Back in 2006, I had no idea at the time what my simple vacation would reveal to me, about the use of Blood rituals.

For me it was a long needed vacation, a trip to Ireland! I was so excited, as here I would be able to gather sheet and recorded Harp music. I booked a few places to stay before I left North Carolina and then left the rest of the time open to flow with. For having traveled as much as I have, some of the really unique places are not listed but discovered on route. This is true for Ireland!

I flew in to Dublin and stayed at a lovely B&B right in the center of town. Shopping around, nibbling on food in a general wandering pattern that made no sense, I observed the Irish people. They appeared to be a clever bunch and strong.

I felt great being here. I was traveling alone and never once felt that I could be in trouble anywhere I went.

One of the shop owners asked me where I was from although he already knew. He sympathized with the North Americans in their economic state, while here in Ireland at the time, they were experiencing the Irish Spring, a high point in their economy.

Two days later I drove to the west coast to Ennis and stayed at the Temple Gate Hotel, a hotel which rests on the site of a 19th century Convent of Mercy with a fascinating and eventful history. This was a lovely and welcoming place to stay with delicious food and helpful service.

Walking around Ennis observing the lifestyle and the people who lived here. No big box stores anywhere in sight, just unique family owned businesses of all kinds and, anything you could want. One specialty chocolate shop was full of customers so I went in to see what was going on and to taste perfectly executed chocolate. I visited many of the shops just getting the feel of what life is like in Ireland. Yes I could live here, I thought.

I drove up the west coast staying along the way, and up by Clifden I found the famed sweaters that were woven in such a way that sailors would wear them in high seas.  I drove all over Ireland all except Northern Ireland.

Yet instead of making this more of a travel blog, I wish to move quickly to my surprises.

Ancient Stone and Dark Rituals

Ireland’s first settlers were from the Middle Stone age Mesolithic tribes around 8000 BC, followed by the Neolithic farmers from Britain and then the Celts.

Christianity came about the 5th century AD bringing a golden age of monastic learning and culture until the Vikings came in 795 AD to concur and settle, while most of the Vikings were mercenaries paid by Scotland and tore down what they could.

Many of the old churches today are but shells, wall without roofs and devoid of the old statues and art, other than the bi-relief upon the walls and alters. All church sites are cemeteries both inside the church and outside on the grounds. The grounds can have Celtic crosses with symbols and stories etched on their sides.

Many of these old sites are now open for tourists to enjoy seeing the art and carvings of various time periods. I did not intend to visit any, I thought ‘boring’.

The Call to Spiritual Work

After being in Ireland for several weeks, Archangel Gabriel* (Gabe) came to me and told me to be ready as the next day he would like me to go with him. I knew this meant he would guide me to see something although there was no mention of where. I was eager and went early to bed that night.

The next morning I woke up very grouchy and unsettled. I drove to find some strong, hot coffee to get a burst of energy, yet that did not help. I asked Gabe “why if felt so disheveled” and he just smiled (as I saw with my inner eye).

I looked within to find why I felt this way. I was active some of the night with Gabe and somehow we ‘disrupted’ an area, big time. Felt like we had shaken a hornets nest. That night Gabe and I did some etheric work which caused this sense of dread in me as I drove.

During the night he showed me how we had worked together with my feet firmly grounded to earth as he waw energetically connected in my tube of light to the height of about 30 feet where I sensed his consciousness would be. Then together we yielded his mighty sword of light. We swung his sword around several times and cut what looked like ropes coming up from the ground and extended past my sight.  We cut all those connections. Now the place was running wild. I had no idea beyond that what was going on.

Trouble in the Churchyard

Oh great, I thought, as I could feel it stirred up some ugly energies. I was not waking up much either, and already exhausted.

It was not until I was within about a mile of the area Gabe was leading me, that I felt full and myself again. I can do this.

As I am driving, with Gabe as my GPS, I am told to turn in to the old church grounds that had a small museum situated along the Sharron River. I paid the entrance fee and as I rounded the entrance, I felt this large angry cluster of ghosts/ghouls leering at me.

Having done clearing work most of my life, I knew not to engage with them, at least not yet. I ignored them.

I felt for Archangel Gabriel and could not sense him. Doubt filled my mind. Was I in the wrong place? Was this the place? No Gabe.

I kept sensing a false Gabe telling me our work was done and go somewhere else.

At this, I felt a sense of desperation. Doubt and strange messages were being impulse to me by whoever was here (and they had no bodies).

I walked around the grounds and kept working to get my connection cleared with Gab. It took me some time and was a bit unnerving.

Just before freaking out, I decided to just get very clear, strong and demand my inner self connection to Archangel Gabriel, no matter what. I ran energy up through my Tube of Light out through my crown energy center and there Gabe was for me! He was there and had been obscured by the frenzy we started deep in the night before. It was like a small cloud of confusion had set in the middle of our connection and now that was gone. He was always connected to me, it was just my physical presence that lost awareness of him and anything he might be conveying to me.

He was more than ready and glad to find me ready. I was his feet on the earth and he was in my Tube of Light about 30 feet above me; we worked as one entity.

He gave no instructions in that moment, so I walked outside of one small church-like ruin to the yard that was full of graves. Standing in the middle of these graves, I felt the action to start.

Suddenly I felt the large groups of ghouls running for my back, and I could ‘see’ them as something like deformed monkey-like, large and black running and reaching towards me with their claws as they got too close. Gabe swiftly took his hand (energy) and swatted them away from me.

That is when all hell broke loose, literally. Ghouls running all over and light flashing.  I knew not to pay attention to the ghouls, but to be firm in my anchoring to earth while we both swung Gabe’s huge light saber this way and that. That stopped as quickly as it had started and there was a calm.

Soon I saw so many soul lights, core stars, coming out of the ground and leaving the area. There was a palatable joy in this. What I saw were tiny balls of light with a tiny trail of light as they moved upward and out of sight. How many thousands had just left, I wondered. What were they doing here? So many questions.

Archangel Gabriel’s Insights

I found out later that all of these souls were trapped and could not evolve at all. They had been bound to earth through “blood ritual”. I still did not know exactly what kind of ritual that was, but trusted that when the time comes I would know.

Most of the trapped souls left easily, but not all. Some did not trust us. Gabe urged me forward to the outside wall of one church ruin. Through the wall we called to the souls trapped and buried inside. Most were high ranking Catholic Church officials. I called out to them telepathically to inform them of their ability to leave this place; they could now evolve as a soul.

I heard some of them tell me what had made them remain there, and it was folly and fodder, twisted beliefs perpetuated by the church. I told them so and that Archangel Gabriel had been sent to release them. Since they had belief in Archangel Gabriel all but two of them left, and the two that did not were demonic-like souls. They were following an agenda. I later found out that these officials were trapped there to be bait.  Bait for the living.

So it was like this for the rest of the area, taking time to give the lagging trapped souls a chance to leave.

In my mind’s eye, it was a magnificent sight to see the rising of lights out of so many areas. The majority of those that left had no head stone. No telling how many thousands upon thousands of souls were trapped just in this tiny area of land.

Soul’s were trapped intentionally due to the blood rituals that the Catholic priest did as did most other Christian churches did up until the 17 century.

Rest and Recharge

I went back to my room and slept two days, sipping tea and eating very little through room service. Archangel Gabriel left as quietly as he came. Soon I continued my vacation, buying up sheet music for my harp and talking to the locals, driving the lands, and eating great foods.

Some of the best meals were in the pubs; not only that, they were great portions and reasonably priced. Fresh fish and veggies, stews, and other Irish food. It was rare that I would drink a Guinness, a half way through a glass I would want to go to sleep. I just do not have it to endure!  Pubs also had local musicians play at night which was a source of great pleasure for me. Their spirited nature and playful spite was something I wanted to soak up!

I traveled south and visited the Waterford Crystal factory, stunning work! Nothing in my price range, although I found a clear glass Celtic cross for my mother.

After a week, Archangel Gabriel came and it was time for another adventure with him.  He headed me to go south on a particular road.

Rock of Cashel

I headed south to the County of Tipperary. As I get closer, I am told we were to visit the Rock of Cashel.

Rock of Cashel is a high, limestone hill in the middle of the area so it can be seen far and wide. With a long history of Kings and wonderful adventures, it had many structures on the grounds.

In 1011 it was given to the Catholic Church. The largest structure is a cruciform cathedral, a floor plan in the shape of a cross. Many Christian churches used this floor plan throughout history.

I went in to several of the structures, some had artifacts and displays showing historic events and a sense of purpose. A small chapel was in repair. Walking around the grounds, there were graves everywhere. I figured we were here to do like we had just a week ago.

Rounding the corner I walked to in to the main cathedral. It was just a shell without a roof, with many graves that looked like special people, crusaders or Templars, I do not know at all. The cravings on the graves looked like knights. There were bi-relief carvings placed in the walls.

The north wing of this cross shape was a stone altar. The bi-relief had carvings of the saints trimmed the edge of it.

Archangel Gabriel asked me to stand on a particular spot next to this small alter in the north wing. He took me to a specific time period where I ‘saw’ a priest standing there at the altar. He was in robes and the altar appeared to be simply dressed with a linen cloth. As I stood there, I could see this servant of the priest bring to him a young man to meet. They greeted each other and then suddenly, the priest stabbed this young man in the heart and cut downward a bit.

The servant tilted the bleeding man over so that fresh blood ran on the top of the altar. The priest muttered ritual words and when finished, the servant let go and the young man fell to the floor. The servant dragged him by his feet outside and dropped him in a hole in the ground and tossed dirt upon the body. End of the vision.

To spill human blood upon an altar was considered the Catholic priest’s duty as it was considered the way they maintained the holiness of the altar. Human sacrifice. Blood ritual.

I asked Gab who the young man was. “Just a traveler from another town”. I asked more questions to gather some kind of understanding.

This blood ritual, murder, was mostly carried out on strangers, homeless, and when strangers were not available, then young children from the town were used. Archangel Gabriel told me this was a weekly ritual.

“Weekly?” I asked, and Gabe told me, “Sometimes several time a week”. That was all I could take at that moment.

Archangel Gabriel knew that I was going to freak out and so he told me to stand and ground while the next step took place.

To my amazement I ‘saw’ the Violet Flame shoot up from below the dirt to several hundred feet above the top of the cathedral. About three minutes later the Violet flame was finished with cleansing the grounds.

It was then I saw millions of soul lights rise up out of the dirt and rose up in the air and gone. Millions, yes millions. All were trapped. All of the souls left the graves that were trapped.

No other tourists were inside this part of the open aired church during this release, as I stood beside the north altar and yet many were wandering the grounds.

Gabe had brought me here for two reasons, to assist him in clearing all the souls so they may evolve and to teach me a depth of darkness that the Catholic Church and other Christians religions were active in throughout time. That their so called sacred rituals are not all they seem.

The Catholic & Christian religions teach “thou shall not kill”. Yet the foundations of all these religions were corrupted through their rituals; they killed on a regular basis.

Part of my own spiritual evolution required I give up religion. This showed me why. This experience sealed the deal.

I would guess at this point, Gabe was giggling about how he blew my mind. Yet I could sense my spiritual team all watching me with great concern.

We had completed what we came there to do.

I walked outside and it started to rain, a gentle rain that felt like a blessing to the dirt under my feet. As I was heading towards the gate to leave, a group of towns people came up to film a promotional for an upcoming festival. All ages dressed up in costumes and a film crew.

I was very hungry and tired. I slept through the next two days, eating in my room. When I felt like thinking, it was about trying to put my old childhood fantasy about being a Catholic, a sacred religion back in place, but now it could never fit. Even though I had quit the Catholic religion when I was 13, there was still that romantic place in my heart for Jesus, Mary, the Latin songs and a sense of belonging. All that idealism left that day and will never return.

There are many situations that were already alerting me to the demonic practices of the Christianity, and yet nothing was as mind-exploding as this experience in Ireland.

Blood Ritual is For Appeasing the Demons

Blood ritual is also performed in most other religions, under superstitious beliefs that somehow killing people or animals is pleasing to God.  It may arise from ancient superstitions of needing to appease the spirits of things, while it only feds demons**. Does anyone really think about this, that if God created all, then why would God want dead ones?

In the old days peoples ideas of blood were much different than what science now presents to us. Hunters would feed off of the blood of the animals they killed to  gain the ‘power’ within the animal, and many other rituals around blood were also to gain something. Again it falls back to the “intention” of the person.

Even women’s menstrual blood was coveted as it was unique in giving life. Later in the 13th century women’s menstrual blood was deemed to be very bad. It was the efforts to discredit women in any way. These beliefs were also perpetuated within the many religions as part of the dark distortions implanted by demons. This was part of a campaign for men to own women. A distortion we are now seeing does not work for anyone as it diminishes both women and men and brings violence in to families and to the world at large.

Blood ritual feeds the demons. Even the Christian sacred ritual of “Communion” is based upon cannibalism, “eating the body of Jesus and drinking his blood”. It is mind control as churches use wheat and wine to represent this act of taking ‘death in to the body.’ It also makes the notion of killing people as needed, necessary and right. For if the son of God was murdered and now eaten any time church gathers… then… conclusions.

Communion is a common ritual today with deep roots that sink humanity to very low levels of fear, and loathing. Fear is also used to keep people attending the rituals, and as many have said, just in case it is the right things to do. It also opens the sense of righteousness, that any spiritual person has the right to murder others who do not act the way some old book tells them to act.

Why people cannot think for themselves, knowing killing and cannibalism are never for God but for personal reasons, is something that bothers me.

For “blood ritual” is exactly what Christians’ denounce as Satanism, and  black magic practices, yet every Sunday they practice things they have no real understanding how it works in the many dimensions throughout time and space. It is entrapment.

~ Carolyn Thompson & Archangel Gabriel

*Archangel Gabriel is neither female nor male, yet due to the English language, I will use “he” to refer to Gabriel. Also Angels do not have wings; what people see is their radiant light pouring around them as they move. Archangels and Ascended Masters work in the realms of non-duality and so they do not have “Partners” or “Twin Flames”, as that is a 3D or 4D concept for humans. They are complete, unified, which humanity is striving for. The concept of Archangels and Ascended Masters with Twin Flames at their sides, you may note it is usually a female, is erroneous. They have no gender, and are interpreted my humans as what we see now floating around in various media. I will write about this soon. ~ct

**Demons, yet to be fully explained yet for this article is means evil beings.

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