When you start thinking/interacting with a person, you both may have created unseen energy threads that go in to each other. We communicate through these unseen energy threads, what I call Aka cords, and others might call cords.

Aka Cords are the thin vital force threads of energy we send out of our body as we think about anything or anybody.  Aka is a native Hawaiian word for divine vital energy.  These cords are everywhere and connect people and things. From my study, the ancient Hawaiians provide the most information on these.

Artwork is from Dr. Barbara Brennan’s “Light Emerging”, depicting friendly connections in action. Her books have excellent scientific information on our energy fields!

Aka cords are not the source of ‘telepathy’. They are a form of energy touching in which you can sense each other easily, if tuned in. Once these aka cords anchor in to another person, there is energy information being shared when a person thinks about the connected one.

Now when friendships or relationships end, aka cords will still be present for a time. These energy threads will diminish natural if there is no “feeding energy’ through by using thought.

If you had a deep relationship, there can be many cords. Like in families, we are full of aka cords from all members, a form of closeness!

Reviewing Connections

Aka cords are placed in other person’s chakras and/or energy fields, and energy moves in both directions through these threads. This creates a feeling energy bond. These are a major foundation in friendships!

Just as hugs connect us to friends and family, aka cords are also a huge part of our unseen connections. Understanding the nature of aka cords can help us become in charge of our beingness, in ways that help everyone. We can choose the connections we want and those we do not want. Learning about aka cord can assist others to becoime more honest and real in their own lives to.

There are loads of articles providing rituals to “cut cords” to end and remove this type of energy communication. for those who cannot see energy, the idea of cutting makes it simple to perceive, but it is more effective to master the inner dimensions of removing them. The idea of cutting for many may produce judgemental thoughts and thus the connections remain.

Cut means slit, slice, slash, rip, split, pierce, chop, stab, etc. The energy of any of those words is negative and the energy removal may not work. It implies an aggressive and mean nature. Choose words wisely.

When you know how these energy threads work, you can master removing them with the intention of simply pushing the aka cords out to return to sender in a loving manner. No need for rituals, or thoughts other than love. It is easy to get trapped to over-thinking and thus making the cords even more sticky. It is through Love that we can move forward without more unnecessary interactions. We are free.

Aka cord connections will initiate you thinking about someone, even someone from long ago. Even one cord connection between people does this. It can be bothersome when you are forming a new relationship and keep thinking about the old relationship. This is a ‘sign’ that there are active aka cords.

Aka cords are neutral etheric energy that has been qualified by the thoughts and intentions of the sender.

There is a common notion that aka cords are negative and parasitic, but that is just judgement as unseen energy threads are just made naturally and it is the flavor of the relationship that colors the energy that moves through it. Aka cords provide energy information instantly.

Aka cords can be life-saving. They assist us when we are in danger as our loved one will feel our angst and look for us.

Why do people say cords are bad? It is just a quick way to refer to something that is undesirable. No one wants a connection to someone who has hurt us. We all want freedom from stress, or from more abuse that can move through us giving us feeling we are unsafe due to another thinking ugly thoughts about us.

If any relationship has run it course, you can ignore thoughts about them and you can also just push their aka cords out and away in a loving manner through your intention.

“Cutting cords” is a strange judgmental way to view something so natural. It implies someone is a victim, and that is not really the case. If you see yourself as a victim, you tend to lack a sense of sovereignty and strength which you already have.

Cord cutting comes from old ritual practices and with our advancing into our Light Bodies we can remove aka cords easily.

Divine Humans

Most of our aka cord behavior is learned from childhood. People develop patterns of using their unseen energy to get their needs met and in ways to make them feel safe.

A child cries out ‘mommy, mommy, mommy’ and is not listened to. How many times have you seen that?

A child will use more force through volume and may still not receive acknowledgement. This is a no fault zone. It is an example of how humans grow. This child will intensify verbally, through action and through energy extensions until they get a response.

They will also be reaching out and trying to grab attention. This is natural to this relationship. This is where so many energy field interactions are learned and used throughout our lives.

If the parent never responds to the verbal calls but somehow reacts to the aka cords call, then the child believes this is normal and use it often. What was once simple cords can form in to larger and more dynamic energy forms.

This is the way they will act in adulthood. It can become a pattern of dysfunction, and even manipulation over time. Most people are unaware of their patterns.

Connecting Energy

If you are someone who has several sexual mates, you probably have many aka cords from each one of them, unless the meeting was brief, and no thoughts continued.  If this is fine, let them be. If you wish to let of the connections, especially for those people you no longer wish to be with or think about, then it is easy to ‘unplug’.

This goes for any relationships you make or even those people you work with that are really just acquaintances. It is you own preference on what aka cords to entertain and which one to get rid of. People can connect to you in a store, just by thinking about you.

“Plug and unplug” is a great way to visualize how these aka cords work. For they are sent out of certain energy centers from a person and the energy literally plugs-in to the other person. Aka cords sent out act differently on where they plug-in.

Thought is what connects us in a nano-second. Thought can reconnect even the most hated connections. Ignoring is a great tool. Ignoring to play a part in a drama that someone want to hurt you is all too common. People gossip about you, ignore it. When you connect to that drama, you will suffer and waste energy. When a x-lover wants to drag you in to whatever-drama, ignore it. Do not think about any of it. You are free and you will feel so much better in the long run for doing so. Protect your sacred heart!

Most people connect in to energy centers, yet those who practice magic may anchor in to the body in unsuspecting places. The most common area people connect is the solar plex, our stomach area.

If you both are a great match, you may find that you each are plugged in to all energy centers. This is a real connection, one to be cherished!

These invisible connections are a major part of our being human. They allow us a deeper understanding of each other through simple means. We have power to choose who and when we have connections with at any time, if we are conscious of it.

Learning to be calm and quiet the mind to sense what we are engaged in will allow you to master you.

My own practice to energy field maintenance is that when I get home from any outing is to push out all cords, except my loved ones, that may have attached to me during that time. It takes me ten seconds to push out cords and send them back to their owners in the energy of love. I then also add that they may not reattach. I add that just so their random thoughts of their day that might include me does not create a need for me have to clear out anything later. Ten seconds, no cutting, no candles, no calling of some beings, no emotions.

It is just me, keeping my spirit bright!

~ Carolyn Thompson

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