thievesOne of the most important item we have in our first aid kit is Thieves Essential Oil.

We have used it over 16 years now and never have had the flu or much of anything else.

I was first introduced to it when I was suppose to teach a Healing Touch class in Boulder Colorado.

The night before I came down in a terrible throat infection, strep throat. As I entered the room full of nurses I was to teach, I stepped up to say I needed to reschedule the class for I had a throat infection. The nurses told me to go ahead and teach.

One nurse approached me with her own bottle of Thieves Essential oil and said to drop a few drops on my tongue. I muscle tested it and found that three drops for three days would be enough. So I put three drops of this on my tonge and close my mouth. WOW, the ingredients are so strong and powerful! Not for the fussy people. I swallowed it and then chased it with a small amount of water. Already my throat felt better. One nurse told me I had strep throat as she knew the smell of it all too well.

So I taught class and at the end the one nurse gave me a tiny vial of more. The next morning, my tonsils were without infection spots and feeling not os raw. I took more before going to teach the next class. By the third day, my tonsils were smaller and pink. They were well on their way to healing completely. Without antibiotics. In fact when I have taken antibiotics, it took at least ten days and sometimes needed more prescription to really get the tonsils to heal. I have never taken an antibiotic since then.

My son also takes it when he feels something coming on. he puts it in to a shot glass with about 2 ounces of water and 3 drops of Thieves and drinks that down. They have capsules and have made other versions including throat lounges so it is easier to take. We tend to go bold, our own choice with the results we are seeking. We always have it on hand. It is so useful and works the best out of anything else there is.

Today I can find this wonderful essential oil blend at my local pharmacy, People’s Pharmacy! I have many friends selling Young Living products of whom I may also buy it from. Many web sites off this too. (I do not sell anything) There are other companies making some blends like this one, so do your own research. I go for the Young Living brand, myself.

Now as the world is right now, there are people who would say not to ingest this, but I ignore that idea. I have ingested it for years now. When bacteria, fungus or virus enter the mouth it slides down to the stomach and it is there that work still need to be done.

Yet this is not advice, just my personal experience. Look at the ingredients, and make sure you are not allergic to them, and even ask your doctor if you need advice, especially if you are on medication for there may be some ingredients in Thieves that should not be taken with pharmacueticals.

Instead of writing about what it is and why it works and all the ways you can use it, I am just going to post some links and allow you to follow up on it as you wish.

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