Donna Eden created a wealth of information and education on Energy Medicine which people can use and have used on their own body to help the energy and health of the body be at its best.

Through discovering our innate energy systems, energy fields and chakras, meridians, reflex points and many others, Donna brought together a comprehensive collection of practical methods to assist the body energy to flow in a natural and healthy state.

Donna Healed Herself

It started back in the early 1970’s when she was really sick, had a heart attack at 27, many allergies and her progressive Multiple Sclerosis was breaking her organs down. Her doctors told her that she was just going to get worse.

Yet she already had within what she needed to heal it. She was clairvoyant, meaning she can “see” energy moving in people and she could also feel the state of their constitution. Yet she had to hone her skills first on herself.

To do that she experimented by moving her hands and energy through her own body and see the changes, sense the feelings and see the difference.

In about two years, she was symptom free. She had healed what doctors said was probably incurable.

With the excitement and awe, she wanted to share her knowledge of what we can do to heal our own self through the moving of energy of the body.

Using many of her own discoveries and some classic methods of energy healing, she created a wonderful collection of energy medicine methods. Combined she touches on our many energy systems in a way that is understandable and practical.

Donna worked on many people with various ailments with these methods and gain deep knowledge of the energy movement within and around the body. Her practice brought about many wonderful discoveries.

Energy Routine

In this video is a wonderful practice to do in the morning before starting your day. It wakes up and adjusts our energy systems, with many methods being so simple you might think it silly! Yet when you try them out, you may be surprised that they do make you feel more alert and ready for your day.

Listen to Donna explain each method and try it out on yourself, feeling what each one does. If at first you really do not feel anything, try it the next day and sense again. Sometimes we might need to just allow our feeling nature to do its thing and move with it.

Donna Eden’s Daily Energy Routine

Donna Eden started teaching Energy Medicine classes in the late 1970s. Since then, her work has touched millions of people across the globe, introducing them to the energy healing and restorative power of their body’s own energies. With a wealth of methods to practice upon your own self, she created a wonderful pathway for people to access more health.

As Donna’s approach, “Eden Energy Medicine” has spread from health care into education, psychology, sports, business, the performance arts, and even politics, the name we have adopted to embrace this range of applications is “The Eden Method.”

Subtle Energy

At its core is the principle that subtle, invisible energies are at the root of human health, behavior, and consciousness.

Asking what do you mean by “energy”?  Donna would say “Your energy is your life force. It is the impulse in the embryo that pushed forward into who you are today.

Your energies take many forms that work in concert, from the electrical and electrochemical energies that science knows how to measure to more subtle forces that carry complex information and give form to physical structures, providing the invisible blueprint of the human body, its organs, and the millions of automatic processes it carries out every day.

In practical terms, your energy gives you the strength and vitality you need to live a fulfilling life. It is the foundation of your vibrancy, power, spirit, liveliness, resilience, peace of mind, and natural joy.”

After her success in helping people with a wide range of health challenges, she codified her approach, and she and David wrote the award-winning book, Energy Medicine, and first published it in 1998. You may find her and her team at