In these times of great change, empaths need to truly hone their skills so that they are not confused nor feel burdened.

Empaths are people who can feel the world around them, the emotions of others, and many other kinds of sensation according to a person’s skill level. This is an art, a skill that needs development in order to use it wisely.

Empaths need to learn what their own emotions are, and what the feelings of others are. To distinguish their own feeling and emotional base line is essential.

For when times of chaos come, they must be able to say “This is not mine”, “That is not mine”, “Oh, this sorrow is theirs”, and “This is like what I used to feel”.

To do this is Mastering the Empathic State. 

Then what you feel is ‘energy information’ and can help you know what to do in any circumstance. When a feeling overwhelms you, stop and take inventory and see where it comes from. If it is not yours, let it go! Say loudly this is not mine. If it is not yours, is it something useable? To master the empathic role, send away that which is not yours. Consider that you are just ‘tasting’ some energy in order to understand or to know and then send it back and be yourself.

Sensing If it Was My Emotion

I was driving home and passed a few cars that had crashed in to each other. Our roadway is undergoing lots of construction so it is confusing. As I was about a half of a mile past it, I felt this deep sorrow. This sorrow was not mine. But I feel it within me and the first instinct is to own it. But it is not mine. I was happy a few seconds before.

It was the sorrow from the people injured in the crash that I barely looked at, keeping my eyes on the road. I was feeling all of it. What was this energy information for? So I might respond?

I sent them healing light while driving home, happy as I was before the passing wave of sorrow. This is an example of how quickly an empath can process incoming energy information and mover forward in their own joy or natural state of being in those moments.

“Empaths will find it very challenging to distinguish feelings if they are not ready to isolate the incoming from their own state of being. Humanity has moved in to a grand chaos stage of our movement forward. Stay in your own peace and do not extend yourself out in to the larger fields of human emotions.” ~ Lord Maitreya

So it is key for empaths and all sensitives to be within their own self as often as they can. Moving their sensories outside too often will be unsettling, disturbing and could be damaging. If we believe some of that is our own being, we could sink lower in to despair.

This is a time when most people just need to do things for their selves. They need to take responsibilities for their actions, choices and behaviors..

Empaths are not here to ‘save anyone’. Yet, we know when we need to step up and add compassion here or there. Compassion is a non-judgemental knowing how someone is feeling and the aptitude of being able to listen and hold the space for someones development.

It is of most importance to center within your own self and keep your center peaceful. This assists in elevating others. This assists in not loosing yourself to the fray.

The dramas are very high and filled with emotions, like plenty of anger and rage right now. Stay out of it.

Strive to Be Happy

Be creative! Gardening, painting, writing, sewing, assembling a unique car, enjoying what is right in the world will help you to focus on what needs to continue. Keep happy and content, do some art, music and dance.

Dance and move!!! Embody Joy. This makes other feelings or emotions stand out and ready for review.

Join group athletics, volunteer, do something for the elderly, just get out and be alive and do things that make you feel really good!

“Dismiss the feelings that flow through that are not yours. Do not get confused and own someone else’s emotions. This is a time of great highs and lows and everything in between. Stay in your center, listen within. Know you are safe, always.” ~ Lord Maitreya

Know you have something special in this ability to sense and feel, and train yourself to know what is yours and what belongs to others.

~ Carolyn Thompson

© 2014-2025 Carolyn Thompson; All rights reserved