In Scary Monsters part 1, we presented “thoughtforms” through giving examples of two people who spent a serious amount of time thinking and brooding over their viewpoints of events in their life, without introspection on their own part they played to make their own life so uncomfortable. They created ‘animated thoughtforms’ which were to show them their “true character” as they were not seeing earlier clues that they manifested in their own life.

“By choosing your thoughts, and by selecting which emotional currents you will release and which you will reinforce, you determine the quality of your Light. You determine the effects that you will have upon others, and the nature of the experiences of your life.” ~ Gary Zukav from his book “Seat of The Soul”.

When a person is on a downward path, sulking in their own attitudes, they build thoughtforms that move around and come back to roost, placing those same thoughts back in the person’s energy fields where mind resides.

A person can dissipate them by not feeding those thoughtforms the same old thoughts, but changing attitudes and letting go of their resentment, animosity, control and blame. Forgiveness is key, forgiving one’s self and others releases the stuck energy.

When the person is not paying attention to their own divine guidance, these thoughtforms will reach a point that they have acquired enough energy to become animated. They become visible, audible or other sensations to the creator of the thoughts, and depending on the quality of the thoughts, can look  strange to downright scary.

This is how any person creates a way to show themselves they are so off course on their soul’s path. When these present themselves, it is best to stop and spend time looking at their own part in the drama they think is from other people.

Self-reflection is powerful and can turn one’s life around in the right direction, once the person knows what is really going on and that they are in charge. Taking time to see what is not working, and looking deeper at why, can help a person to change attitudes and move away from pain. This is one reason why ‘humility’ is helpful.

What about Children?

Children create thoughtforms just as easily as adults; they have less information to brood over. A common kind of child thoughtform is a poltergeist.

A poltergeist, German for “noisy ghost”, is an animated thoughtform which creates disturbances such as loud noises and objects moved around. Most accounts of poltergeist describe movement, levitation of objects, or noises such as knocking on doors.

When children are in stress, they can fester over thoughts and create thoughtforms. Resentment is probably the most common source of poltergeist. Resentment is the bitter indignation at having been treated unfairly. Children naturally want to ‘shake things up” as a response to their experience.

Children can start creating ways to resolve this discomfort through imaging ways to get someone attention or get even. As energy builds in their thoughts and emotions, they create an animated thoughtforms which can move items, and makes sounds. Children do not really know they are doing it, as are most adults. Children will hold in emotions when there is no real communication outlet available to them.

Loud sounds, knocking, moving objects then become the way a child will get attention, although in most cases, the child has no idea are the reason why this is all happening. The child then spirals in to fear. Now they feel/see scary monsters are after them. Yet they may be the source of it all.

Parents Love

Parents and guardians need to have an active role with their child’s life and these types of actions would not occur. It is through the child who is left alone too often that they have the time to build such poltergeist.

Safe boundaries, family rules, and codes of conduct for the whole family clarify all that is expected of family members and how misbehavior can be dealt with, equally. This can help a child to think through to their own fault in the matter. Taking personal responsibility is a healthy step.

Parents can help their children to talk through their frustrations and anger so that a more healthy perspective can be achieved. Children are still growing and any help from parents, relatives and older people can help.

If no rules or boundaries are set, a parent or guardian can listen and talk with the child so they can see how action and reaction occurred for their case. Simple application of love and attention will help to dissipate this kind of misuse of energy.

The child builds a foundation in which positive creations can occur. Conversations are very important in families as a whole and more importantly one on one.

The power to create is something that needs guidance in children, pointing them towards their dreams of what they can do/be thus creating that future for their selves.

When there are no family rules, discipline can get dished out in emotional, almost irrational looking bursts. The child has little understanding of why it is happening to them so they will resort to trying to figure it out, yet from a child’s mind of not fully understanding.

Children do not always have enough information to figure it all out. They love their parents and wish to please them, yet if this is the norm, then the child may shift in to resentment.

Irrational parents are looked at in fear, resentment and/or someone to fight back at or to hurt back. Imaginative payback then builds in to animated thoughtforms.

If there is no resolution to this, the child may keep on creating thoughtforms, even in to adulthood and never know they are doing it.

They become more fearful for the events happening around them. Their ability to brood and fester over mistreatment grows as well, becoming a foundation for an unhappy life.

Unhappy People

How many of you know people like this? Perhaps you are one? What is it that they/you are really unhappy about? Get to the baseline of it. For then you can create with power of knowing what makes you sad and angry. You can let it go and create what makes you happy.

Using one’s thoughts to get back at people, to judge everyone as wrong, to point the finger at anyone who you think made your life unhappy is misguided. It is the misuse of your own  creative thought, that all. Thinking “people are always out to get me, and so then you wish to make them pay is not going to work. It is spinning you around and round and wasting your life force.

Most of the time you spend thinking badly about someone, remember that someone is having an excellent day and only you are not. Your choice to make yourself suffer to no end and no one cares or feels it. It is a big waste of time. You want to be happy? Be Happy.

What you think, you create. Anyone could be building a successful, happy life through the right refocus.

What is it  that you really want? This is an important question when you find yourself angry worth others. Pare back to the real cause of your discomfort.

Conscious parenting/guardianship can redirect a budding human through activities that build character and imagination, through talking with a child, through just being a listener to what a child thinks so that the energy does not build in an abnormal way.

“Keep your thoughts positive, because your thoughts become your words.
Keep your words positive, because your words become your behaviors.
Keep your behaviors positive, because your behaviors become your habits.
Keep your habits positive, because your habits become your values.
Keep your values positive, because your values become your destiny.” ~ Gandhi

Our world is so full of these mal-creations/ thoughtforms and this is the true “plague” of this Earth. We cannot see them, but we feel them everywhere, they mess with us, invite us to repeat behavior that is unhealthy; they can even become so full of energy that they will look real and act alive.

Mal-creations flood places so that people cannot help but act badly in areas unless they are very conscious of the energies they are immersed in.It is like jumping in to a swimming pool filled with mud and fecal matter. Something stinks but you are not seeing what. It is the presiding thoughtforms of the place. This is why some locations are labeled as haunted, or just evil.

Thoughtform Litter

Imagine the thoughtforms of any war field on our earth. Imagine the thoughtforms that reside in old buildings. Sensitive, empathic people can read these battle fields like a book. There is some kind of energy left-behind, and these are thoughtforms. Thoughtforms are energy information.

The same is true for place we just love to be in. The energy of the place is welcoming, loving and nurturing. We do not want to leave. Natural springs are usually very clear and clean and people find they are renewed, calmed and happy after a day at the springs.

Some churches also hold such sweet energy as people gather there to sing and praise and pray, which builds in to a feeling of sanctuary. Our own homes also hold the energy of our thoughts, and thus we can build a loving place to return to after a day out.

Shifting Flavors of Thoughts

What most people are never taught is “how we create our lives”.  This information is  being written about more often, and talked about by many wise people and a gift of this time period; this is the time to focus your divine creative powers and create what you really want. The misuse of our thoughts and emotions just give us grief, suffering and fears.

Direct your thoughts, consciously! Choose wisely and create! It is that simple.

You need to be an active part. No need to take on the creations of others if it is not what you seek. Let them create their own, you create yours. Join groups of people co-creating projects that will benefit others!

Instill this creative process in your children at a very young age and they will thrive and create wonders.

Just looking at the progress humanity made in inventions over the last one hundred years is enough to show how talented we can be.

Believe in your dreams, ideas, whimsy’s, for they may be the future. They may supply humanity with answers to some of our misdirected creations.

 “You are today where your thoughts have brought you; you will be tomorrow where your thoughts take you”. ~ James Allen

One more part to this subject, part 3; we will look at the much smaller portion of “scary monsters’ that may be called ghosts, apparitions, and other anomalies. For it is primarily thoughtforms that we have created that fill our world with such disdain. Mal-creations, negative thoughtform maintenance is the leading culprit of the world problems. Simply put: bad attitudes! We can change that!

~ Carolyn Thompson

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