I went from exploring outer space to exploring inner space! ~ Dr. Barbara Brennan

Dr. Barbara Brennan is a leading pioneer in the Human Energy Field. As a former NASA scientist who held a Masters in Physics, Barbara had a unique observation and understanding of what she calls the Human Energy Consciousness System (HECS), which is also referred to as the Auric Field. Barbara believes that her scientific background confirmed for her what she was experiencing with her other senses.

While studying at the Institute for Psychophysical Synthesis in Washington DC, Barbara learned how to perceive Human Energy Fields (HEFs). She witnessed events such as a blind leader of her training group being able to see and describe the flow of energy in students.

Once Barbara adapted this ability through copying what the trainer did, she was able to methodically observe how her own energy field functioned while using her high sense perception (HSP) to observe the HEFs of her clients. This methodical observation led to her awareness of what she describes as seven levels of the Human Energy Consciousness System and the seven chakras of each level of the field, each with its own emotional and psychological function.

The term Barbara coined as “high sense perception” (HSP) was used to describe what people at the time were calling “psychic” or “clairvoyant”. In her studies and exploration of the field, Barbara learned that we all have the ability to use our five senses in a heightened and conscious way to gather information about our physical and non-physical environment.

She set up the Barbara Brennan School of Healing (BBSH) 35 years ago in the United States where she and her faculty taught and guided students through hands-on healing and personal transformation. This school was dedicated to the evolution of the human spirit and taught graduates worldwide.

Today Barbara has retired from teaching but her work and mission continue. She has entrusted the next chapter of her work to an experienced team who she worked with and taught for many years. She published a trilogy of books titled Hands of Light ®, Light Emerging ®, and Core Light Healing ® and was listed by the Watkins Review as one of the top 100 most spiritually influential people in the world.

Her groundbreaking observations and teachings in the Human Energy Field have forever changed and advanced the field of energy healing.

What follows is the first in a two-part series and is a compilation of past interviews with Barbara.

“The human energy field looks like light plasma and structured light beams organized in seven levels, and each level has a particular pattern.”


Barbara, for those of us who may not be familiar with it, please describe the healing work that you do. What is the human energy field?

Barbara: The work I do is based on the understanding of the structure and function of the human energy field, or aura as it’s commonly known, and the human energy field’s relationship to the individual’s physical, psychological, spiritual and mental functioning.

Everyone has a bio-energy field that has been measured in laboratories and is intimately associated, not only with the physical body, but also with psychological processes.

Our human energy field is the vehicle for psychosomatic reactions; and this energy field serves as the matrix upon which the cells grow and actually gives the form to the physical body.

The human energy field has both structure and content, and every illness or psychological disturbance has a correlate that can be perceived with the senses of sight, sound, smell, taste, touch, and more.

When there is a tear, a weakening, a distortion or even clogged energy in the field, there will eventually be a reaction in the physical body that can become an illness. Healers then clear, charge and straighten the field. Since the field is also related to psychological processes, working with the field affects one psychologically, or vice versa; emotional difficulties disturb he field, which in turn affects the physical body.

Is there a key to understanding the energy fields?

Barbara: One has to reverse the usual viewpoint and realize that energy fields exist before the human body. Healers see a world of energy that is producing matter, rather than matter that is producing energy. So, your body is in you, rather than you being in your body.

Energy fields are much larger than the body; they extend right through it and a long way beyond. So, if you open your High Sense Perception (HSP) to one particular level, you can see all that is happening at that level.

What is High Sense Perception?

 Barbara: It is using all of the normal five senses and taking them beyond the ranges that we call normal. For example, seeing beyond the visible light spectrum which is 4,000 to 7,000 angstroms; this is called clairvoyance.

The High Sense Perception of hearing is called clairaudience, of feeling and sensing is called clairsentience. These are the ones I use most, for example, sensing somebody’s emotions or physical feelings, seeing the aura, and hearing sounds and words of information. Everybody has particular strengths, and one person might be able to feel more easily than they can see.

What do you see when you look at the human energy field?

 Barbara: With HSP, the human energy field looks like light plasma and structured light beams organized in seven levels, and each level has a particular pattern. The lower levels, 1, 2 and 3, relate to the physical world, and the fourth, the middle level called the astral or the level of relationship, is a bridge between the lower and the higher levels. Levels 5, 6 and 7 are the spiritual world. The acupuncture meridians look like rivers of light flowing through the auric field.

There is always something going on in the auric field. When you open your vision to it, and that is not too hard to do, you can watch the movement of energy in the field.

We are experiencing the levels of the life field all the time. For example, when you feel the physical body in movement or exercise — if you are an athlete and you feel your physical strength — that is the experience of the first level of the auric field. Your experience of the second level is of feelings about yourself. The third level corresponds to your thinking and the fourth to relationships with other people. The experiences of the top levels are all spiritual — the fifth the divine will, the sixth spiritual ecstasy, and on the seventh the experience of the divine mind — of the perfect pattern.

Will rebalancing the human energy field in the area of an emotional difficulty naturally rebalance the emotions? Or should you combine healing work with some form of counseling?

 Barbara: Healing initiates the transformation process, and for many the psyche is naturally dealt with. But it depends on how deeply you wish to go into personal transformation. If you want to become a healer, a very important part of the training involves going through psychological or transformational processing. Some people will work with both a healer and a therapist. Any psychological problem will have field correlates, so my training includes dealing with those issues.

You mentioned seeing patterns in the auric field. What do you see?

 Barbara: Levels 1, 3, 5 and 7 have a structured field pattern and in between these, levels 2, 4, and 6 look more like clouds of light moving around which we call bioplasma.

That agrees with the research of Von Reichenbach in the 1800’s. The first level gives the template for the physical body — it is the energy pattern that holds the physical body in place.

The third level is the structure of thought. The fifth level is the template or photographic negative for the first level of the auric field — it is the template through which consciousness and energy flow to be transmitted into form in the physical world. It is a reverse pattern in which everything we think of as solid is empty and everything empty is solid. It is a world of spirit, of the divine will that is held in forms and sacred symbols.

Then the seventh level is made of golden lines of light, the structure of the divine mind — so it is a template of the third level, which is the human mind.

The Creative Process

 Barbara: These structured levels can be seen as masculine in the sense of being the form or the pattern of life. Whereas the bioplasmic levels are feminine in the sense of being the fluid or the substance of life. The form is like a standing light beam and the substance has no form — but it flows through the pattern filling the pattern with substance, which is why it is considered to be feminine.

The masculine way of creating is to create a form and then fill it with substance. The feminine way is to allow the substance to emerge and flow and then form will be created out of the fullness of the substance of life. So, the creative process actually goes through the auric field, beginning at its higher level.

It actually up-wells from the Core Star, which is the essence of the individual, through the Hara Line of intention and then into the auric field from the higher levels down — going through the alternating levels of form-substance-form-substance-form-substance-form and then into the physical. So, it is the creative expansion of masculine-feminine-masculine-feminine-masculine-feminine-masculine into the physical world.

The Healing Process

 Barbara: Most healers don’t work on structured levels unless they are trained in it; most work on the unstructured levels, placing the hands on or near the body allowing energy to flow through.

When you allow energy to come through, the energy field automatically takes the frequencies it needs, on any of the levels, and it will release the blocks. Then the client will begin remembering and experiencing that childhood or past-life experience that was frozen in time. That releases the creative process that was flowing through the person at that time. It is a very powerful healing technique.

What is the difference between healing on the unstructured levels, as you have just described, and healing on the structured levels?

 Barbara: On an unstructured level the healer charges, clears and balances the field, and perhaps clears energy where it shouldn’t be. They can work on any of the levels, but most are working on either levels 2, 4 or 6 because those are the unstructured levels and the body can automatically receive the energy. On the structured levels the healer actually restructures the form and pattern of the field.

We can teach a healer to observe the field and purposefully send particular lines of energy out of their own fingers that will restructure very specific lines of the energy field that are torn. It can occur automatically, but when you do it with conscious awareness you can look at the body and see where it needs to be restructured, and you can observe the effect of what you are doing while it is happening.

It has profound effects especially on acute injuries to the body like torn muscles and sprained ankles.

Half an hour’s work on a sprained ankle, that would otherwise have kept a person on crutches for two weeks, will be completely healed with no swelling or bruising. The healer can specifically restructure the chakras, the vertical power current, the connections of the chakras into the body, and the energy field of the organs.

For example, I restructured the etheric body of a thyroid after a complete thyroidectomy and the person had to reduce their intake of Thyroxin.

I have worked with women who had had Pap smear tests showing pre-cancer at very early stages, long before metastasis. I looked at the uterus using HSP to find out where the uterus needed to release tissue. I then cut that part out of the structured field and the tissue would wash out in the next period, after which the next Pap smear would be normal.

Would you say that psychic surgeons work in a similar way on structured levels?

 Barbara: I have observed some excellent Philippine surgeons working. They go into a kind of trance and a very strong energy comes in, which they release from their hands as they enter the body. I can see this as a beam of light. It is probably an electromagnetic field but I don’t think it has been measured. The first level of the auric field wraps around all the cells, and in my perception, this is what holds the cells together.

The psychic surgeon can produce such a strong bioenergy field that it separates the field holding the cells together. They stick their fingers a few inches through the skin and then with this field they create a kind of vacuum that has a suction, which pulls a certain kind of biological energy out.

With HSP, I actually saw the psychic surgeon put his fingers about half an inch into the liver of a cancer patient and saw the suction drawing the debris from the liver. Then he pulled his hand out of the physical skin and made a circle with his fingers and I saw tissue rise up out of the skin which he put into a bowl of water.

Do you do this also?

 Barbara: No, I don’t know how to. They get through the skin by working at the first level. I do spiritual healing, that is fifth level healing, but I work on all seven levels. Many psychic surgeons will admit that it is not necessary to do it physically because many of them are transmuting the junk as it come out. I definitely saw them working with guides and with spiritual beings directing them and working through them. I am sure they are working on many different levels of the field.

Healing to Prevent Physical Illness

 Barbara: The most exciting thing is that the energy fields exist before the physical body. This means that disease always appears in the energy field first, and I can see it in the energy field before a physician can see it through normal vision, palpation or medical tests.

So, the more we train physicians and health care professionals to perceive the energy field, and the more we work to develop research equipment that can show the living energy fields on a color screen, the more we will have a means of scanning the whole population — like X-rays or CAT scans, but doing it with the energy fields — the more we are going to revolutionize health care. We are going to heal disease before it gets into the physical body. But to do this, we have to develop a lot more instrumentation. It will be amazing. Some surgeons also pull tissue out.

Do you ever find imprints or disturbances from other lifetimes that might need to be cleared?

 Barbara: Very definitely. Chronic problems usually do go back to a past lifetime. Remember that when we say “past lifetime,” that time is not necessarily linear.

Though it is a convenient way to talk about an experience that happened in a different part of the space/time continuum, it may not refer to an actual lifetime lived in a specific place and time. We are referring to a broader concept of realities all continuing at the same time in different places.

The phenomenon called past-life experience will arise automatically in the healing or personal-transformation process when the person is ready, after a certain amount of work is done on a current chronic problem. From the field dynamic perspective, when present-life problems showing in the field are clearing — the past-life correlate can also be perceived in the field and healed.

So, a healer works, progressively, to the core of the original trauma?

 Barbara: In a sense, yes; the past is buried under the present. We work through the outer layers to the original trauma and beyond to the core essence of each individual. Since present traumas bury past traumas, the present ones are cleared when the past is uncovered.

“Healing is about uncovering the core of who you are.”

Beneath our energy field, on a deeper level of our being, exists another dimension called the Hara, which is related to our life task. Another dimension beneath that is the Core Star or the essence of who you are.

It is this essence, the truth of your individuality, that shines through when the blocks are removed.

You describe the Hara and the Core Star as if they existed before the human energy field. What is the relationship of the Core Star to the human being?

 Barbara: The act of creation actually arises out of the Core Essence, or Core Star as I call it.

It is a star of light, which is in the body, about one-and-one-half inches above the navel on the center line of the body. This star, or sphere of light, has no boundaries, is 360 degrees around and is the essence of who we are.

It is the primary essence of our individuality and exists beyond space and time. Looking around the world, I see it is full of stars, and each one is different. We are not only the individual that is within our Core Star, but we are also the background of our universe.

We are a paradox — both the individual and the universal. We are the co-creators of the universe.

An impulse of creativity arises out of the Core Star and then moves into the Hara level. And there is a vertical line right through our spine called the Hara line, which represents the life task we were born with.

There are three major points on that line. The Dan Tien, which is one-and-one-half inches below the navel on the center line of the body, the Soul Seat in the upper chest where we carry the sacred longing of our soul, and about three feet above the head, there is the first individuation of the Godhead.


So the impulse and creative process moves from the one core essence into the three points of the Hara line, then jumps another dimension into the seven layers of the human energy field. From the seven it goes to the many — the many cells of the body.

The creative process travels from the first individuation, out of the Godhead and into the Dan Tien, or our spiritual longing. The Dan Tien is the one note that holds the body in physical manifestation.

Our bodies are drawn up from the earth by the sacred longing carried in the upper chest, and it is that longing which leads us through life. When the Hara line is straight and clear (it looks like a thin laser line), then a person is directly in line with their task and pressing their core essence. Then that steps up into seven levels of the human energy field, which correspond to the seven aspects of our being.

The seven aspects are:

  • Physical body sensations
  • Feelings about ourselves
  • Mental processes on the physical plane
  • The I-thou connection or relations with other human beings
  • Connection to divine will
  • Experience of divine love
  • And divine mind in the perfect pattern

The process of healing is to clear all of these levels so that the essence of the core, or the creative process, comes through. Illness is the blocking of the original creative essence.

So, in healing, our essential self is experienced more clearly. How does this fit in with the idea of karma?

Barbara: The creative process can get blocked as it flows from the core through our belief system. We react to situations in our lives according to our beliefs, most of which are unconscious. When we hold a negative belief — which is an illusion — we block our original creative intent.

Even though we may begin with a very positive and creative intent, somewhere along the line (without understanding or knowing it), we block that intent as it comes from the creative core through our belief system. As soon as we block it, it creates disruptions in the field that will eventually cause an illness in the body. These blocks appear in the field and in the life task, or Hara line, beneath the field.

So, it is the belief system that is the cause of the illness. When we trace back through any kind of situation in our lives that we find hard to forgive, we will find an original, and very positive, intent at the point where we started creating the situation. Then somehow, we blocked it. That is the point at which we need to forgive ourselves because that is when we reacted from our negative beliefs and blocked the original, positive creative impulses. In our reaction, we chose fear rather than love.

Is that how karma gets activated?

 Barbara: Yes, because karma is based on cause and effect. It can be long-term, spanning lifetimes, or short-term, when we get the effect right away. When karma is long-term, the problem is not so much the effect or past event but rather the negative belief system we carry about the event that causes us to react in an unhealthy way.

Once we clear the negative belief system, whenever that particular effect is experienced, our response will come from a very positive belief. Our positive response changes the experience from a painful situation into a life-learning situation.

That’s the difference between reaction and response. Response is from a belief system that is in reality, reaction is from a belief system that is out of reality.

Are you saying there is an effective way we can heal or change our karma in our present lifetime?

 Barbara: Yes, by clearing the negative belief system we don’t continue to create negative effects from it. When an effect we created earlier (from a negative belief) comes back to us the experience is now a life lesson.

How will we know that? How can we experience the human energy field if we don’t see it?

 Barbara: Anyone can learn to perceive the human energy field through what I call High Sense Perception (HSP), or the ability to perceive beyond the usual range of the senses — beyond sight, sound, touch, smell and taste. They can develop the senses to extend beyond what is considered normal and begin to perceive the human energy field. Through developing these senses, we can tell when the human energy field is dysfunctional and when it’s healthy. This is what I teach.

What happens in the energy field, and how can you as a healer affect the energy field? What changes come from balancing?

 Barbara: Everything changes because everything we experience comes from our belief system. We work with the belief system psychologically, but we also work with the energy configurations that correspond to it. We clear it all out so the process is quite rapid.

The changes are hard to keep up with because they can occur so rapidly. It’s hard to imagine how life will be a year from now. When we clear a block, it affects every level of being — our relationships could change or deepen, or our profession could change. When we take out what holds the negative belief system in place, the tapestry of life begins to unfold in its original pattern.

Tell us more about channeling. You channel Heyoan. Do you experience Heyoan as a distinct being with his own energy field?

 Barbara: Yes. When I am in the state of consciousness where I have identified myself as Barbara Brennan, Heyoan appears to be separate from me. He’s a being made of light. I see him with a lot of white and blue energy walking around in robes meeting with other guides. But when I channel Heyoan, his consciousness and mine merge. We become one and my aura doubles in size.

One of the ways to describe how this works is with holography. No matter how small we cut the photographic plate of a hologram we still get the whole picture. It is a little fuzzier, but when we make the holographic plate larger we get the same picture in even greater detail. So, if we expand who we are, using the analogy of the physical body or the auric field as a holographic plate, then our understanding of the universe is clearer.

When I channel Heyoan, my aura goes out ten feet to each side of me and I have a larger, clearer understanding of the world because it’s like the holographic plate. When I do the goddess energy, my aura goes out twenty feet and my conscious awareness of my energy field expands to twenty feet on either side to make a forty-foot aura. Then that becomes who I am.

I have a broader conscious awareness, or understanding, of reality because the template, the sounding board — my field — is bigger. I’ve heard that Buddha’s aura extended 40 miles. Imagine how big the Earth’s aura must be!

What effect does experiencing that expanded state have on you?

 Barbara: The effect on my entire life has been tremendous. My life experience has been growing more positive every year. The time that I spend in happiness and joy is much greater.

Of course, I have pain and problems. I hit my unconsciousness like everyone else. Each of us at the cutting edge of our reality will experience a part of the self which is asleep. But the period of joy in my life is becoming more integrated. I feel grateful to be doing this work.

Many times, after I do the goddess healing I am brought up into a room where I see a long table and many guides or spiritual beings around it. They are running the show. They have a plan for healing the Earth. One can actually feel the energy come over the room. If we can get the entire room to synchronize on the level of this plan, we can feel it in the cells of our bodies, and then we can feel a connection to the entire planetary grid structure.

When we align this way, we are aligned with the great plan, we are “on purpose”, not only with ourselves but over the face of the earth.

Dr. Barbara Brennan, the founder and President of the Barbara Brennan School of Healing, is a spiritual leader, author, healer and educator who has devoted more than 35 years to researching and exploring the Human Energy Field. She holds a Ph.D. in Energy Medicine, a D.Th. in Spiritual Healing, as well as an M.S. in Atmospheric Physics and a B.S. in Physics from the University of Wisconsin. Barbara is the author of the best-selling books Hands of Light and Light Emerging, as well as her newest book, Core Light Healing.

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