. It is our home for our soul, and the host of our experiences. When you respect and take care of your body to the highest degree, you will find it is also a great receiver of energy information.

It is also the ONLY tool for the scientific exploration we have for etheric energy at this time. Invest wisely and enjoy life.

~ Carolyn Thompson

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