December 2018

(What’s Happening to our Body; The New HU-Wo/Man, lastest article by Soluntra King)

I am still in the process of working out what is really going on with having no chakras and no kundalini. When it first happened and my chakras dissolved in 2014 I couldn’t find any information on it, except to say it happens to those in divine consciousness.

Now the things out there about it are saying they hook us up and keep us in the matrix. I have never been much of a matrix person, as I could never do ‘tick tock’ or be in the system except for the barest minimal required to get around the planet and operate here.


Originally the Chakras and Kundalini were put into us as we were being created to help us with our connection to the spiritual realms. We can’t blame them for hooking us up to the dark matrix, as they help us to clear certain issues in our self that of course is the cause of us being hooked up.

For example in our Heart Chakra the negative is jealousy, unworthiness, unrequited love and so those duality aspects of self definitely hook us up. But as we Love these imbalances then our heart opens fully and we feel unconditional love, acceptance and compassion for our self and all creation. But I feel we probably outgrow the Chakras as we heal and unify all the aspects of duality they help us with.

I don’t feel it’s a good idea to actually make your Chakras dissolve, or get rid of them as some seem to be into. For myself it was a very organic process and I feel it’s much safer and cleaner to allow, rather than to control.

I worked on my Chakras for years clearing, balancing and spinning them both ways into One Chakra, One Body of Light and doing meditations with them. In the early 1990s after learning Kriya Yoga and realizing it was too tough for the general public; people spun out from doing them.

So I developed the ‘Chakra and Light Body Activation’ with mandalas and light and sounds codes and a full activation that is in my Light Code Activation book and also in DVD video; Light Codes about the Chakras and Light bodies, then the full activation with animated mandalas and sounds codes that is very potent. But not unsafe, as the old paradigm way of working was, for it was for those souls dedicated to their journey in living in caves or temples, holding the energy for humanity so it was only for those very high frequency souls. Now it’s here for all of us, so need’s to work to assist us gently and in the new Light way.  This activation which utilizes 17 Chakras and 5 levels of Light Body, merging the Chakras into One Chakra, then One Body of Light.

Working with the Chakras is a progression, as each chakra takes us through initiations and inner healing.
I have since spoken to friends who feel they don’t seem to connect to their chakras as before so this is an organic process we seem to be going through as we become our Body of Light while still in the physical.


As for the Kundalini, I have never believed we should make it move, but can go in and send love into it and see where the serpent is within us, if there is a block at the time. By loving and accepting the block if we have completed the learning then there will be an explosion of light within and the kundalini will move to the next level of its being. But your kundalini goes up and down your central channel at different times and you can have major kundalini experiences that entail ‘no breath’, ‘cosmic orgasm’, ‘being invisible’, ‘interfacing in and out’, ‘shape shifting’ but still we don’t get carried away and stay grounded, humble and allow it to do its own thing. Again don’t control, that comes from fear, there is only Love and allowing.

I was very surprised when mine was no longer, this happened last year while I was on Iona. But since I have learnt more about Iona, I have been there three times over the years, each time very powerful. In 1994 when there I had to paint a mandala of Physical Immortality and at one particular location which was near my kundalini disintegration spot, I was interfacing in and out when looking down on my body. Of course I have had very power experiences in my Light Body in the Mayan and Egyptian pyramids and temples as well.

But my body really packed it up after this happened with my kundalini and on the same day at another power hill nearby I was told my software was being rewritten. I haven’t been the same since.
Just as well I had completed all my full on missions and had the time and space to allow myself to fully go into a time of deep inner work, transfiguring and preparation for my body to transmute into fuller light.

I have experienced being my Light Body many times, some from some very heavy initiations, if you don’t pass and become more of ones Light Body then you physically die. I am in another heavy initiation now and have been through a lot with my body this year but now coming out the other side. But still not ready to share the wisdom of those experiences that you don’t have to do, just yet. So haven’t got a full understanding on the no kundalini but I am still here and functioning normally and get I have wormholes that connect me.

At first these wormholes were four through my chest area, now they seem to go through the full length of my body. I don’t actually feel any different, but then I never did when the guy tried to kill me with a machete in the Sun Pyramid and I moved into Light through the stones walls of the pyramid, or went into No breathe or stood and faced an army ready to stop and kill me on an important mission anchoring the Living Library of Light, plus numerous other Light Body, physically immortal experiences. One never feels any different, because it’s normal. To me being Multi-Dimensional is normal. Having to condense oneself into a physical body and then have to operate here under such limiting and dark forces systems has always been the challenge.


Of course the Kundalini is also been put in us, just like the Chakras, originally by the benevolent pure Love Beings who were following the Creators mission of creating humanity with full awareness and their/our soul connected fully to Source. But as we know that was kidnapped and we are Loving our way out of that now, here in this time of Regenesis.

Some of us remember being here at the creation of the Earth, some of us remember the creation of humans and the different experiments and all the dramas that have gone on since with the battles of light and dark over this very incredible aspect of creation. To spiritualise matter, full Divine essence in a physical body.

Those who separated fully wishing to destroy us completely, others using us as a farm to suck our energy, all of them using trauma, fear, war, horror and money to control and keep us so called under control. Except it’s not working anymore and we are regaining the Divine Feminine aspect regardless of being in a female or male body, we all got disconnected, but now we are connecting so fast again to our Soul Source Self.
Now with all the work we have been doing some of us for decades, some just popped in, or just woke up, and the Wave of Love keeps getting stronger, the Unified Light Matrix glowing, our linkup in the One Heart. And the constant, beautiful higher energies from the Sun in solar winds, flares from the Heart of the Source, through the Heart of our Sun, through our hearts and the Earth’s Sun heart. We are in the higher dimensional Earth in our higher dimensional bodies and now in the final stages of integrating this into our physical body and with the physical Earth.
Hence the super storms, tornados, volcanoes and fires that show the emotions and thoughts that still need to be cleansed as we realise we are One with the Earth.


In my own journey with my dissolved chakras and kundalini I found that when my chakras left I had just had a group in Ladakh for the Stargate opening at Lake Tsomoriri for the June Solstice 2014. Before that happened in a wonderful journey through Leh as I was looking for a Golden Buddha Thangka to post to a dear friend for her birthday. I and another friend ended up in an expensive shop where the owner was showing us very beautiful but expensive ones. Then a Yogi walked in and we spoke about where he was going into a cave in the Nubra valley where we had just come from. He spoke of his master and he was going into deep mediation for weeks.

Then we came to the shop in the Tibetan local part of town with a beautiful beggar sitting outside, I say beautiful as I always look into their eyes and see their true radiance. I gave him some money and of course he was outside the shop of the Golden Buddha Thangka, one that I could afford and one that the locals brought. Then when we left the shop I spoke to the beggar again and gave him so more money as I felt a great connection with him. The friend I was with was not used to India or beggars and I told her they are teaching us to see the divine in everyone and thing, as well as compassion and many other lessons.

The next day we were in an all-day drive along the Indus River then up the mountains to Lake Tsomoriri. In the car I got a message on the inner from the master of the Yogi we had meet, I asked him was this about the mission and he said no it was personal. I was quiet shocked as I was so into the mission. Once we got to the lake and our hotel and I settled everyone in, I raced out the door and down the dusty roads and lane ways, jumping over small waterways and couldn’t wait to get to the lake. This place is over 5000 metres high but altitude was not an issue for me in my keenness to get there.
As I sat and connected a water dragon came and gave me a casket like a treasure chest and told me ‘this is your future’. When I opened it up it had a rose and so much Love. Then the master of the Yogi spoke to me and told me he was my consort for the 13th universe.

He materialized to me that night as I lay not asleep but in this amazing Light zone going through dimensions and dimensions and worlds with in worlds. The next day he showed me ways of bringing in more light into my being and he was also connected to Shambala.

It was when I had completed with the group and flew down to southern India to be at one of my favourite places at Kanyakumari. I was guided to go to this serpent kundalini mountain nearby and told I was going to have a kundalini experience. So I walked way up through the great rocks and rough track and got to the top, after doing my bigger picture work I remembered I had been told I was going to have a kundalini experience. So went within and down my central channel and then discovered I had no chakras!

When I got to Bangalore to see my friends there who are very tuned in and spiritual I asked two separate friends to see if I had chakras and both said no. One told me it was what happened when one was moving into Shambala. I merged with Usam my 13th Universe consort in 2016 in Iceland on the Light Template mission there.

Then last year 2017 after a full on mission with groups I had organised in Avebury and Scotland with the New Creation Matrix. At Glen Lyon near the end of the journey we were at the Royal Dragon rock, I had been there before with amazing things happening with the release of the Royal Dragon. This time the group had got lost up the valley so while myself and my friend waited for them to find us I saw these Beings come out of the hill. They triggered me to go within and get my new name and mudra, which is Ess She Ra. From beyond the beyond such high frequency self as an Assura. I also meet my consort Ess Sha Ra.

Then I went to Iona with my dear friend, one night I felt Ess Sha Ra come in, I knew he was merging with me and then was aware we had seeded a whole new planet, then in a blink of an eye the planet had evolved and there were many beings living on it all from the original seeding by us and they were now into space exploration. The next day at my favourite multi-d beach that I was told my kundalini had dissolved. I didn’t believe it, so in amongst all the wind, rain and cold a beautiful butterfly appeared right by me and flew around me to let me know it was true.

So with both dissolving’s I had meet higher vibrational other myself and had merged the inner goddess god, back to the original blueprint t of the androgynous Light Being self.


It doesn’t not matter if you still haven’t cleared your chakras or kundalini blocks, have them or don’t have them, the only thing that matters is a Loving Heart.

So as you have read this you might get a sense of your own Chakras and Kundalini and maybe for a while now you haven’t put much thought into them. Of you might be new to all this so need to work on clearing all the levels of initiations they give you.

I don’t get at present some are born without the Chakra or Kundalini so we need to utilize their beautiful connecting essences until we have organically and in our own timing shifted to the point where we don’t need them anymore.

Be wise with your body and your journey. Don’t try and make anything happen that you are not aware of or you think you know better, ego does have a way of misguiding us.

Don’t whatever you do allow others to so called initiate you, that is so old paradigm and dangerous, you are sovereign unto yourself. Also don’t think all initiations are life or death, most initiations are a bit rough at times, our fear and resistance, but not life threatening. If your inner self does put you into a situation where it is life and death you would be prepared. For example when the guy tried to kill me with a machete in the Sun pyramid at Becan back in 1995 just before that I had gone through a huge time being triggered by some systems people about how I operated here with my healing work, it bought up so much fear in me, but I breathed through it all and realized in the past they could take my body but not my soul, then I realized they could no longer take my body!

We all get what we can handle, and remember I do what I do for you, you do what you do for me, as we both do it for the collective. The Sheldrake syndrome where it was discovered by this person that if you show one being how to do something organically it gets passed on to everyone else. So we are all contributing beautifully thank you for all your Love and Being, BeAming. Be wise and allow.

I learnt many years ago is; I do my part of the mission but it is for the collective, I can do what I do because I have been wired that way and it gives me joy. You do what you do for me and everyone else, so be true to yourself and follow your own Joy.
We are all part of the mandala and each of us gives just as much as the other, from our unique gifts and state of Being.
Love yourself no matter what.

~ Soluntra King

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