Scary Monsters may not be ‘monsters’ and some mysteries may not always be so mysterious. What might scare us tends to be something a bit outside the ability to see or understand. In order to demystify, a knowledge base needs to be put down for the deeper wonders to be explained.

Think in to Form

The majority of “monsters” are just thoughtforms. They are not something that lurks in the dark. Thoughtforms are as simple as the word indicates, it is a “thought that is formed”; it is created as a person thinks about a certain thought, over and over and over with various emotion. When enough energy builds, the thought becomes a soft subtle energy form which hovers around the thinker. When the thinker goes to other thoughts, his thoughtform can move about and gather more like-kind energy and become bigger.

Thoughtforms are the biggest step toward actually manifesting material things. Thoughtforms are a gelatinous kind of conglomeration of thoughts of a certain nature and the more ‘energy’ we give it, the bigger and more formed it can become. Yet it is not necessarily going to be the “form”, as the thoughtform is more like the gathering of software and its actual material formation happens on a different level.

Remember how cartoons have a balloon for dialog over the head of the speaker, that is so very similar to how thoughtforms hang around us.

Thoughtforms are very real and will disconnect from the originator and float around gathering more like-kind energy. Then it returns to the originator and grows more. for those working on great plans and big projects, their thoughtforms are really big and many people participate with it.

If a scientist were to focus his life on his specific theory and few people even know about it, his thoughtform will travel the ‘consciousness’ in the world. If there is another scientist with the same idea, suddenly both scientists are connected through this thoughtform that is similar. They share ideas unknowingly and to their benefit.

Now look at our material world and what do you see, the introduction of putting all your data in a “cloud”.

Growing Your Dark Thoughts

When enough energy is placed within a certain thought grouping; it can become very animated, so much that some people can see their thoughtforms. If they have been thinking dark thoughts then their thoughtforms, their apportions will look quite ugly. Thinking about something is equivalent to feeding the thought, so it grows.

Thoughtforms Holding Habits

If a person has been smoking cigarettes for years, know they have already created a huge thoughtform (label it smoking). A person may think about when and where they want to smoke, and all the thoughts that goes in to a smoking habit.

People, world wide, have already invested time thinking and feeling, enjoying or perhaps self judgement for smoking. This created smoking thoughtforms just about our habit of smoking.

This thoughtform will actually work against you when you want to quit smoking. It will hang in your energy field and hold the thoughts you have about smoking and actually give you the idea you want to smoke. Habits do this, and thoughtforms will hold on to that habit. It reminds us as long as we nurture the thoughtform. If we continue to smoke we will reinforce the desire to smoke or if we resist and ignore it, the thoughtform will leave us or it can dissipate.

Now when you change your mind and attitude and no longer “feed” old thoughtforms, they eventually go away.

But if you keep thinking the thoughts, whatever they are, they grow and grow.

Here are two stories of scary monsters that were merely thoughtforms that the originator could see. Both of these people spent enough time for these forms to become animated.  I knew these two personally and they each had wonderful qualities and high intelligent. How complex people are that they can have so much going for them and yet their attitudes on some subject just takes over. There was an inability to take inventory of their own actions.

Monster of the Bathroom

Pamito was a manager whole branch within a University. She was creative and a good manager, but her employees might say she was a mean, demanding boss. She would say demeaning things to her staff, call them out in public, embarrass them, and just was too aggressive. No one liked to be around her.

She was only about 40 years of age, a very nice looking lady and well-educated. She would say she was on a spiritual path, studying the current trends of the day. Not having a full background on her, perhaps she had some troubles that she could not resolve that set her in to this phase. But it is her responsibility to move past her obstacles, rather than let them fester inside.

She was eventually fired from the University. That sent her in to a rage which became the undercurrent of her life. Although she could put on a nice face, this emotion was too powerful and would come spewing out energetically, and then verbally. Friends found out that certain subjects were to be avoided so not to get her in to a long repetitive rant. Mention her past job and she flew in to a hot mess. She was building her thoughtform with anger, resentment, animosity and self-righteousness.

Her emotional energy field was over flowing with rage and resentment. As this overflow of energy moved around her energy fields, her friends would feel it and soon left her behind, one by one. They soon ignored her calls and refuse to meet her for lunch. She was no longer someone anyone wanted to be around.

Looking for work was an ongoing affair as her energy field was telling people not to hire her. Perhaps they may not have consciously known why, but they could sense trouble.

More rage and resentment set in and she complained loudly to her few remaining friends about the Human Resources hiring staff’s faults and oversights to her greatness and skill set. Yes she had great skills but she was not managing her emotions.

This behavior went on for about six months after her being fired, and then she saw it; a black scary monster came out of her bathroom in broad daylight. Tall, about 6 feet, with bulky arms, long pointy claws, black and fuzzy-like. (her thoughtform monster looked something like what is featured at the top of this article)

She was horrified and consulted friends who were psychic. One came and performed a house clearing/blessing on her place to get rid of this beast. Still that monster walked out of her bathroom, glaring at her. She decided to sleep in the living room.

After a doctor visit she found she had cancer. She lived only three more months, and during that time she saw that monster a few more times. She never realized the truth of her monster. She believed it was just some monster come to taunt her. But it was a simple thoughtform.

When we do not correct our ways, our thoughts become manifest for us to see and to make right. Pono (hawaiian for to make right).

Monster in the Mirror

Larvista was a successful massage therapist, very psychic, and a chain smoker. After her sessions she would go out to have a smoke. Although she was a wealth of health facts, she did not stop her smoking. She even mocked herself for smoking as she lite up a cigarette.

She also had a secretive covert personality few ever saw. She wanted to be in control and manipulate people. She resented anyone who might be a better than her and would practice magic spells on her competition.

Although her soul path in this timeline was to live a life free from using black magic, it was too compelling for her to not use it.

One day out at my steamer in the Taro Patch, I saw her use it. There were three adults and two children enjoying a nice wet steam bath. When the young girls had enough steam, they went outside to shower and play. Being sisters, they began to argue. Their mom shouted for them to stop. They calmed for a short period of time and then went at it again.

Larvista waved her hand and closed down all the energy centers of these two children. They instantly stopped and looked around them. It took time but naturally the energy centers reopened, and they left our area to play among the rocks quietly. She bragged about the sudden quiet and what she had done to the children.

This startled me, and it felt unethical. I pondered on this and began to observe Larvista more closely.

Once while working on a client, Larvista found an “etheric device”. To look at this device, you could see it had a large base and this ugly screw like tail to it that perforating the client’s liver slowly. It was slowly drilling up in to the liver.

This client had liver pains and also felt weak. If time went by that etheric screw would have drilled completely in to the liver, disabling it and eventually killing the client. That was the intention of this etheric device. It had been placed in there in another time line to destroy the client in this present timeline.

Larvista’s client was clairvoyant, and while laying there on the table she told Larvista that she could “see” the etheric device and what happened during that massage session. Larvista did not remove the etheric device.

This worried the client so she consulted another energy healer, Rita, who helped her. In a regression session, Rita took her back to the time it was implanted and why. Much to her surprise, the client could see Larvista as some old dark-haired witch standing on a dirt floor while she (the client) was laying flat on the floor, disabled somehow. Larvista put this etheric device in her during that time period.

{Note on healing; Suspend all judgement on what “etheric devices” might look like or act like for there is still so much we do not know. It is easier to see it as metaphors and move according to the issues and outcomes.}

This client booked another the session with Larvista, knowing she was the one that placed this device in her. She had hoped they would resolve this together.  She told Larvista what she had found out about the device, but never mentioned seeing her in the regression session.

Larvista placed her hands over her liver area and started to discover what this was and how it might work, and how to remove it. As they worked together during the session, Larvista glanced in the mirror and saw this black monster with huge claws and large gaping mouth.

It frightened her and she knew it was in her auric field, part of her. Her client said it was interesting to watch Larvista checking out this monster in her mirror. But in the end Larvista did nothing to remove the device.  Her client found another therapist to deactivate it and dissolve it later.

Larvista controlled some of her clients with black magic,  so that they would come for a session when she was in need of money. She kept an energetic connection, almost like a bungee cord, and would reel them in when house payments were due. People were for her use.

On more covert level, she was a manipulator that wore a smile while doing energy tricks to people who were open to her sweet smile and kind talk. She knew how to entertain people and hold their attention and all the while also manipulating energy.

One day she told me about her breast cancer. He had it for some time too. She told me that she was injecting minerals in to this mass to cure it. She would not go to the doctor. She did not quit smoking, nor her resentment of others being talented. The lump was almost two inches in diameter in her left breast which she asked me to feel and sense what it was. Yes, quite a hard mass, I told her, and to go see a doctor right away. Felt like electric shocks, cancer!

She would come out of a  massage session in pain holding on to her breast, yet still worked on people the rest of the day. She would not nurture or take care of herself.

Two years later, Larvista died a very painful death due to her choices to seek no treatment or to change the way she worked with people and her breast cancer spread out all through her body and finally her liver.

Her client said she could not see Larvista’s monster, even as clairvoyant as she is, and that to watch Larvista see her monster, she saw was a real deep emotional response in Larvista.

Self Created Monsters

Both ladies had not listened to their inner voices, but boldly, angrily, and resentfully walked through life with unhealthy attitudes. They were in the study of subtle energies too, but did not appear to make the connection.

Over time these “thoughtforms” manifested in to Scary Monsters. They saw them, and no one else did. It was for them to see and deal with. When a person manifests tier thoughtforms monsters, it is so that when they SEE what what they really are, maybe they will change. For the monster is a part of the person who made it. Monstrous actions and unhealthy thoughts create enough animation so a person can grow and learn and step past.

“Thoughtforms” are a very interesting subtle energy creation. As we think a lot about something, we form a mass of energy relating to that stream of thought. The more we think about it the more energy mass it becomes.

For a painter, writer, musician, scientist, this is part of the creative process.They work out details, give it a rest and then work some more. Inspiration can come through as their thoughtform works with them.

Thoughtforms are all kinds of flavors, so to speak. We make the all the time. The world is full of them and they can be ‘read’ by other people. They are a very interesting part of our subtle energy and realities.

For people with addictions, this too is part of their creative process although it is working against them and will make it hard for a person to let go of unhealthy habits. For just when there is some down time, thoughtform will influence the originator to go for one more drink.

In time a well-developed thoughtform will become animated and even so large people could think it real. In a reality, it is the way we give messages to ourselves so we can change or recreate, or expand.

Both of these Ladies created “thoughtforms of resentment, manipulation” and other details through thinking about the same things over and over again. Louis Hays once wrote that cancer grows from holding on to resentments.

They both dwelled upon the negative factors of their lives and created dark energy forms within their energy fields.  If they changed their attitudes and thoughts, these forms would dissipate and perhaps their illnesses would go away with proper lifestyle changes and seeking the right help.

To have a thoughtform become animated, especially as some monster so that one can see it, is a ‘red flag’ to stop what you are thinking and correct yourself.

These ladies pretended they were perfect and “something outside of them was attacking them”. This is hardly ever the case.

Take responsibility for your own actions first!

We manifest forms outside of our self to get our self’s attention. Our small voice within, our consciousness will tell us when we are off-track. Again and again, yet if we do not listen we build something even greater. We need to heed our OWN WARNINGS. This is how magical human kind is.

As it is said, “thoughts become things”

Energy is Neutral

Energy is neutral until a human “qualifies it with thought, emotions or both”; good, neutral, or bad energy comes from the person state of being and thoughts. Up until then the energy is just energy.

Both these ladies constantly put their time in to thoughts of anger, resentment (a cause of cancer), and these thought forms became energized enough to be real. Nothing was attacking them from the outside; it was an inside job.

Be kind to yourself.

~ Carolyn Thompson

Copyright © 2014-2025 Carolyn Thompson; All rights reserved.

For further reading, this PDF book is what laid a foundation for my further study and observations;  Thought-forms by Annie Besant and C.W. Leadbeater

Scary Monsters part 2