Our body is an open system as  we eat, drink and breath, taking in substances, and then excreting through bowels and urine what’s leftover. Other that those very basic movements, we might consider our body to be self sufficient and essentially Divine!

This takes in account that electrical impulses and other energy moves through it, and yet the body is very self sufficient in its own right. it worth thinking about it.

It is our skin, our largest excretory system that hold all the dynamic workings of this system and keeps it protected.


Back in my school days we would make terrariums, which were plants in a bottle that would cycle through and be self-sufficient, needing nothing.

Here is a great example of a successful terrarium.

In 1960, David Latimer planted a tiny garden inside of a large glass bottle and sealed it shut.

He opened the bottle 12 years later in 1972 to add some water and then sealed it for good.

The self contained ecosystem has flourished for nearly 60 years.

For those who are wondering how this is even possible: the garden is a perfectly balanced and self-sufficient ecosystem.

The bacteria in the compost eats the dead plants and breaks down the oxygen that is released by the plants, turning it into carbon dioxide, which is needed for photosynthesis.

The bottle is essentially a microcosm of earth.  Story here.

More modern versions called Terria, are open and need attending to.

For fun, why not make one! Here is a video to assist you…


It is a wonderful experience and teaching to for your children. It is also a metaphor for your physical body.

Imagining our Body as a Terrarium

What you put in to your body has an instant chemical change to the entire body. Put too much into the body of the wrong substances and you will see results or changes to your body.

What goes in to our mouth has a routine course to follow through our digestive system. In this meticulous route, our body naturally removes what it needs along the way, using different methods and gathering particular substances that feed and help operate our complex body.

So many processes go on automatically, through many unique networks of biology that go unnoticed every moment.

It moves through the center of our body and what gets extracted goes to so many places within the body. Yet the main bulk stays on course through the specific tracts.

This is where that saying “you are what you eat” comes in to play.  If what you put into the body is natural and normal for body to have, you will have good results, like healthy foods and water.

Just like in a terrarium, there are things we must not put in or it will cause a failure to thrive.

It is worth everyone attention to learn about our digestive system as a  main tract which we place food inside of several times a day.

When you put in things that are man-made, or unnatural chemicals, the body will react to them according to its knowledge. Someone told me most of the unknown substances will get hurried out through our urine or fecal matter, or lodged in our fat cells or worst, placed in organs. Heavy metals get placed in organs often.

This is a simplistic yet practical view of how our body works.

Imagining your Divine Body, the temple of your soul, to be much like a terrarium might give you the right kind of ideas of how to care for this vessel that takes us throughout our lives, adventuring, loving, working, or whatever the activities, our body is there for us.

Please keep a lid on over indulging and changing the atmosphere of health within. This is your biological terrarium for life!

~ Carolyn Thompson


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