Over this last year, I must admit, I felt amazing!

So many years I moved through the shifts and changes within me, I can see now it was just the perfect movement. It was not all that fun, and it posed many new insights in to why I acted the way I did.

Yet there was a gentleness that surrounded the process. A gentle push forward to keep going. At times I wanted to scream or quit, but never did.

2017 was when I got to the deepest roots of core issues which left me feeling weak and undefined for most my life. My core issues stemmed from the way my parents treated me. Especially my father, who seemed to target me the most with verbal and physical abuse.

This year I found the bottom of it all!! I have neutralized my trauma and I am truly free. I find no fault in my parents, as they are also products of their lifetime and the way they viewed their own journeys.

They were still products of the old Victorian/Christian fundamentals of abusing children in order to intimidate them to follow the rules. To show too much love, or any love at all was to spoil the child, they erroneously taught.

My lightbody is now in rapid formation.

Funny little aches and pain pop up here and there throughout my body, and a lot going on in my legs. I glow more and to others.

In time, I might write more in-depth about my personal experiences with this but for now I know it is best not to say too much so that other people might think they need to do it my way or that their experiences do not match mine and doubt their path.

Remember, all of us are individually unique. And we all have physical bodies that are also very unique. So the actual process must be respected as unique to each soul.

My own process to something beyond the appearance I presently have is already shifting, and by March, will be made visible, and yet I know the process will go on a bit longer.

Forming your own lightbody, that which is already within you, just gets brighter as you lift your own feelings, emotions, thoughts and beliefs up to more pleasant and ethical ways of dealing with your reality.

It’s an inside job and only you can do it.

~ Carolyn Thompson