On Being Melchizedek Ouri

It took decades to figure out who I am. Life gives a breadcrumb trail and it is up to us to look at the tiny pieces and put them together.

A very astute Geneticist told me about two decades ago that I carry actual Melchizedek DNA within my host body. At the time I had no idea what that meant. It became one of those things someone tells you that never leaves, lingers and popped up constantly around certain stimulus.

Most people in our world are working with some form of Melchizedek energy. They are over-lighted; this is like it sounds, the energy coming down to the person through their crown chakra (top of the head) to assist and amplify their spiritual work.

In my own search I found so very little information on the Melchizedek other than the ‘Order of Melchizedek’, found in the Bible, Urantia, Keys of Enoch  and other book references.

Any time I wanted to join groups or workshops that were of the Order of Melchizedek, I was prevented through various means. My Higher Self prevented me, always. When I tried to study the present day Melchizedek information, mainly online, I never could connect with it and the information was thwarted by my spiritual team.

When I tried to connect with a “Lord Melchizedek”, I could not find such an entity; there is no Lord Melchizedek. People might be channeling ‘Melchizedek’ without understanding that they are connected to many entities coming through one voice, one telepathic pathway, a group energy rather than one entity, like most of the Ascended Masters people work with, Groups rather than an individual. Yet we in this earth walk seem to think in terms of individuals the most, so we style our connections to our patterns of living. It still works and connects rather nicely.

So I walked away from all of those references and just let things unfold as they come to me.

It was after I received a soul essence painting from a clairvoyant lady known as Skywalker that I started to dive deep in to my own records held within my body. The painting she named as “Illuminated One”.  Part of the image held three roses. Now when I first saw the roses, I was excited as three roses has come up for a symbol for me for most of my lifetime. The rest of the image is private.

Over years more I meditated with the painting to uncover my authenticity. It took time as layers of junk, both physical and mental needed to dissipate. Then one day I worked to “hear” my monad tell me what words I can use to describe us. I was inspired by the writings of Lisa Renee where she wrote of the lineages of Melchizedek which I will include an excerpt below. She wrote that we interpreted what had been heard by these entities and people made it in to the word “melchizedek”. All the while the word is more of a sound.

I played with that one day, working out each syllable in the word melchizedek to form sound and found a suitable intonation and when I got that part right, my particular “branch” came forward and led me toour branch name “Ouri”. They told me we were a small group and had specific work to do during this time cycle for earth.

Since then, I am fully aware of my monad and what we wish to accomplish with my living here in body to serve the group. We are a team with no separation in any way. It has taken time for me to be prepared to do what needs to be done for the Divine Plan.

~ Carolyn Thompson

From Lisa Renee:

Question: Can you speak about the Melchizedek lineage and where it originally sourced from?

Answer: In terms of my connection with the guardian races, the Melchizedek lineage is not sourced from this Universe, yet it is a Universal consciousness.

The name is a sound tone harmonic that is a word that we say “Melchizedek” in this density, yet the tone and geometric pattern is something our linear 3D brain does not process.

There are families of the Melchizedeks’ and several layers of trees existing from within that lineage.

One of them being, a type of “cosmic crisis management team” for the planetary systems that are experiencing genetic digression or possible annihilation. Many of these beings are ultra-terrestrial that exist in ascended state meaning they are not in a form, they are a light being, they can shapeshift, etc.

The Melchizedeks’ are the genetic lineage of the builders of the creative structures of holographic projections (The Architects) and know how to correct structural integrity issues in creational systems.

When there is breakdown of a system i.e. a creation that is digressing instead of evolving since its integrity has been compromised, the Melchizedeks’ go into the Universal structure and attempt to heal and reweave genetic instruction sets into the holographic bodies of the celestial levels, merkabah field levels, at every level.

In this sense, they are creator gods that work with instructional fields of hologram and have been inter-dimensional and will incarnate into the form body in order to support or assist bringing particular code with it.

As an embodied Melchizedek, one brings the file instruction set into the planet from the Melchizedek lineage when it is appropriate to do so and the being has been trained enough to do so. This is so that the information can be relayed into planetary and creational field through the morphogenetic field, the consciousness instruction set program.

When Melchizedek intelligence is woven throughout the species field and key coded throughout the genetic programs, it allows the entire species to receive the genetic code of intelligence being directed throughout that consciousness layer. At this level of comprehension, Jesus the Christ is a Melchizedek.

Hebrews are a closer genetic relationship and through esoteric Judaism, the Kabbalah, brought through pieces of Melchizedek intelligence, through the knowledge of the Tree of Life. Due to patriarchal distortions brought through the hidden Negative Alien invasion, the tree of life was disfigured to ten spheres instead of the original mathematical base of twelve.

Melchizedeks returning to the earth field at the end of the cycle, are attempting to correct and rebuild the distorted Tree of Life back to its correct formula base 12. The Tree of Life is the base holographic instruction set to all manifestation, which is the Twelve Tree Grid.

Many of those in Guardian Christos consciousness (Oneness) are of the Melchizedek lines. However there are Fallen Melchizedeks seeking genetic rehabilitation during this ascension cycle also.

~ by Lisa Renee (Source: QA June 2008) * http://energeticsynthesis.com/

There is more information on her web site about Melchizedeks and so many other deeply rooted spiritual information in her glossary.