When needing to study and commune with those unseen entities in our lives, entities with no bodies and our ancestors, it takes practice in discernment and feeling in order to detect the unique energy signatures. It may be easy for some people and while others do not know where to start. This might seems too daunting to learn and yet it will surprise you how easy it can be.

Discernment is to perceive by the sight or some other sense or by the intellect; see, recognize, or apprehend information. This comes through experiencing. There really is no other way.

Maybe someone can tell you what they understand of something, and yet that same understanding might be different to you. Discernment is different than judgement as it takes in more variables.

Judgement is the forming of an opinion, estimate, notion, or conclusion, as from circumstances presented to the mind. Discernment is more of putting opinions aside and not taking a side of something that is still presenting evidence. This is how we will use these words in this article.

For we live in a generation that loves to jump to conclusions with little evidence or no sense of empathy. If you jump to a conclusion that you are channeling a certain Master, you might never know the subtle differences. This is what happens to just about everyone who learns to channel as it is a way to hone the skill set.

A wrong conclusion is needed to sense a difference and to make you challenge your previous notions. There is no harm nor is anyone going to be upset over a mis-labeling of an unseen entity. Yet to go forward with no idea of the “who” behind the information leaves you vulnerable to astral jokers.

Meet the Astral Jokers

This is a term I use for those in the astral realms who love to pretend they are someone else and mislead someone. It is just a game or it can become malicious. Some entities love to invent a character just for the fun or power of it.

St. Germain is one of those made up personalities. When and where this personality was invented is not quite known. This character was created in order to throw new age zealots off their path.  So I will go in to more detail using this fake personality in order to create some foundation.

This is from my own path of discernment on St. Germain. I do not recall the first time I heard his name or read some channeling that was suppose to be him. I really came in to much of this feeling quite naively. Raised in the Catholic faith, I was taught to be afraid of certain things, especially if it was not the dogma of the church, and so I was cautious in entering in to my own realm of understanding.

I was blindly trusting things that, in the long run, needed deeper discernment. But who knows that up front, no one. The foundation comes through your own personal experience.

Now St. Germain was credited with bringing forward the all consuming Violet Flame and today I know that to be something Archangel Gabriel has used throughout time and space. But back in the day, I was drawn to read the Ballard’s books and also was introduced to someone on Kauai who had a learning center about the I AM movement. She had a bedroom filled with the painted faces of the Ascended Masters and their Twin Flames all over the top of her walls and rows of chairs for devotees.

At that time I saw no Ascended Master Twin Flames for Jesus or St. Germain when I was in there. This bothered me and I asked about it but she could not really answer me. My own logic was asking… IF this twin flame things was true, then everyone would be matched up.. Still I sat with others in my joy and recited the decrees and affirmations three times and just felt what this was about within me. Later we all talked in the kitchen about the events people thought were coming to our reality.

If the Twin Flames were real… why did these two personalities not have one? This was a lingering thought. this is what you need to pay attention to when things keep asking you within for more information. Those are clues for something. Pay attention to what you receive.

These types of questions can form within your own mind through the experiences you are in and are not to be dismissed as they are an important facts in developing discernment. Why did it stand out for you?

In time that question faded in to the background of my life, and was placed on my “psychic shelf”, a place for all unanswered questions, partial energy information, and other such incomplete things within metaphysics.When I find answers, I add them to the other parts to form understandings, although some times it took ten years to gather a piece.

This was also the first time I had ever heard of Twin Flames. It was presented in Ballard’s first book where he writes about one union, where a man leaves earth with his Twin Flame because he was such a devote person.

Ballard write it as thought they were two separate entities, and this was a gross misunderstanding. From what I understand today, Ballard made it up as an plausible explanation for that term.

For he was happily married and had that as his own format what opposite sexes do. Yet today we know that everyone has both masculine and feminine energies as a whole, and usually express one or the other in relations while in a body on earth. Esoteric teachings are very hard to understand at times when our mind has no foundations for it.

Over the years I would read channelings that were suppose to be from St. Germain and learned many things from them and tossed out what made no sense to me.

Feeling Energy Signatures

First of all “feeling” is that first three seconds of sensing, before it turns in to some emotion. It is one of the most valuable psychic/intuitive sensing we have as humans. Once it turns in to an emotion, we loose the energy information to form something the mind will judge. Empaths naturally do this and are aware of sensations, while needing to keep those sensations from becoming something they think is about them. Empaths read energy information most naturally.

During that time of my spiritual, I was also in contact with several Ascended Masters and other highly evolved entities. I learned to scribe and channel and wrote many things, mostly for my own growth as I was not wanting to do any of this publicly, not after being beaten as a child for doing it.

In my own work I learned to recognize “energy signatures” which are unique vibrations for each person, each entity. Everyone has a unique energy signature. It is a sensation which you will need to find how you sense people, entities in your own individual ways.

One at a time, a Master would come in and I would have to identify who it was.

El Morya may have been the first energy signature I learned to recognize easily, as he comes with such a bold energy. He would first stand behind me and dictate words telepathically, would have me pause and look up the meaning of specific words, and use discernment if that word was the right one to use in a sentence, both as written and energetically.

Later when El Morya and I worked well together; he would walk in to my body and work with me there. At times he would type with my hands and type whole monologues of things I never would say. There was one time when someone had been feeling sorry for themselves in a forum and was whining about some issue, not moving forward. I was going to write something encouraging when El Morya move in to my body and boldly told them what their stuck point was. When I read what he wrote, it was words for healing. It was a push, direct and loud, yet it was what they needed to look at in order to feel better. He was not judging the person at all, just stating what was obvious and causing the person to repeat it in unhealthy ways. My words of encouragement probably would had not helped at all.

This is a prime example of real Ascended Master versus the astral fakers wearing a mask.

Ascended Masters are not going to ‘sweet talk’ a person, or baby a person, for that serves no one. They love to encourage and give new ideas, possible dream points, even insights to how a future can be. They are also not going to feed a person a diet of fear-laced words in order to diminish your Soul. Many of their best works have been creating ways for us to dream ourselves out of the situation we have on earth. They gave out an abundance of ways other off-world cultures work in order that we have a foundation on which to create our world

Ascended Masters talk more philosophically in a way that support an individuals growth or for group growth as in public channelings. There is always an air of respect within their words for they are just as Divine as we are, yes, we are Divine. This respect IS ALWAYS present in the authentic writings of true Ascended Masters.

The astral fakers love to use variations of that respect and then add fear-laced spin words to make someone feel not quite up to the task resort to asking for some one else to take control. This is the agenda of some astral jokers. Other astral fakers want us to have major meltdowns and doubt our own sanity by confusing disinformation; that is a favorite for some. Other fakers want to just pretend to be someone they are no, and they may go on for years without detection by many as they walk that fine line. Astral fakers must use some real true things in their offerings as they need it in order to later hook a person through their deceptions.

So when reading some channeling, something scribed, read the content with an open ended curiosity. Feel what your body is responding to and acknowledge when something feels off. sometimes there is a delayed affect and if it brings on sadness or lose of hope, then you just read some low-vibe article and perhaps meant to manipulate you.

Sometimes there is just one sentence that is there for you. Something your Higher Self led you to read. Yea, reading six pages to find one tidbit is common and yet think of how cool that can be to find answers within something not even related to the question. It happens.

Reading bad channeling was the main factor that helped me hone my own ability to recognize energy signatures. The astral fakers using a St. Germain mask made it a quest and did so many others. One writing would be wonderful advise, and the next one would be scolding us like children, underlings. There are many different astral fakers using this identity. Over time one can sense just by hovering ones eyes over a article if it was from a higher source of if it is laced with trigger words. Now can you figure out who else is ‘faked” or a famous name where no one really exists?

Take time to learn this and laugh when you make mistakes. In the long run, you will master it as well. From my own perspective 95% of changelings are faked. This all points to our own personal need to become clear channels of our own Divinity.

Astral Fakers Create Soul Diversions

Due to the addition of St. Germain to our list of accepted Ascended Masters, whenever the lovely Violet Ray comes in to our spiritual eye/seeing, people tend to now think of St. Germain instead of Archangel Gabriel who uses the Violet Ray for cleansing or other entities that also use it. A grand feat of diversion!

Some people will assume that it is St. Germain if they see Violet.  It could be someone else!

Archangel Gabriel is leading us through this ascension, one of many leaders who knows the right doors, portals, gateways, aka paths. Now with the popularity of some entity who does not exist takes the forefront, it gets tricky. People get stalled mumbling loud affirmations all day and night. Like affirmations, decrees are to refocus your mind. It helps create new foundations for your spiritual knowing to stand upon.

In my experience with Archangel Gabriel in Ireland, it took just a few minutes for the Violet flame to work. For us it should not take more than 5 minutes for it to produce results.

In the I AM ministries, people must recite it until their throats are dry. Three times, with emotion, and well, it turns out to be a polarity against something perceived as wrong, and thus holding a person in a place of receiving the polarity experiences that comes with it all. This can create a downward spiral. For reinforcing an idea that there is something to work against, creates energy for both areas. Thinking you can stop something, is a misconception. Thinking you can enhance the beauty of something creates more beauty.

Doing prayer work, affirmations and decrees is about holding the highest ideals through thoughts, words and deeds. When thinking about what is wrong, it is best to use forgiveness, and then reinforce the postive.

One piece that still stood out was my reaction when I reading and article from the Four Winds web site where Jesus had just entered the room and was praising St. Germain for bringing in the Violet Flame! Oh praise and more praise!

The words were so deeply complimentary it felt sickening and artificial. That was my feeling nature responding to fake information, not that I knew it then. So on the shelf it went.  Later when I reviewed it, I knew right away I had registered this line as fake but still did not trust myself enough to accept it (an left over of the Catholic religion mind control)

Then after my experience with Archangel Gabriel in Ireland, I knew without a doubt that the Violet Flame had always been around and that those many fakers calling themselves St. Germain was getting credit for something he never invented or brought forward, as it was already here. Soul diversions.

Path to Clarity

In our spiritual path we want to believe in our spiritual helpers, our God/s, our Allah, our ______ (fill in the blank). There is something deeply embedded in our DNA to worship someone as our ancestors did through the past. There is some kind of truth to it all but it cam be obscured through strange human-created dogmas.

Over time humans have revised their assumptions about the heavenly realms and reinvented religions to take them forward. Yet being human we still weave in so many of our misconceptions about life through our tainted lenses. Every generation works to wipe of those old lenses to find a better answer. It is only through our talking with each other to we hear ourselves and hear others walk through what seems real or unreal.

The true crucible is our heart center, where everything is melted down for the gold. Gold being the metaphor for truth.

In our social interactions we reinforce ideas and beliefs in order to feel more secure in our walking forward through what feels like blind faith. This time period require us to do that now. It is through stepping in the pot holes in our path or taking the wrong fork in the road that we hone our skills. We pay attention to new details, evidence based!

It is not about good or bad, or right and wrong; it is about the ability to do the things that our soul leads us to do and in kindness. It is about keeping your deep values in your focus and not to betray your own integrity.

I do not write this to present St. Germain as wrong, his fake character is a good example of humans taking something they like and making it larger than life.

In my own path, paying attention to the works of this fake identity, was just a tool to help me learn so much more. I present my own walking a wrong fork in my path, that taught me some very deep lessons. It led me to my own real Twin Flame Reunion.

If you are still enamored by the St. Germain teachings, go and learn. If it is making you feel great, and a sense of destiny, then there is substance to behold.There are grand masters sometimes called this name during transmissions in which name does not matter, substance matters.

This is why discernment is stressed, and not judgment. Judgement might prevent the important lesson one needs to clarify many things through just moving through what is present in your life. When i finally understood my lesson, it opened a huge door and so many inaccuracies left with it.

So many will ask, Why is it that the true Ascended Master never point out the fakers? Why do they not speak up about astral fakers misrepresenting them? Perhaps it is because they also learned through deceptions and misrepresentations in their earth life times. It is our personal duty to learn. Can we know without seeing, hearing, reading, having others tell us, or some ‘expert’ point it out? Certainly and this is the time period of such acceleration that many will do it easily!!!!!

You cannot know good coffee if you never drink a large variety. You cannot know what wine you like unless you sample many.

This is true for discerning of entities who talk, telepathically or work symbolically with us.

Ascended Masters respect us as Divine people, that we make choices and until we ask them for clarity, they do not usually offer it.

Lately I have heard someone saying Light language on Youtube that were from malicious entities. The rest of this person’s meditation was excellent, but the light language was destructive. As soon as I heard the sounds I immediately turned it off freaked out. It sounded nice and mysterious, but the underlying feeling I got was not to engage, for it was truly some kind of “energy hook”, aka entrapment.

Other people presenting Light Language can be the real thing. How do you know? Do not believe blindly. We are learning but to learn you need to question, and sense. How do you feel after it? Do you feel enhanced?

A channeler might say lovely words, but these sounds are energy. So while the presenter may they think are cool, think this is light language, not knowing who they are bringing through their voice, they won’t understand how those sounds change the entire message.

I went to a group meditation where someone was making sounds, and even laughter, with crystal bowls and other instruments. Many people freaked out and did not like it. Why? This person just randomly allowed some entities to use their voice, thinking it was cool, but the end result was nasty.

There are forces and entities out there that require our subservience, want to control people, some what to eat us. We must learn the differences in order to ignore those astral trolls.

No different that Facebook, or other social sites where trolls are everywhere and sometimes you just do not understand their motives. Yet we find some one distasteful and we decide to dump them. That is using your Divinity and discernment. Use this same value system with all unseen entities. And those you do not like, tell them to get out. Let them go, ignore them, if they seem persistent, even laugh at them. Any entity that tells you to hurt yourself or others is obviously the wrong crowd to be in. We have choices to make and make them to support your life, support your loved one and to be kind.

Ascended Masters

They were humans on Earth at some point in their own soul evolution. Thus the term ‘ascended” refers to this. It tends to refer to the accomplishment of many tasks where discernment led them to move out of fear and what is ugly towards the love of all souls and service towards benevolence. It led them to service for others, and to create benevolent pathways for others to follow.

Like El Morya who tells me now he had a life in the 13th century, his last one. He is presently available to seekers who have accomplished certain markers, assisting people to think more clearly, to present ideas and words more perfectly as word can and do create. Each Ascended Master is ‘complete’ thus they had merged with their twin flame aspect in to their wholeness. Most Ascended Masters have some areas of expertise and help people accordingly.

Archangels never have had a body and never will. They can merge with others when and if they need to but their role in our universe is such they never need this Earth experience. They are guiding forces with a benevolent position.

The qualities we assign these entities are to help us move forward. Looking closely at each of them, we have seen qualities we want to own. Call in a master for those areas to enhance your own learning. They will add to our knowledge, particular ethics and values that enhance our humanity as we have been living in a very dirty reality.

The roles of religion were to also bring high values and ethics to our daily lives, but as we see today, they also fall short of being kind and respectful to all others. They have fallen due to the lack of discernment when lead by astral fakers, and those astral fakers can get in to anything, like cockroaches!

Tune In to Your Own Inner Being

When you are actively working with a master or archangel, feel and tune it to what that feels like. One might feel like Peace, while others might feel something different.

I wonder if that is what the pairing of the Ascended Masters within the I AM movement might have been all about was to give faces to unique values, making it feel more personal, closer to us so that it might enhance our lives should we apply those values to our lives. Kindness, joy peace, compassion and so many other ethical perspectives are the path to higher expressions of our Being. It worked for many that way!

Some of who we think are ascended masters or master teachers are “thoughtforms” that have been created throughout time with prayers, adoration and worship. They carry the qualities humans have assigned to them. These “created masters” help us as that was their design. There is no particular entity just the field of thought/energy holding its values.

It is also true humanity created some mean and nasty ‘thought forms”. They have qualities we can identify so we say this master visited me. It is sightly different that an ‘energy signature’. While there is a ‘feeling’ and sensation, it comes more from mind than our heart. It is a mental formation rather than a living entity. To me it feels like a vagueness. Just think of how many gods and goddess that humanity has worshiped or believe in throughout earth history, mind boggling. While there are true souls behind some of them, many of them are just thought forms.

Feeling, sensing, registering the exact feeling, sensation or knowing who you are in communication with gives you the ‘energy signature’. Next time they present their presence and you can say, Oh its you!

Don’t get too crazy and say this entity is a ‘425 htz’, or some other mental definition as this will be what can trip you up. It then can be the mask a astral faker takes up.

I think Carlos Castaneda pointed out to us in his writings that these fakers, those that oppose you are just petty tyrants and great prodders of growth; that we grow more through petty tyrants mocking us, misleading us, even hurting us. This is true, IF we learn from it.

Be kind to those who publicly channel and you think they are involved with astral fakers. Understand they are also going through their soul journey and can learn from their own experiences.

We are here to work as teams and it is not harmful to say something to someone, if we are not rude and mean about it. Somepeople may never learn, living their life through the channeling of astral fakers, as they do not see through the eyes of others, just their own. When you say something and they do not “get it” let them be, and go your own way. Respect the journey of others. this is the quality of masters.

The truth of your own path lies within you and never in a book, workshop, vlog, blog of outside of you. Go there and learn to trust your own self. Clean the clutter within to find your Divinity!

~ Carolyn Thompson