One might think with all this time being encouraged to stay at home, I would have produced more writing. Yet it has been not so.

It is the ‘daily wild’ going on and that is not easy to describe. I work on other levels right now.

These are times when I prefer to just BE. This is the case now. I need to stay this way just a bit more.

So much is going on in our world with a Pandemic, financial, social and government challenges; there is a huge dismantling of many things we thought were more solid in our lives.

We are in times of Water and Fire

Just as ice at the polar caps melt, the water moves back on to ice when the time is right and in to a new shape.

Water flows anywhere and can wear down the toughest rocks, erode the soil and can settle in to ponds.

Fire melts things, and fire creates steam when mixed with water.

Fire can evaporate water and water and squelch fire.

Fire and water both can be destructive. Both are essential elements of our reality. Both can also provide the right foundations for growth. Forest fires of last year reduced many plants and trees to charcoal that fed the soil and now new plants and trees are growing from the outcome. Water removes soil all around as it moves through areas, and yet stirs up and even replaces minerals and elements in new places. Both are forces to be respected.

Water runs throughout our body forming our fluids that regulate our body. Water turns machines and produces electricity. Water bathes and feeds all of nature. Water will run through your fingers like it has some other place to go.

“To have faith is to trust yourself to the water. When you swim you don’t grab hold of the water, because if you do you will sink and drown. Instead you relax, and float.” ~  Alan Wilson Watts

It is with this fluidity that we are reminded to also be like water, to be fluid, to flow. Our intuition is fluid and a most auspicious part of our being.

Fire is our passion, our anger, our energy in use. We burn up calories when we run. We fume with emotion when we are angry. Fire takes away form in order that new form appears.

Fire as in human outrage can help or harm; help if it is controlled in to right action, or it can be of great harm if left out of control. It can be destructive. It can also lay a foundation for rebuilding.

Fire and water together creates steam, a hot mist that can permeate. Steam is uses in healing, cleansing and for warmth. Steam is that simmering inside of emotions and passions of life.

Flowing Emotions

Water is a basic element that is part of the makeup of this world. Water symbolizes our unconscious, intuition and emotion. Universally, water is symbolic of purity, fertility, life, motion, renewal, and transformation. The profound symbolism of water comes from its two vital qualities; it is most essential for existence, and water cleanses and purifies things by washing away impurities. Its power of transition from liquid to solid and vapor also make it special and a symbol of metamorphosis & recycling.

Our current view of reality is greatly challenged by tiny water droplets sprayed from our mouths when we cough and sneeze. If we are a carrier of that tiny molecule of Covid-19, it rides on a droplet like a wild horse.

If that tainted droplet connects with you, you might get sick! The whole world in on alert, closed-down and feeling various stages of panic.

One droplet would be tolerable but millions of them are the cause of the most wild assumptions mankind has made. This perception has created an atmosphere of fear, mistrust, manipulation, distrust, angst, along with cooperation and research.

At home people now have plenty of time to face their families and their own inner self that may present comfort or discomfort.

We may choose to face our emotions that we avoided while being so busy with our lives and distractions. Look at these. Work with what you see, feel, hear and know.

“Honesty is the only way to fight the inner demons.” ~  Seth Adam Smith

When you neutralize what is bothering you, you find a peace within that is satisfying. You calm your own waters.

Facing the Tsunami

What makes a large wave, just a collection of many droplets of water, moving at a pace towards the shorelines. A Tsunami is ever larger.

A Tsunami is known to remove entire towns from their foundations and even remove the foundations.

Many foundations lay cracked and worn as time moves forward and nature hacks away at the unstable.

Metaphorically speaking we are facing many Tsunamis right now and from so many directions.

The assaults on our intelligence while the emotional draining dramas go on. Pandemic information is being censored and controlled in ways that defy science. The data being collected about the numbers of people dying from this particular engineered flu is inaccurate due to the masking of preexisting conditions. The constant badgering back and forth about what treatments work or do not work, wearing mask and socials distancing works, oh, but does not work. Even the “test” for it is inconclusive as  it only shows the presence of antibodies for corona virus in general and not this specific strain.

Next drama came through the explosion of emotions from a photo shown world wide. The murder of Floyd George by police still dominates the media as the world stands witness to needless killing. People have gathered of all races and cultures saying they have had enough. It is not a racial issue, it is a domestic one of justice. No longer will humanity continue to stand silently on the side lines for brutality pretending to be on the side of right.

More human dramas are still coming. We all need to play close attention to why we wish to be so involved. There is a need to step back from reaction and to study each drama closer, so that there is a fuller understanding of what is actually taking place and why.

Is there something more than the flash images, and short details presented? Always.

Where does our stress have leaks and rivers of unresolved emotions? Stress drains our energy, places our minds in whirlpools of the likes we have rarely seen before.

Are you caught up in a mind eddy, one that swirls around in one place along the side of issues? Why? Whats in it for you, is this for you, is this your own Rubik cube? Why does these issue concern you? Is it an authentic part of who you are? Since you are in the middle of it, take a deeper look, what is under it all, rocks, boulders, logs or dirt? Meaning your stuck emotions, traumas,old belief and thoughts are swirling around for you to look at them.

Collective Consciousness Flow

Our Universe is playing something important out within every one of us. And as droplets of water together make the world wide oceans, so do each and every human in this entire world create a consciousness flow. A collective consciousness. Within this collective, what is our place and what are we thinking about. Thoughts create things.

You are the master of your own being, so row your own boat forward.

No one is doing anything to you, they have both hands rowing their own boat.

They can talk a good talk to persuade you to drag their heavy load behind your boat, but by doing so you need to except their rope that connected you both to dramas of another’s making.

Choose what you wish to tow and those you wish to help.

The Universe responds to your actions, words, deeds, and thoughts.

It is through your own intuition that you know the way to proceed. Intuition is personalized instruction and notes from the Universe. They are personal and unique and yet also shareable. It is our internal navigation system direct to us from Creator.

Each of us has many roles to play in all of this and it is through our conscious movement that predicts outcomes. And through the most magical expression ever, the Universe choreography the whole world in motion to the finest detail that includes each one of us!

I am reminded of Martin Luther King Jr, a wise and great leader who said “Darkness cannot drive out darkness: only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate: only love can do that.”

When you make choices you can take a side or create from middle place that may produce changes that helps.

Summer Solstice 2020

Everyone has a role to play in all that we see.

On June 21st, I have never felt such a cacophony of devilish energies. Even as it is a day celebrated by many cultures, and ceremonies take place on this day through out the world, that day left me dizzy. Even with all the happy and loving celebrations, those that prayed for humanity and for Earth, many others were also doing rituals of a dark nature, ones that hurt people and places.

It felt like electric shock treatments to the brain. So both light and dark worked a polarity to the point of exhaustion.

Grounding through the sound of running water placed me back to normal as I cut from the Oneness to sit within my own boat. It was there I found the calm movement, the shimmering promise, and the place where I do my best work.

From my own viewpoint, it is not about fighting. Fighting needs opponents and defeat creates enemies, so that the fight returns, revenge is sought and continues for generations.

For me these times calls for creating something beyond the fighting, beyond the drama that resolves through management, rather then destruction.

The writing of the US Constitution was such an act of managing the emerging culture at that time. Fighting was doing little to form something constructive. It was when people gathered and discussed what was not acceptable and put it in to words that assisted in to a new ideal to form. It was just one of thousands of creative acts throughout the history of mankind that have been proven to change what needs to change.

We are coming to a time when we will need to do the same. Perhaps in very small measures we do this anyway. This is the middle road. It is what comes out of the steam, the mixing of water and fire.

It is the assimilation of all sides of a problem that are vetted through water and fire of our day and placed in to our collective consciousness to form what needs to be now.

~ Carolyn Thompson

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