Of course the day we are born many people suspect we do not know what is going on as a new-born in our modern medical system. Yet through hypnosis, I relived my birth and saw what was done so that I grew up with high anxiety. Clearly there is a misunderstanding about birth and the feeling nature of the parents and the new born.

With a professional hypnotherapist leading me, she suggested that I was just born and in the hands of the doctor who caught me, what did I see. I saw me in hands with gloves on handing me to my father. I was screaming, as many newly born  do, and it was my deepest desire to be with my mother. I wanted her badly. Yet I had not words and thus no one cared what I was feeling.  I was not ‘feeling it’ with my father, he seemed like a stranger to me. I was never given to my mother until the next day. I felt like my mother had rejected me. New born babies understand their world through their feeling nature.

I have memories of being in my mother’s womb as well and feeling my mother’s emotions, which at the time were of the stresses pregnant moms can think with life around them is so unsettling for them.  She was sacred and had thoughts of not being pregnant. I knew this within her womb. This knowledge also fed in to my sense of not being wanted, that I had no right to be here. Perhaps I am not the usual baby with a high awareness, but still there are more humane ways of birthing babies.

Yet over time with the love from my mother, I just buried it. My father was also greatly accepted by me although he kept this facade around him that later made things worse for me.

Near Death Number One

Being a tom-boy, loving nature, I was always outside playing and exploring. Being a Navy child I also had more vaccinations than most, for we traveled. The practice of those days was to try to prevent a whole smattering of diseases through these shots. Many vaccinations made me sick for days. I got very stressed out by them and as I got older, I was protesting and fidgeting too much, against such shots. Parents won that one. Yet over time those shots compromised my immune system, which is another story, not this one.

Then it came time around 9 years old for the routine surgery to remove my tonsils. The medical system believed that tonsils did more harm than good, so remove them and no more sore throats. Now they do not practice this so hastily as they see the tonsils actually catch and kill things that could travel further in to the body that would cause illnesses.

While the surgeon and an apprentice were working to remove my adenoids, the first thing to be cut out, the apprentice sliced the back of my throat and I nearly bleed to death. They never got my tonsils. I woke up in a crib, curled up in fetal position vomiting blood. As I looked up there were my frightened parents and a whole bunch of medical staff, with one holding the silver curved pan to catch my blood.

Seeing this I left my body and floated up to the ceiling. I looked down in disgust and decided to go elsewhere until they fixed my body. I would not be back until the fixed it. To the staff, I looked unconscious and yes I took most of my consciousness with me. No need for me to be there. I healed well later as they made good on my body. But my parents though this was my end.

Thirty years later, my father, the hospital administrator, gave me a letter from that surgeon that finally told the truth of what took place. Up until that time, due to the lies, the medical staff treated me as though I was a hemophiliac, a person who easily bleeds. Wrong, I was a tom-boy and had cuts all the time. But when it came time for putting braces on my teeth, the orthodontist wanted to know for sure if I was or not, so I went through a painful battery of test. Nope, I was not. Years of living under that label, not good. I do not find fault, these are my child observations within a system I have no control over. And it is ONLY because my dad was this surgeon’s boss that he wrote the truth to my father, who then kept it quiet…. the good-ole-boy system of modern medical.

Throughout my childhood, the stress of my father always micromanaging me with meanness, and telling me to shut up all the time, I developed a damaged Throat energy center.

My voice lost a whole octave of singing tones, which was cruel as I loved to sing and loved music.

High school, I started having sore throats and strep too often. I would be given medicine to turn it around and yet soon that was not working.  Same for college, and it got to a point I just did not tell anyone of my sore throat for now it was chronic. I could see they might choose to try another tonsillectomy. No way!  I

kept it to myself. Probably the unhealthiest thing to do as strep throat can cause other declining of health. Fear kept me from telling anyone, and also ignorance of not understanding my own body..

When I opened up to psychic training with Elizabeth Stanley, I was introduced to Color Healing. Weeks later I cured my chronic throat problems using color, just the small theory I had been presented with. Within three days this chronic condition was gone forever. This was my doorway in to Energy Medicine.

Yet I also knew I  had to find the roots of it all, as the body was now known to me as a collective of many energy fields. When I was a member of the ARE which offered members access to the large library of the Edgar Cayce’s readings about  health, I found that he contributed tonsillitis to a dirty colon area so that the dirt rises up to the throat.  Yes I could say I ate horribly, and yes, suffered from constipation. I wanted to learn more.

So over time people accumulate stresses and unhealthy practices which lead to an unhealthy situation or more. Our modern medical system has become a disjointed system of many people serving a person at a few minutes or more to quickly diagnosis a set of symptoms.

Second Near Death Experience

So my second near death experience came years after have had an IUD device mess up my Fallopian tubes. Newly married I had the IUD put in to place so we could wait until we both were in good jobs and able to afford a child, which we thought maybe in two years.

This birth control device cause me reoccurring fevers, which came every night from the moment I got it onward. The marriage failed within months, partially due to me being sick, and soon I was living alone, still running a high fever at nights.

One night I felt so bad I called the doctor’s office who put the device in. I told the nurse I was in pain and running a high fever and she consulted the doctor. Back on the phone to me, she told me the doctor advised me to “bite on a silver bullet”. No appointment, no help, and where am I to get a silver bullet, the drug stores?

Angry but more scared than anything I called my father and he told me to drive down and he would have a doctor look at me right away. He knew I was in trouble after I told him my symptoms. I drove 30 minutes to their town and went to an older doctor who first took my temperature. It was 106 degrees, and I should have been unconscious. He had his thumb on the number so he had a hard time at first figuring it out. When he lifted his thumb, he reacted and placed me in the hospital. He wrote on my charts my fever was 105 degrees, instead of the truth.

They flooded me with penicillin for two days. After a few days when the fever was gone, the doctor pulled out the IUD without warning, in which I nearly kicked him in the face while letting out a huge scream. It was out. Holding it up so I could see it, there were pieces of skin on this many pronged IUD, the Delkon Shield. (go see the picture of it as it will make you squirm!)

I felt great that it was out of me. I could heal. No more fevers and pain. Or so I thought.

Yet years later I got pregnant and the scar tissue from the IUD had closed off the Fallopian tube to the uterus so the egg was fertilized in my tube. Soon I was in great pain, fevers and I had a friend come to get me so I could go to my doctor. I crawled to her car for I was bleeding internally, but did not know that. I crawled in to the doctor’s office and took over the couch laying down. My doctor freaked out and called the ambulance. I was admitted and went in to surgery within the hour.

I left my body again as this was serious; I had bled over one half of my blood quantity that took care of my whole body in to my abdominal area. They removed one tube and ovary, patched me up and removed scar tissue around my remaining tube. I had a classic Ectopic Pregnancy, which happens. Mine happened due to the IUD, which I later found a class action suit to join. My case was more severe than others and so I did receive a good amount of money. It came to me right after my son’s birth!!! And as the Hurricane Iniki had recently shut down the island  we were unemployed and shut in for months. This was the income I needed for our family. Curses to blessings! To me it felt like a miracle as I really was frightened my pregnancy could not go to full term. My midwife was heaven sent and helped me through it all.

In time I cleansed my intestines which I wrote about in my biography briefly and my health was restored. Yet I had to learn all this myself, through trial and error. Yet there was very little error in following natural methods. I was in charge and measuring it each step of the way. I read anything I could get my hands on and talked to nurses and doctors when I needed more clarification. For now I was practicing complimentary therapies and had many medical personal referring to me and me referring to them.

Blinded by Money

Which brings me to some of my observations about our Modern Medical system.  It is so broken that the third leading cause of Death is due to medical errors.

If you have ever been in the hospital lately, you may never see the same doctor or nurse twice, as they work in shifts to their liking. Nurses love to work very long days so they can get several days off. So 10 – 14 hours might be normal for many, also lack of staff to take over causes long shifts. Doctors also have their erratic schedules, and so it begins to appear visiting hours at a zoo as many different faces are looking at you with unconcerned eyes to your many faceted condition. They rely on the charts, as very few times does anyone talk to each other about each case. In my own history the charts lied, so that is not comforting at all.

Back when my parents were growing up, they had one doctor their whole childhood, unless they moved. The doctor knew about their home life and other stress other than physical symptoms. Still there were deaths due to the lack of sanitation and medical understanding. My father boast that until the arrival of penicillin, people with fevers mainly died. (Well now I am allergic to it as I had too much once.)

Today all doctors must be able to do is assume a diagnosis within the 4 minutes he has with each client, and hand the client some medicine or prescription so that the client has a “product” to go home with. These are the standards set by Kaiser Permanente in order to make money.

I went in for symptoms like the flu, but it was not and yet the doctor assumed I had the flu for I had mentioned the word “flu like”  and left me with a script for antibiotics. Flu symptoms mimic so many beginning diseases. I threw the prescription paper away on the way out of the door and used home remedies. I heal better with them. It now scares me very easily to be with an uninterested medical know-it-all. I rarely go to doctors anymore.

The Zoo is Open for Viewing Sick People

As my father’s health declined quickly at 87, he too wanted the least amount of contact with doctors and hospitals as he could. He plotted his decline and micromanaged what his family could do about his health. Remember, he was a Hospital Administer for over 35 years, both in the Navy and in civil service.

He was having heart problems and toyed with the doctors about his condition, and had threatened me and his wife not to say a word in his office visit. His feet were swollen and not with lymph, which can be an indicator for heart problems. His kidneys were also in great trouble, so much his Urologist did not say anything about it, as it was too far gone to help him. As with elderly, the body will slow down and show the places of neglect or unhealthy life styles.

When he was admitted in the hospital, I knew he was going to leave within weeks. My mother sat with him as a parade of zoo watchers, hospital staff, came through with regularity. My mother just cried as she felt no one was concerned about her beloved for over 65 years.

Lack of Empathy

How does that make a patient feel, when they are constantly having to repeat their story to every new medical staff/person several times a day? How does that conflict with great care? How many patients are distressed over the lack of empathy within this fast paced system? Do people really heal with they are loved and listened to?

Our system needs a huge revision.

One nurse told me she would love to see static teams for every client. She thought that there needed to be a group of constant medical staff available for the client. That is they all meet together at the beginning, and not random roaming at their convenience.

This might look like a personal Doctor, then perhaps a specialist doctor or more, a nurse, a dietitian, a medical intuitive and someone specializing in life stresses; not a psychologists, for they are just pharmaceutical staff who peddle bad medicine.

Instead educated people who are empathetic to life’s struggles and choices. Someone who helps to change a person’s life style that contributes to declining health. This team surrounds the client with compassionate care and listening skills, talking and observing as a group to the client for over an hour of intake and assessment. Hearing about a persons life and life style adds to the healing components. Sometimes that makes all the difference to led the client towards a healthier life style.

Would this idea really help people? It would. For part of healing is that someone really cares that you are in that condition and sincerely wants you better. The social stress of performing for a healing group like this alone is a healing step.

Yet due to everyone wanting their “hours” and money for their work, the medical system remains broken. The JAMA once reported in the 1990’s that the modern medical system had a 50% success rate. Sad but too true.

Every one of my siblings had been misdiagnosed and two nearly died because of the assumptions made while the doctor was in flight to see someone else. All of them suffered great pain that was so unnecessary. One had an appendices rupture where the doctor just sent him home to nearly die over the weekend. Another was quickly given pharmaceuticals which was contradictory for those who had once had Hepatitis, and she also suffered greatly. Why are doctor are not allowed time to think or review? Why?

Until we create a system that CARES for people enough to spend time with them, we will just see more death come from our medical system. Our USA modern medical system is # 37 in the world, ranking of 190 countries. The USA is far from a good system.

Add the Parasites

Health Insurance interferes with the doctor and patient relationship, as they form a parasitic relationship that monitors and restricts the will of the patient and doctor. They withhold money people pay for insuranceto maintain a profit margin, but those payments could be used instead to maintain peoples health. Health Insurance is in the middle, staffed by people with little to no medical knowledge, yielding the last say on medical procedures. How twisted is that? Until we get those money hungry agencies out of our health care, we all loose both money and health, and we will not see our system get any better.

Insurance rates, do not get me started on this issue…. At first glances, Obamacare made for some great changes so that more people could get care, especially the SICK, But it also opened the door for abuse through insurance rates which are now outrageous and strip people from being able to even eat healthy as they have monthly payments for “insurance”.

One example, a single mom with one son, making $19,000 a year found the only insurance available was going to cost her $665. a month. Although she was eligible for government subsidies she still had to pay and that dipped in to her food allowance, so they dropped out. They were already eating poorly due to only having $200 a month for feeding two people. This mom pays out of pocket and works to stay healthy. Those with health insurance love to ‘get their money back’ through many doctor visits and making claims. Where is the incentive to stay healthy?

What the public may have missed if they did not read the whole Obamacare plan is that over a course of some years, the consumer would be gradually paying more each year until the subsidy was erased completely. Do the math. Read the documents.

A family of four pays much more and if you want extras, you pay more, for a what if you get sick, and for a broken system that can causes many to get sicker (50% of clients). People making plenty of money, this might be appealing. Yet I have always wondered what that total sum of insurance payments looked like. While living on Kauai, it was easy to imagine a total sum of insurance payments, and that total would pay for better care of it all went to the health care system instead.

When I went in for knee surgery after a skiing accident, I reviewed my bill that they sent to insurance to pay, and they had added on probably 25% more of things and services I never received. I called the insurance agent and they said they do not review them, just pay it. My father said that this was how hospitals tried to cover people who could not pay for services or had no insurance. So we now can add run-away costs due to the fact no one is truly watching what companies are charging, for the insurance pays for the crutches, gauze, and other incidentals anyway.

What is wrong with this picture? Now also add the parasite of the huge pharmaceutical companies with their hand in the till, making every sick person pay for their research and experimentation. They use just a small portion of their profits for lobbying to keep their hand in the till.

That is money hard working people pay to have true health being used to peddle more drugs; people pay for this. And that money never reaches their treatments.

Redirection of Funds and Focus on the Sick

We cannot FIX this; we must redesign it from the bottom up. Health insurance must go, and those payments could build hospitals, could go directly to a more healthy system.

But North America is built upon “middle men” to take the $$$ and divert the products to where they need to go.

For health, for the health of everyone, this is sucking the life force out of the humanity. Not a metaphor. Health insurance makes healthy people pay for the sick people of which they modern medical system also contributes to making sick people sicker.

Yet having grown up around doctors, nurses and hospitals, I know how passionate the medical staff can be and yet their stress is great due to the push for profits and not the focus of their true calling.

Sure there are many doctors who are only in it for the money, but a revised system might just discourage that type of personality as he or she would have to work within teams, removing the arrogance and lack of focus upon a human who is suffering. To see medical staff save someone’s life and to aid in instances to the best of their knowledge is inspiring.

Perhaps it is the Too-big-to-fail companies that try to dominate they system that are part of the problem. Perhaps pharmaceutical companies need to slow down on their over-zealous selling of products they wish to test on sick people.  Perhaps it is also the malpractice insurances that milk the doctors so that doctors order more tests in order to cover their diagnosis. There are many causes for modern medical system to be so broken. My father and I had many conversations over it and he was not enthusiastic the way it was heading back in his role as a hospital administrator.

Our medical system is like a carriage in front of the horses with a square wheel, a large and small wheel and some body holding on to the fourth axial running alongside the carriage. There is a dangerous direction to this. .

People’s health need to be first.

Right now it is only those who can pay money that get health services, and the rest can just die. Right now the USA government pushes and  wants everyone to pay for Health insurance and to hell with anyone getting better. it is about consumerism and large corporations making money. The human body is viewed as a commodity.

Where is the true focus? On a money making system, consumerism, and if you do not play by the latest rules of that game, you might find yourself unable to find care.

There are alternatives coming around, like paying for yearly fees through a co-operative system in some clinics. But they also have to work within a broken system.

My rocky path through this so-called medical system, surviving two near deaths, forced me in to learning as much as I could about my body, and all of its true components of mental, emotional and spiritual. I dislike the medical system as I always feel like a piece of meat on a conveyor belt with everyone poking me as I move from one stranger to another. They are my last resort these days.

Why are we not teaching in much more about how the body works in High School? People today do not understand their own body and that makes them vulnerable to scams and unhealthy fads.

Will Energy Medicine ever totally replace this system; Never. It cannot. For once the physical body is displaying certain ailments, there can be needs for practical psychical science to deal with physical parts. Perhaps in the future, but now it is unrealistic to believe in that.

Yet at certain points when the body is showing early signs of certain ailments, Energy Medicine might be able to remove the layers of dis-harmony brought about through a person’s journey through life, and their accumulation of emotional scars, mental beliefs and spiritual anomalies. I have experienced that through my own healing journey and also with many of my clients.

We are more than our bodies, and this point is also lacking in the modern medical system. When are we going to treat each other with tenderness, and respect for being? When will people have enough of being treated this way? I have no clue. I pray for the merging of many new scientific advances, and not drugs, to come together to help people realize their best health.

~ Carolyn Thompson