What a sight at midnight December 31st in central Texas as I stood at my window in my fourth story apartment. Above the housetops across the horizon were bright exploding fireworks. There must have been over 25 sites sending up large colorful displays in celebration of the New Year 2022! As one faded, another was already showing its fiery reds, yellows, whites, and bursts of whistles and sounds.

The area I live in is just housing; it is the urban sprawl, so most of these displays are not on the list of official firework displays, and yet they were splendid!

Each display had raced up in to the sky with smoke tails and then in to bursts of light. Some looked close, many were far away. Most homes and apartments in this area were one to three story tall, so my view was above them all. What splendor!

I did not know which way to turn my head, it was exciting, more excitement over fireworks than I have felt in years. My heart was bursting! I had tears welling up in my eyes and I stopped to notice how I felt in that moment.

Proud. Yes, I felt proud! Proud to live in a country that is always working for equality, harmony and abundance. Sure, there are so many things needing to be worked on, yet in all my world travels, there is no place like the United States of America. None. My eyes were filling with gratitude.

I started to sing God Bless American, Land that I love… and the rest of the words that followed I made up in it and were in the form of a pray. I love to sing my prayers. A prayer for furthering the vision our US Constitution and Bill of Rights as a foundation of peace and mutual equity.  I prayed for a more constitutional government and the end of the unproductive polarity our fake two-party system has in place and their skewed focus.

I prayed for more creative ways to deal with the disenfranchised people within our communities. My prayer included more about what was close to my heart for people of our world as well.

One day, we will realize that we are truly a united world, one world. We do not need to be managed by any single organization as all we have seen so far is still too immature to take the task on without going into corruption. Yes, we do not know how to do it, handle it or police it without the under the table dealings, yet.

The very reason why our Constitution is still a strong foundation for this collective experience. To place before us ethical foundations from which to act right and one that helps us to learn through the process and grow as humans together. We definitely do not need some kind of “one face” in charge, for that is the subject of nightmares. I prayed for more Divine Guidance to enter the minds of future leaders.

World Peace

World peace happens with individuals and groups of people; people put down their gripes and anger issues and instead work towards goals. Its people issue. I am happy to see that the people in the USA are doing it one day at a time.

Seeing the fireworks all across the wide-angle night sky made me feel that we are on the right path. We can do this dream. We have many little battles yet to go through to exposing this and that, and yet it is those little battles that are the crux of WHY and HOW the people of the USA are forming harmony, blending the voices of many cultures of our world.

New respects are realized daily, new peace accords are formed between misunderstanding neighbors, and cities work to complete projects that make life more congruent.

Peace is not about signing a paper, it is felt in the heart and embraced through how people act to each other.

2022… I saw a t-shirt a family made for their family … it went “2 0 2 finger-peace-sign.”

In numerology, to find meanings a person adds up all the numbers for the final single number, or prime number, and so this new year… 2+0+2+2 = 6.

Six represents Man (5) plus God (1). In the spirit of unity with the Creator we move in to new territory for our creative spirits to work through to our next highest measures.  To some it is a number of harmony and the family and a number of service to others in beneficial ways. Got ideas?

What do you wish to see this new year? What steps are you taking towards that? Do you wish for more quality of life? This is the year to work with those ideas and project. Join others for foundations of those ideals and the building efforts of many make for strength and longevity.

God bless North America, Land That I Love

~ Carolyn Thompson