Knowing is one of the rights you have when you expand your own consciousness. Knowing things or events comes when you are able to tap in to the larger Mind which is shared by all.

“I did not come to my fundamental understanding of the universe through the use of my rational mind alone.” ~ Albert Einstein

This is where anyone who really works at it can open up within their own being. It is our right to connect to this Mind field of information.

Yet connect we must as we have narrowed our own abilities through socialization. We let others tell us what to do and what is proper evidence of information. We allow our emotions to cloud our own fields of energy. We love to not stand out in a crowd as it has been made wrong by our leaders.

So people pretend that “knowing” is just a gift for special people. It is far from that. It is our basic ability which we turned off.

Perhaps we turned it off due to abuse or mental stress, or perhaps it is still on but we never touch in to that resource. Mulling over dramas and traumas of our past will cloud over this Divine right because we just do not allow time or an opening for ‘knowing’ to move through our own mind.

Brain is Our Biology’s Switchboard

switchboardingThe truth is our brain is only a switching station, like those old-timey phone switchboards, yet in biological form.

Brain processes our thoughts, lightening fast, that we have in our mind, an energy field which we carry with us. Larger Mind or Higher Mind is the collective field and encompasses a space that we cannot even measure.

When ideas come through our mind, it sparks and connects seamlessly through the brain tissues and activates what need to become active within our body for the idea.

It takes a quiet mind to access this larger field of Mind. This is one reason why meditation is so needed these days. Our mind is so saturated with news feeds, tweets, baseball scores, work loads, financial worries and the list is endless.

Brilliance and Discovery Exist in the Higher Mind

Tesla, Einstein, and many of our great thinkers, brought forth from Higher Mind their greatest works. Some of that is needed is a developed field of intelligence for which the Higher Mind can attach to like kind information with a larger amount of data.

nicola teslaArtists and musicians also use this field of Higher Mind when they actively use imagination, and sit and wait for ideas to just arrive to match their desire.

To anyone, this skill is often ignored to default to the social mediums of the times and the “accepted by the masses” themes of our generation. It is just a choice.

When you choose to move your mind in to the Mind, then it takes some practice and focus to do so, much like trying to drive in the dense fog. When driving in dense fog, it takes the drivers full awareness to move through it avoiding obstacles.

Developing the Pathway to Knowing

It is through my own experiences and ongoing research that I developed my own inner knowing through my ability to move easily to Higher Mind. Years of meditation and removing emotional/mental embeds, changing my focus and listening within has brought me the ability to know “things” that show no proof at that moment.

It is then I would struggle with doubt as the common opinions of the day would argue in my head, until I chose to allow the information to prove itself over time. And in time it does. More information gathers and shows me how small my previous thinking was.

Developing Higher Mind or expanded consciousness is not so hard. Focus and you will get there.

~ Carolyn Thompson