Expressing events that are unusual add a complexity to writing about it. So it is with what come call Bi-location or as Stylianos Atteshli refers to it as “Exosomatosis”, the ability to use the useful energy throughout outside human bodies as in human thermodynamics, as term coined by Romanian mathematical economist Nicholas Georgescu-Roegen in 1971.

Two Places at Once

Astral projection has been used and understood by many. The next step, bi-location or exosomatosis is the use of our etheric energy body; it does not use the astral bodies as in astral projection.

The dynamic use of our Etheric energy body is the part that now moves to other locations and assembles, sometimes very visibly to assist others in their situations.

As one masters their many layers and multi-dimensionality, there may be a time when one can open up to this ability to be in more than one place at a time, perhaps two or three, all the while the main human body anchors down and hold all components in play. The master can assemble a new form of their own self outside the body with their etheric energy to go to assist people in need.

Master Greek Healer

Stylianos Atteshlis was a great Greek Healer and a Christian mystic. He is commonly known as the Magus of Strovolos, the Master, or simply, Daskalos (teacher).

Like most genuine mystics, Stylianos Atteshlis has led an outwardly unremarkable life. He was born in 1910 in the Greek part of Cyprus, near the town of Strovolos, and spent his years as a civil servant, family man, and Christian.

For years he had been teaching, trying to wake people out of their spiritual slumber. Although he was ready to help and heal wherever and whenever was needed.

He set up the circle, “The Researchers of Truth” in the Stoa (school room) at the back of his modest home. Daskalos instructed the group in esoteric Christian wisdom, contemplation, exosomatosis, and the development of healing powers. The series of books which have been published are based on practice and meditation of Atteshlis.

Throughout his life Daskalos enjoyed composing and performing music (violin and piano), writing poetry, painting, gardening and studying languages. He is the author of a number of books.

Kyriacos Markides in wrote about Daskalos in three books, The Magus of Strovolos, Fire in the Heart and Homage to the Sun.

In the last years of his life, people from all over the world came to Stoa in Strovolos to hear his lectures and seek healing. On August 26, 1995, Atteshlis died in Cyprus.

Daskalos’s practices are the sorts of metaphysical practices we have come to associate more with Hinduism, Tibetan Buddhism, and shamanism than with the Western mystic tradition. It is through his own personal experiences that he distills his teachings for others.

Exosomatosis; Conscious Out-of-BodyTravel

For example, Daskalos is frequently engaged in the practice of “exosomatosis,” in which he is able to leave his body, fully conscious, and travel to faraway places and dimensions in the company of “invisible helpers” in order to be of service to others.

He was aware of his past lives (in one, he says, he tended the rooms where Jesus Christ slept during his visits to the Essenes) and to be able to revisit these incarnations at will.

In the biography of Daskalos, Markides wrote about a public healing incident described by an Italian journalist;

“In front of several witnesses, Stylianos Atteshlis healed a three-year-old English boy of polio. I stared with curiosity at the English-woman holding her child. Only when she placed the boy in Stylianos Atteshlis’ arms did I notice that [the boy’s] left leg was covered with a heavy plastic brace. It was atrophied and clearly shorter than the other leg…. Stylianos Atteshli sat on a chair with the child in his arms and began to speak to him with a very sweet tone in his voice. As he was doing that, he began to gently stroke the sickly leg. He pulled it a few times as if to make it longer. . . . Ten, twenty minutes must have passed; I don’t remember. I had my eyes glued sometimes on the child and sometimes on Stylianos Atteshli. Suddenly, the child made a pained grimace. At that point he raised the boy up, gave him a light slap on his buttocks, and said, “Now, run, my boy. “And the child began running around the room. Was it a miracle! Was it suggestion! One can make whatever conclusions one wishes. I just describe what I saw.”

Despite these reputed powers, Daskalos rejects the mantle of miracle worker. “They are phenomena, nothing more,” he insists. “If we knew how nature works, we would not call them miracles.”

Daskalos provides some intense study for those interested through his own writing. He explains his model of our Beingness and his understanding many subject, too many to list here.

Divine Work in a Physical World

When I read Daskalos biographies by Markides in the early 1990’s, I was glued to the knowledge Daskalos provided. He put in to words so many things I was experiencing.

He was one of the first people I had encountered who talked about “exo-somatosis” (exit from the body).

The first step for me was ‘astral travel’, using the astral energy field for moving about in the astral realms.

Later the new step was using the etheric energy body to manifest a second body to go and be present in the real world to serve people. It is the ability to manifest an etheric body double which is beyond using the astral essences, refered to as bi-location.

I have astral traveled all my life and most of the time it was to help people.

Exosomatosis is a conscious exiting of the body with Etheric energy and forming a body to work in; so there are two bodies, the second body can be very thin, or very visible. I surprised a relative of mine by “showing up” at her work once!  I was now able to bilocate/ exosomatosis, around 2004.

At present, I did not need to lay the body down anymore while my etheric body moves portions out and formed another body to do spiritual work for others. I was conscious and active in all bodies. Yet in the beginning, it was mandatory that I lay down and allow.

I would be in two places at one time. My first form (home body) could be driving a car while my second form would be in Japan helping people in a disaster. There have been a few times where I would be in three and four places at once. But it is too much, and stresses the home body too much to do that. Guess I needed to learn that.

I do know how far I can ‘stretch” myself and still be useful in all. There is a percent of etheric energy that I need for my home body in order for it to be conscious. For special work, requiring much more of that percent, I will then lay down and allow the work to take place elsewhere.

Many others like me do this kind of work all the time, day or night. Many are on “Transition Teams” who assist people who die to their next step.

Early on I was on these transition teams, learning and doing,  and when events like the Oklahoma bombings took place, I went to the building to assist people in shock to move to their next step, yet my home body was on Kauai.

Once I was bi-located to Japan during an earthquake disaster during the winter and was there for a few days. While I was in two places, my home body was freezing cold on the tropical island of Kauai! I could feel and know what my second body was doing during the cold climate.

This is part of what advanced souls do. So much healing work happens out of the range of our eye sight.

Practicing Astral Travel

Astral travel is practiced by many people world wide during sleep. It is a very interesting subject and many books are available on it.

Be careful and always have a spirit guide go with you as you do it. The astral levels are collapsing these days as this is part of the evolution of our systems. There are also real nasty beings and things there… the stuff we fear and loath too.

In the past, I had to help to many stuck souls get out of the astral worlds. Soon as ten get unstuck, twenty more get stuck. It was exhausting work. Always take your guides with you so you do not get stuck!

Listen to your Higher Self on whether to do it or not. Train and study this area.

No real effort needs to be taken if you are on your soul path, as these abilities are delayed for reasons of ethics and doing the right thing. As you develop, your own abilities open up and you are guided at first to get the hang of it, and then you use these talents for spiritual work.

I never intentionally practiced astral travel, it came to me naturally of which I have helped people throughout my life and cleared astral garbage of people. places and things. Once you are well-practiced in one area, another may open depending upon your ethics.

Bilocation and Astral Travel are two very different things.

Astral travel is common during dreamtime for many people and most do not know they are doing it. Over time and practice, mastering astral travel, the opportunity for bi-location may open up to you.

Bi-location is a very conscious work which comes only after a person has mastered all their body chakras up to the crown chakra and beyond. It requires the skill to make a second (or third) body to move in with etheric energy.

Allow your own process to unfold. Learn and be conscious of your movements.

~ Carolyn Thompson

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