In the field of Energy Medicine, we teach that our human body has an energy field in and around the physical form. Just like all living things, this energy is part and package of the whole being that we are. This field is called our Biofield, and is also referred to our aura.

The average person’s biofield extend about 3 feet from the body. People feel this as their personal space. They might feel uncomfortable when unknown people come too close to them. Like whiskers on a cat, their field detect other fields. We are all connected through what physicists call ‘The Field’.

“The field is the sole governing agency of the particle”
Albert Einstein

When seers look at our biofield, they describe seven layers, each relating to the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual condition of man. Although they are all one field, a unity, it is because we can ‘see’ them and measure their functions within the biofield that we describe them is this way.

Always Moving, Always Shifting

Our biofield will expand when we feel happy and doing what we like, yet it will also contract when we feel sad, or withdrawn from others;  our biofield is an interactive piece of our life. When spending a lot of time with a pushy, controlling person, we may adjust our field unconsciously away from this bold person as an act of preservation. When we are elated about a person, our biofield will expand to include them much like a hug.

Many times we might feel something, some energy information which makes us react when there is no visible or tangible reason for this reaction. There is intelligence within this biofield that we are just beginning to understand.

“The character of matter is ultimately determined by the field”
Bruce Lipton

A basic body of knowledge and understanding of the human biofield has been formed by many collaborative studies and research that establishes a baseline for the study and practice of energy medicine, and also how we can maintain a healthy biofield for our own self.

From our Core Life Radiates

Our Core Star as describe by Dr. Barbara Brennan, “The core star is composed of individuated divine essence.” ( Core Light Healing, page 14)

From my own point of view, Dr. Brennan’s core star may be the first scientific indication of our having a “Soul”. It is also from my own energy medicine practice and experiences that I understand all our personal energy field radiates from the Core Star. It is the center of our being and the master of our creations. It has a general position within our body, mid torso, but not a definite placement like our energy centers (chakras).

Our energy centers, also called chakras, connect to our Tube of Light that is formed by our Core Star and rotate through all layers of our biofield to sustain the multi levels our life. Our Tube of Light, sometimes called our Pranic Tube, is a column of light, in and around our spinal column as well as extended above our head through our crown energy center and down below our root energy center to the earth. Our biofield is part of the earth’s biofield and our Divine etheric fields.

Our biofield radiates outward from our core star because of our conscious intention to live in a body on earth. When we move in to our baby body upon our birth, we begin to grow our energy centers and energy fields just like we grow our arms and legs longer. Our bioenergy expands through our unique expression of our Divine being.

Throughout our life, we continue to grow our being with our experiences, choices, attitudes, and intentions, our biofield responds accordingly.

Basic Seven Fields Provide our Energy Centers

Each of the seven energy fields correspond to one energy center while all energy centers are nested within the entire biofield.,

Energy centers pull in energy information, and vitality as well as send out energy for the body to function as a whole.

Each energy center nurtures a portion of the body accordingly.

“Diseases of the body are reflected in the aura and can be accurately diagnosed by those who can sense, see, or test subtle energy.  Illness can, in fact, be recognized in the aura before it manifests in the body, allowing for accurate predictions and early intervention.” Donna Eden & David Feinstein, Ph.D., Energy Medicine

Rosalyn Bruyere, a well-respected clairvoyant at the UCLA Human Energies Lab reported, “As aura colors changed changes occurred in the electromagnetic wavelengths of the chakras, as measured by an EMG. These EMG changes were simultaneous with the color changes, and they corresponded perfectly with the wavelength of the new color in the aura. Every color has a unique wavelength.”

As we mature spiritually our energy centers will change dramatically and our biofield will remain simular, displaying more clear, bright colors and movements. We are in a constant growth during our lifetime.


Let’s look at the basic seven layers of our Human Biofield:


Etheric Body; the First Layer of the Biofield

The etheric body is the first layer of the energy field is structured and extends just a few inches from the visible body.  The etheric layer is the matrix upon which all physical matter, like our body tissue, is anchored. Etheric body copies the form of the physical body.

This layer of our energy field is associated with physical functioning and physical sensation. This is the layer that corresponds to the physical life, feelings, physical pleasure and pain, and physical health and wellbeing.

Etheric body gives vitality and organization to the physical body. It transmits energies of the higher bodies down to our physical consciousness.

This layer looks like a blueish grey color close to the body outline. With practice people can see this layer which can extends from 1 to 2 inches from the body.

The etheric body is in constant motion. Its color can vary from whitish blue to dark blue. The lighter color means thinner ethereal layer. In weak and sensitive people is light blue, with a gross personality is rather gray.

Barbara Ann Brennan offers this anecdote in explaining how the etheric body exists prior to and shapes the physical body: “This relationship has been supported in the observations of plant growth by Dr. John Pierrakos and myself. Through the use of High Sense Perception, we observed that an energy field matrix in the shape of a leaf is projected by the plant prior to the growth of a leaf, and then the leaf grows into that already existing form” (Hands of Light, 1987, p. 48).


Emotional Body; the Second Layer of the Biofield

The emotional body is the second layer of energy field are associated with our emotional aspects of expressions, our emotional live and feelings. It includes the second energy center, the Sacral charka. Our emotional field gives expression to our emotions and displays our desires and our emotional patterns.

In looking at this layer, one may see many colors of the rainbow and in many shades and hues which represent our present emotional state and expression. Cloudy and darker hues tend to show those emotions on a less than happy state of being and stress, as the clear and bright colors represent our happiness and joy.

As an unstructured field it is fluid and moving, in the flow with our present emotional states.

When this field becomes full of depression, despair, resentment and other low feelings, these energies manifest in to the physical form and can produce disease and pain.

This energy field extends from one to three inches from our etheric field.


Mental Body; the Third Layer of the Biofield

Mental body is the third layer and is a structured field of etheric energy that is finer and higher in vibration than the emotional layer. This field includes our third energy center our Solar Plexus.

The mental field is composed of finer material than the emotional body, and usually appears as a bright yellow light around the body.

This layer is a level of thoughts and mental processes, ego and personal power. This biofield supports our thoughts, cognitive processes and state of mind. Seen as a bright yellow layer, easier seen around the head, and shoulders for those people who are engaged in mental tasks.

It contains all our mental thought processes such as rules, regulations, judgements and discipline.

Light is stronger and pulsates when one focuses on mental tasks. Mental body is a structured body. It contains the structure of your ideas reflecting linear thinking processes and forms of your mind.

The stronger and more ingrained are these thoughts, the greater is their expression in the mental body.


Astral Body; the Fourth Layer of the Biofield

The astral body is the fourth layer of the aura, an unstructured field, and is associated with areas of expression of ethereal, emotional and mental layer.

The fourth energy center, heart center, is part of this field. It shows your capacity for conditional and unconditional love.

This layer can extend out to about one foot from the body. It is the bridge between the lower vibrations of the physical plane and the higher vibrations of the spiritual. This layer is represented by a beautiful rainbow colors

Most of the energetic, subtle energy interaction between people is carried out on the astral plane. This difference is felt very well. For example, two people can apparently avoid each other, but on the energy level hold turbulent communication.

When people fall in love, they can see the beautiful pink light arcs between their hearts.


Etheric Template; the Fifth Layer of the Biofield

Etheric Template is the fifth layer of the aura, a structured field, and is associated with aspects of the physical body. This field includes the fifth energy center, the Throat center.

This layer extends out about two feet, represents the blueprint of the physical body and looks much like the negative of a photograph. It is a cobalt blue. It is referred to as the Etheric Double.

Represents the entire blueprint of the physical body that exists on this physical plane and includes everything you create on this physical level including your identity, personality and overall energy

Diseases can be monitored and treated in this layer. Untreated stuck energy can be passed down to the physical body.


Celestial Body; the Sixth Layer of the Biofield

Celestial body is the sixth layer of the aura.

It includes the sixth energy center, the third eye, or spiritual eye.

This layer can extend for up to two and a half feet. It consists of iridescent rays of light.

When this body is developed through raising awareness, personal growth and creative visualization, it can be extremely powerful in connecting us with our purpose in life and to lot of strength and balanced perspective.



Ketheric Template; the Seventh Layer of the Biofield

Ketheric Template is the seventh layer of the aura and includes the seventh energy center, the Crown center.

This field extends about three feet around the body and is composed of fine golden threads of light in the shape of an egg. It is a protective otter layer and it vibrates at the highest frequency. Using any drugs, alcohol, and abusive life choices can put holes and rips in this field and leave us vulnerable to intrusions.

It is associated with the divine and universal consciousness.

Ketheric Template refers to our current incarnation and contains the structure of the physical body and all chakras.

It is the most pure form and contains our relationship with the Divine Creator, “All That Is.”

The outer part is healthy and sustainable. When fissures, rips and holes are repaired, it provides a container for vitality of the more pure nature.

 * * * * * *

Our biofield is present whether we think about it or not. It sustains us in ways that help us to fulfill our own path in life. Learning about it can help you to understand your own being. For those in Energy Medicine this is a foundational study. The Biofield has a quantity of energy information that helps the practitioner to assist in their clients healing journey. Yet this presentation is just the basics as there more!

~ Carolyn Thompson

All the artwork of the human bioenergy as layers is from  Hands of Light; A Guide to Healing Through the Human Energy Field by Barbara Ann Brennan all rights reserved.