During this time period there is a great opportunity for our soul evolution with our spiritual growth. With the plethora of religions and/or ethics to be a pathway to a more fulfilling life, people today are seeking a deeper connection to their soul.

Throughout time people have asked “Why am I here?” To enjoy life is the simple answer.

Yet it is not so simple in a world full of challenges and struggles.

So the next question might be, “Why are all these struggles here?” To evolve the soul is the simple answer.

“Those who overcome great challenges will be changed, and often in unexpected ways. For our struggles enter our lives as unwelcome guests, but they bring valuable gifts. And once the pain subsides, the gifts remain. These gifts are life’s true treasures, bought at great price, but cannot be acquired in any other way.” ~ Steve Goodier

The soul becomes more resolved and develops an integrity through facing challenges. Everything in our life path has a purpose and to face it and take it to its next level actually assists you in your soul growth.

Early challenges may leave imprints of emotional and mental stresses that lock in to the form of a person. These imprints get stored throughout the body and can recreate emotional/mental distress when certain impetus comes around.

When one is on a spiritual path, it is about becoming calm in the storms around you, to think clearly and act responsibly. It is about doing what one thinks is right, even in the face of diversity.

Yet when there are many imprints stored within the body, this is not always easy or first choice. Sometimes  facing a challenge also means not being calm, but acting fierce and taking assertive action.

Energy Functionality

This is where the study of the biofield of humans is helpful. Learning about the biofields (energy fields) and energy centers* (chakras) builds a knowledge base that can assist in the evolution of the soul. Energy centers all have their own functions and purposes and emotional/mental imprints can be stored accordingly. Fears tend to be stored through the first three energy centers and in the areas where those govern, that is the root chakra to the solar plexus, which are our butt, intestines to our stomach areas.

When a person wishes to grow fast spiritually, they can use the energy centers for understanding how they are evolving. Become an observer of your life, watch what you react to and overreact to so that you can list what is bothering you or in your way to a peaceful, fulfilling life.

For example, you may have a fear of large animals and when you get around someone’s pet dog of the right size, you over-react in a way that you cannot control yourself. This is very disconcerting and something that can be overcome.

Let’s say this is an imprint stored in you body in the region maintained by your second energy center, that would be your intestines.  When you discover this, you can then neutralize the imprint’s electric reaction through forgiveness and reviewing the events that placed the imprint there in the first place.

See the whole picture of what you witnesses in the experience. There is a need for the soul to “see” something, and to gather the information that the experience provides.

Perhaps you were petting someone’s dog and the dog reacted by biting you. In your review you look at the fact that you were being kind and appreciating the beauty of this dog, only to have the dog hurt you. The imprint might then imply that “being kind will get you hurt and especially with large animals”.

On further review, you may see that this imprint was incorrect to some extent as dogs do bite when they wish for something to stop. Perhaps the dog also has imprints of abuse after being petted? So the dog feels right in his response to you. One reason parents will tell you to be cautious in approaching animals. This is what ‘being aware’ is about.

As you may see, this there is a realization that takes place and the whole purpose of the incident, perhaps. Then as you go further in to it, you may find other pieces or not. Forgive yourself and the dog, dog owner, that is, anyone involved that you can think of. Forgiveness takes the electrical charge off the imprint and the imprint leaves. All that might be left is the thought of it.

In doing this you have cleared energy in your second energy center that was keeping you anchored in lower frequencies, lower emotions and reactions.

Evolving through Major Energy Centers

When you clear the imprints within the area that any energy center governs, you free the energy so that it may perform in ways that bring health and happiness.

The first three, the root, sacral, and solar plex energy centers, from the bottom up, tend to be the densest, with fears, traumas, memories and such; these thoughts and emotions are just part of the life here on Earth and what it supplies.

Major chakra system as taught in Barbara Brennan School of Healing

Fears, anxieties, low self-esteem, anger, resentments, animosity, and other emotions are stored in the cells of our body through both mental and emotional experiences, and when we clear what we have stored by a minimum of 52%, it allows for the expression of your personality to become freer to express through your higher chakras.

As each energy center is cleared to a minimum of 52%, the individual finds new experiences with less struggle as the person is evolving and  expressing through higher energy centers.

Humanity Consciousness is Growing Up

In this time period, humanity’s bioenergy is expressing through their third and fourth energy centers in their personal lives.  In easy terms that means people are moving in to their hearts, and becoming more aware of others.

There are also many people who are developed up to the past the 9th energy center beyond the body.

Due to the global communication, people can now move through more experiences and thoughts. This is assisting in a rapid evolution of persons seeking it.

People are witnessing events that helps to move their expression in to their heart. They are not having to live it, slowly, as in older times; they now experience it through the dramas of those around them, and benefit or not from it.

The first six energy centers all have polarities, or what can be referred to as healthy and unhealthy aspects/expressions. When one clears the energy centers of any unhealthy imprints that are stored, balance is restored. This does not means one is all positive or all negative. There is usually always a polarity in matter, in our bodies; it is more about not being influenced by those experiences that hold electrical charges.

When one evolves to the seventh energy center on the top of the head, there comes a natural balance.

It is a balancing act and when a person is in spiritual growth, their words, actions, thoughts and deeds determines what main chakra a person is living through the most. People say “Live in your Heart” they refer to the heart chakra and the higher consciousness that one accesses.

There are many charts which assist in understanding the many qualities of each energy center and is worth the study. Finding out what makes you unhappy so that you can be happy is valuable!

Traversing Chakras as Steps

Naturally people evolve in similar patterns moving up the energy centers as they become more intelligent through mind and emotions, yet it is very natural to bounce around in combinations of energy centers through the perceptions and interpretations of moments people go through, and when clearing is done.  When in earnest and focused, then ones journey up through each energy center becomes more like a stair case, stepping and moving up through survivals beliefs, through fears and gut feelings, sorting out your unconscious stores within the cells.

The heart energy center has been referred to as the gateway to the higher dimensional consciousness and it is a turning point. For heart is our key to defining our spiritual nature. Before reaching the heart centered consciousness, our lives are full of conflicts and dilemmas. Heart level living brings about a different way of everything, and thus our lives change.

Moving up to one’s Heart energy center, we learn to be more conscious about others and ourselves, showing more love and kindness as that is right.

Stepping upward into our Throat energy center, we express through actions and words a more stable and understandable passion.  Next step into our Third Eye energy center and the moving to the ability to see in clear ways, see the unseen energy, and understand with an awaken Spiritual eye. The sixth energy center is one of a more time consuming levels to traverse.

Stepping in to the Crown energy center which is a place of “knowing” and connection to the nigher Mind.

8th Energy Center and Beyond

Our 8th energy center is above our head, and it is when a person has evolved to this level that their Light Body, their Etheric Body becomes clear and resolute. There is light being emitted that some may see hence the name ‘Light Body’. It is actually that their biofield became clearer so that more of the innate radiance comes through.

Our Light Body becomes activated through a person’s diligence to be so. It just takes a minimum of 52% clearing of the form to achieve the Crown level. Once at this level, the energy centers become synchronizes and begin to spin together, in unison.

From this point a person can continue and move to the higher energy centers which connect to the non-physical realities, and more aspects of their Divine self.

Each step takes you closer to becoming a much happier and passionate person. The benefits are amazing and far out way the trouble it took to get there.

When you clear and move past the heart energy center, you are more present for the Divine gifts you already have. Each can come on line when certain markers have been passed. The activator is always YOU. Your own personal diligence is the key.

Know too, that you do not need to understand chakras or energy fields in order to grow spiritually, for most all religions and spiritual practices focus on being kind, helpful, real and truthful which are the pathway to true growth!

~ Carolyn Thompson

© 2015-2025 Carolyn Thompson; All rights reserved.

* Energy Center (Chakra) ~ Chakra is an Indian Sanskrit word that translates to mean “Wheel of Spinning Energy”.  Chakras are spinning wheels of energy that perform many functions connecting our energy fields, bodies and the Cosmic Energy Field.  Energy flows from the Universal Energy Field through the energy centers.  Our bodies contain seven major energy centers and many minor chakras usually at the joints and in hands and feet.  The Seven Major Energy Centers are located at the base of the spine (Root Chakra), at the navel (Sacral Chakra), in the solar plexus (Solar Plexus Chakra), within your heart (Heart Chakra), within the throat (Throat Chakra),  at the center of your forehead (Brow or Third Eye Chakra), and at the top of your head (Crown Chakra).

Chakras can become unbalanced, can spin too fast or too slow, lop to one side, can become distorted in shape, or they can store negative energies that replay like an endless loop tape..  Chakras can be adjusted, activated or de-activated by the very concentrated power of thought.  However, they ususally are not truly “closed” although you will hear certain people make statements such as “your chakras are shut down or closed”, referring to an unbalance. When the root and crown are really closed, that will conclude in death of the body.

Fear closes down and distorted chakras and makes our energy field contract closer to out physical body. Love expands.

Here at Energetic Healing we prefer using the term “energy centers” instead of chakras. This appears to be the chosen term in the emerging scientific field of Energy Medicine. It was determined to create a term in which leaves behind the eastern religious contexts and other beliefs behind that comes with the term chakras.Some schools and communities with certain religious views, have banned Yoga due to its origin in the east and thus any language that is associated with it. To grow past these beliefs, it is nessecary to form a more scientific language for which to talk about Energy Medicine.