kahuna Kaleiiliahi

“Things get shaken up a lot in a great shift.

My Ancestors speak of rising above the drama often.

In my language it is one of the tenets of the Righteous Way of the Kahuna called Ho’okino meaning “the sacred detachment of Spirit.”

It isn’t turning a blind eye or wearing rose-colored glasses while the horror continues around us.

It is rising above so we do not allow the fear to consume us, for if we focus enough on these things it will.

And that is exactly the response the dark wants, to keep humans in fear. Terrified humans can be vicious.

But from a place of compassionate detachment we can envision the most benevolent outcome more effectively, and take compassionate action where we can.”

~ Kahuna Kalei’iliahi

Kahuna Kalei’iliahi Ka’ili-kapu-o-Lono is a Spiritual Intuitive/Healer, a Wisdom Keeper, Visionary Artist, Keeper of the Lemurian Truths, a seer, medium, metaphysician, and channel for some of the most beautiful Holy Beings … to name some of the blessings she carries from her grand lineage. She has worked with people worldwide in these areas, helping these precious Humans to awaken to their divinity, to shine their light and heal their lives … to become empowered and enlightened. http://www.kaleiiliahi.com/