Telepathy is process of communicating through means other than the senses, as by the direct exchange of thoughts; direct communication of one mind on another at a distance.

“Telepathy” is derived from the Greek terms tele (“distant” or “distance”) and pathe (“occurrence” or “feeling”), which means getting feelings/thoughts through a distance.

Telepathy is a pure form of communication. It exists at the most basic levels of humanity. There are variations of “telepathy”, which assist us to communicate through energy, unseen and in an instant.

Being psychic tends to mean you are reading their energies fields, akashic records and other energy information systems. It is different than Telepathy. Telepathy is very much like our instant messaging, only faster, from one mind to another and the receptive person just receives it and is not ‘thinking’.


When the recipient is clear of their own emotional and mental distresses, then they may be able to receive the instant messaging of their friend or family member.

Telepathy can be confused and distorted when a person has so much going on and works in states of stress and confusion. The mind will overwork the message and mix it up into something that it is not.

Telepathy is much like that “first-impression” many place with intuition, as it is just something that travels so very fast, just as it is thought, making it instant. It is received just that way. When the mind is occupied, most messages will get passed by.

When a person opens their mind up to any kind of “psi” communication it can creates distress and confusion.

I do not like the word “psi” as it is a term of separation and skepticism, when it is the closest thing to real we have. It is the basic of what forms around it, us all. I use it here to separate it out from other thoughts we have. For telepathy is not our thoughts but thoughts from another.

Through the use of drugs and sub-human behaviors, a person may open the being up to the worse sources of information that floats around for immoral people. Some people believe that using drugs or certain behaviors will give them access to the spiritual worlds, and yet it takes them to lower levels… like kind levels of realities and dimensions. It is advisable to learn the old fashion way of clearing your mind and opening your heart in a way that makes the path open to reception.

Mind vs. mind

In metaphysics, there is a concept of “Mind” which is the inclusion of all thoughts, ideas, inspirations and knowledge. It is an energy field of such expanse and holds so much information. It is a field that one may reach and tap in to.

The concept of “mind”, lower case “m” is our more local energy field of information. It tends to be more selective as we are unique beings, and have a special area of our intentions, expertise and investigation.

Our smaller ‘mind’ still mingles with the larger ‘Mind’ but it is more selective and random. It can be easily infiltrated and even deceived through floating information that appears as though we thought it.

Telepathy moves through the intention of it going to a certain person and with specific information. It acts clearer and more precise than Aka cords.

Telepathy is most noticeable in the pure connection that mother and baby have. It is biological and yet unseen. The telepathic pathways form the instant someone begins a thought that is connected to another living being. It moves faster than light.

Tapping into Tele-streaming

Telepathy is what “channeling” is about, or any messaging from our spiritual guides and teams.

We have no real idea how many people or entities we are divinely connected to, and within our walk of life. We do not have to meet someone face to face first in order to have a telepathic connection to them.

We cannot really control these connections, nor should we.

We can shut off the inflow and ignore them. We can deny that it happens and say it is not a scientific fact, so that anything synchronistic that occurs is ignored.  Most people operate this way.

How it works might be discussed in a future article. It is more important for people to learn to open up to its ability to work with them. People would find life easier to navigate.

Our spiritual guides are there to assist us, and when we are open to their assistance, we are receiving their guidance through telepathy. Always.

Growing up With Telepathy

As a child, I would find myself knowing things that no one had talked about, I just knew them.

When I would express those thoughts to my parents, they would be angry with me. They invalidated this action, and so it became a struggle for me.

Once I was singing a song that I thought I made up. Years later it played on the radio, and I was angry, wondering how this person got my song. Yet, did I really make it up or did I telepathically pick up on it as the author wrote it? Or were we making it up at the same time?

Noble prize winners that work on different sides of the world have been awarded for the same work, may have shared telepathic thought during the nature of their study. It this information distributed through Thought-forms? Yes, it can be! Telepathy is faster.

My son once startled me with his ability to know what I was thinking at the moment I was processing my thoughts. He was 2 ½ years old, playing on the floor while I was vacuuming the hallway. My mood was hurried and tired. I had planned to drive to town to buy groceries and clothes soap, but I was rethinking it. I really did not want to leave the house. I was arriving at the conclusion that I could do it another day without problems. Suddenly my son asked me “Are we going to see my stuff?”

I stopped in shock. He knew we had plans to go to the store and they had a toy isle, where ‘his stuff” was… toys for his age, his interest. I knew immediately that he was tracking my thoughts.

I told him I was considering not going at all. He kept playing. I knew that if I lied to him, it would be the same contradictions I had to live with as a child. How would that change his growth and our relationship?

I must be honest, always, with him, especially if he was able to know my thoughts. I also knew I could not have thoughts about sex, not for his age.

Yes! If he can read anything, then I cannot have just any kind of thoughts! Oh my!!! I must now switch in to high gear and track what I think for his sake. For that is what I am now teaching him, subliminally!

Through the years, he has known my thoughts and sent me thoughts. He probably help me to sharpen my abilities as well. He was naturally fluid in this and I might have been but my parents had chopped that skill up in my own youth.

We talk aloud about anything. I had planned to be that kind of parent that will just talk the truth to him about anything.

There are times when I would be driving home thinking about picking up pizza for dinner, only to arrive at home and see the smile on his face as I walked in with a pizza. I knew I received his telepathic order for pizza, and it was not my thinking at all. Pizza was his favorite to tele-message me for!

Living apart makes no difference either. One morning I got up and decided to go to the pancake house and let them make me a good breakfast. Right after I finished up, I looked at my social media account and see a photo of my son’s breakfast at the same named pancake house that he has just had. Did I pick up his thoughts or did he pick up mine? Who was first? Does it matter?  We both had meals at the same restaurant, different locations at the same time.

This connection has saved us from danger many times as well. I had shown up at his school just in time to take him out of a dangerous drama.

Scientific Ignorance

People argue that is Telepathy not real and all I can say is that they have not had any real evidence or experience of it to know better. I could care less what “scientists or experts” say about it. I know it is very real. It is not something you can find in a jar!

I am telepathic with many other people as well. I know that this stage of spiritual growth I am in, allows me to tap into consciousness fields of people and just know from their inner source what is being thought of, experienced, and other energy information. It is the way I operate now. It is truly a gift in group situations for I know and act without talking or being told.

When you can tap into fields of consciousness, you bypass all the social programing and the fake-fronts of people, as they are so much more pure at their cores.

The fake-fronts are when they are acting polite or by passing their real thoughts in order to fit the situation or to look a certain way. When I act in accordance to their inner core consciousness field, they feel very comfortable with me, as I am not judging them, I am totally accepting them and loving them fully.

Science discovery takes time and then it must pass the scientists social order to see it it passes or is rejected yearly. Poor Albert Einstein knew this one!

Quiet Communication

I had some psychic friends that were married and having troubles. The man was beating on his wife. Last time I saw her, she has a black eye and she lied about it.

One time when I had walked to the corner store to get some food, I felt that they had argued again that day, and I started to get very angry about him using physical force to make his point. I loved them both, but there is a limit to abuse, and he cannot hurt her like that. I wanted to hurt him.

I imagined some angry responses on my walk home. I even imagined me punching him in the face. I felt very angry and wanted to defend my girlfriend. By the time I reached home, about five minutes, I was already thinking about other things. I went inside and put up the food, when a knock at my door occurred. Here were my friends!

They came in nervous and apologetic. They were holding each other’s hands and wanting me to know they were fine. Telepathy connects. I smiled and felt a bit sheepish, seeing them like this removed my concern. We are all connected in love.

Telepathy allows energy information to travel any distance. And if people are receptive, then they may receive that information. Most feel like it is their own thoughts. Few will say it is telepathy for this term is not widely accepted. But it is.

It is not a special gift only for talented or saints. It is our innate ability to communicate that has been run over by a Mack truck of social bullshit.

This term, Telepathy has been manipulated to make people feel stupid and wrong. Coincidence is the term people substitute for Telepathy and many other “conscious connections”.  No, it is telepathy.

It is more common and used daily by most everyone. Perhaps we are not to believe in it until we are more compassionate people? For knowing something too early might provoke mean people into the wrong actions. Or is it that meanness blinds people from their own inner communication networks and so deaf.

It is time that people begin to let go o the need for someone to approve “telepathy” as a socially accepted concept. It is time that people learn to use it. Use it in kindness and love.

~ Carolyn Thompson

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