The shamanic drumming began in earnest, announcing an opportunity to move inward, to journey. Sitting in this vibrational arena, I let go of my mind and thoughts in order to deep dive in whatever was to come.

Journeys take form and provide information, yet there is little need for “thinking’ other than to give inner command to start, or to give a starting point, for after that quick moment it is left to imagination and communication in ways that are normal if we just would stop our thinking momentum. Journeys allow communication through our soul to fit the walk we are in the midst of, taking a break from our thought processes.

The heartbeat sounds of the drumming and the sacred setting of space with intentions and sage, gave me a sense of harmony with my surroundings and a safe place to let go and journey.

Journey Begins

To start I wished to go deep, so as symbology has it, I choose to deep dive into the dirt of the earth. Dirt would be my entry point.

I posed in swimmer style with hands over my head, dove down into the dirt. From that entry, I let go of my thoughts …. to become active and yet passive through observing what my soul wished to show me.

Diving headfirst on to dirt was easy and I found no resistance to the soil which I was now descending into. As I moved, I was becoming smaller and I found that I became a seed.

No particular kind of seed, maybe the archetypal seed; I was not quite round. I could feel the moist dirt all around me and its warmth, yet it was completely black now. Dirt felt comforting and familiar.

Upon realizing that I was now a seed, I suddenly felt this movement within me, a startling sense of activity. Soon a tiny root split my base and moved deeper downward. My shell had become moist from the dirt around me and inside me and eruption of activity.

My view shifted to more of the observer of this seed/me as though I was also standing beside it. I could see the seed/me and the soil surrounding.

As the root grew longer, I could see the soil was moving more on the upper parts around the seed. The seed soon sprouted through the top, yet so much more was going on.

The soil around it was moving! It was vibrating!

I could see a vortex of vibrational energy shifting, sifting the soil, making it loose so that this new sprout could move through the soil with ease.

I could see this ‘V’ shape encompassing this seed/me, and in that ‘V’ the soil was vibrating very fast as I could see the spaces between the particles.  It was this agitation of the soil that allowed my sprout to move up through the dense soil to the surface and it was my soul that slowed down the process and enlarged the view of it for my own understanding.

Life was bursting through the energy field of the birth process of this seed! This energy came from both the inside and outside of the seed, as it was in harmony with the soil. It was a joint effort, or perhaps so much more than I was shown. Energy precedes all things to become ‘material’. The organic matter within the dirt around seed/me was definitely part of this process, both chemical and alchemical.

As my soul showed me this lovely use of energy, I felt humbled and excited. Soon as my sprout moved up into the air above the ground, my journey came to an end.

Continued Introspection

In reflection, the detailed image of the seed sprouting and the sensations of the energy in which it was birthed, I feel confident that I was being shown how all seeds actually sprout. No matter where they are, they are energetically supported in the environment around them, and if not, they cannot complete their sprouting activities. If the soil is missing adequate organic materials, the seed will not fully develop as its genetics provide.

My spiritual team elaborated that the beginning of the sprouting of any seed, energy is pouring through the entire kernel so that it activates the formation of the root and sprout and continues to motivate the growth process.

In an organized manner this energy starts much like a ball of light within the seed and as it expands it creates an upward vortex of energy. It is very subtle as no one could observe it with their eyes in the way I was observing it in my vision. Even if a farmer put his finger in the soil in order to feel the soil loosen during this sprouting process, he would not be able to. It is subtle, refined in a way beyond our five senses.

Within this vortex, the soil vibrated faster than the soil outside this funnel shape. Each tiny particle within the dirt moved independently, expanding, and contracting the space between the particles.

This created a fluid pathway for the sprout to travel inside of so that it reached the air above the soil.

Have you ever noticed that sprouts appear to be fairly straight unless they have to navigate around a rock or some other obstacle? This is why sprouting seeds are able to move into the sunlight as energy gently vibrates the soil which allows this tender shoot to pierce upwards.

As I understand this process, that even after the sprout pierces through the top, this energy vortex continues for several more days.

The magnificence of nature as anything begins a birth cycle is beyond comprehension. What we can observe with the eyes is only part of the workings of growing plants. Vibration celebrates each and every growth in ways we still need to discover.

~ Carolyn Thompson


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