One of the paradigms that humanity has held over time is that food can heal us or even make us sick. Yet confusion prevailed due to so many misleading tales of food through the lack of understanding of how food interacts inside the body, how the body works as well as the dynamics of diseases. Caution was taken for many foods we eat freely now.

Every culture has developed their medicinal use of foods, herbs and fluids by trail and error. Many remedies have proven out to assist in bringing the body back in to balance.

Doctors, nurses and health practitioners who have studied eastern, western and specific cultures ways of medicine and healing can attest to the fact that food can be chosen first as a remedy in many cases, to turn around ill health.

As we have moved in to a new century, modern medicine is now researching the affects and dynamics of food within the body and the chemical reactions they make. Since there are new tools to do so, we will all benefit from this research to make our lives healthier through good food knowledge.

Meet Food Science Researcher Dr. Li

William W. Li, MD, is a world-renowned physician, scientist, speaker, and author of EAT TO BEAT DISEASE – The New Science of How Your Body Can Heal Itself. He is best known for leading the Angiogenesis Foundation. His groundbreaking work has impacted more than 70 diseases including cancer, diabetes, blindness, heart disease, and obesity.

His work has impacted more than 23 million people across 94 countries. Dr. Li discussed his data-driven research of how the body heals itself and the effect certain foods can have on certain diseases. Food as medicine has been an age old philosophy that Dr. Li brings in the science of body function with food interactions.

Food and what we put in to our body matters for the foundation of our health. Dr. Li will discuss some of the science behind this reality.

More than two decades of research and experimentation have helped him identify more than 200 foods that actually work with our body’s five defense systems to fight off diseases like cancer, diabetes, and dementia.

His analogies help us to understand how our body defends and heals itself when given the right materials (foods). He clearly tells us what many people have advocated for centuries, that our body is Divine as it can heal itself.


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