Our sun radiates many types of energy down to our earth and until lately, they have discovered that there is new light reaching us all. Earth has always received Ultraviolet light radiation. They have discovered we are now receiving variants of the Ultraviolet light which can affect DNA. As in this artwork by Claude Monet above, it is a particular light violet that is not truly within our visual range.

From an article put out by NASA Earth Observatory;

“UV radiation from the sun has always played important roles in our environment, and affects nearly all living organisms. Biological actions of many kinds have evolved to deal with it. Yet UV radiation at different wavelengths differs in its effects, and we have to live with the harmful effects as well as the helpful ones.

Radiation at the longer UV wavelengths of 320-400 nm, called UV-A, plays a helpful and essential role in formation of Vitamin D by the skin, and plays a harmful role in that it causes sunburn on human skin and cataracts in our eyes.

The incoming radiation at shorter wavelengths, 290-320 nm, falls within the UV-B part of the electromagnetic spectrum. (UV-B includes light with wavelengths down to 280 nm, but little to no radiation below 290 nm reaches the Earth’s surface). UV-B causes damage at the molecular level to the fundamental building block of life— deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA).”

They further explain various ways this UV light affects all life on Earth. With new detection, they have found that Earth and her inhabitants are now receiving much more UV-b and UV-c.

In a recent study posted in Journal of Geography, Environment and Earth Science International “Deadly Ultraviolet UV-C and UV-B Penetration to Earth’s Surface Human and Environmental Health Implications” cites;

“Our multifold measurements of solar irradiance spectra demonstrate conclusively that all wavelengths in the spectral range 200 – 400 nm reach Earth’s surface, contrary to the widespread perception that all UV-C and the majority of UV-B never reach the surface. We confirm the surface UV-C measurements of D’Antoni et al. (2007) that were disputed, based on faulty computer model calculations of atmospheric ozone, and thereafter ignored by the geoscience community.”

Read both of these science studies to get the full picture. The video below is about measuring this and the poster gets excited about it, wanting it ‘fixed’.


Science provides a practical platform for those who have envisioned the world on a path of change.

For those talking about ascension of Earth and her people, perhaps this is a key factor in this evolution. Perhaps all the talk of living in the frequency of “Love” actually is a pathway to moving through this zone of UV light that is now providing some type of DNA editing. As those with deep contacts to the Masters, Elementals and the Angelics, there has been much said about the dire need of Humanity to act with Love, to love their self, and love others. Masters of the past, like Jesus and Buddah have preached a path is all about love.

“Love one another”, ~ Master Jesus.

“Radiate boundless love towards the entire world — above, below, and across — unhindered, without ill will, without enmity”. ~ Buddah

LOVE as a Force of Nature

Love has been the major focus of most honest channelings for human growth. Love is what people pine for, wish to have and want to share. Beyond the sexual connotations, Love is an all pervasive energy that permeates all life is ways yet to be discovered.

Can this love frequency be the way we each guide our body changes forward to escape old age and disease? Those who grumble, complain and are disgusted with whatever may be the polar opposite and find their body to disintegrate more rapidly. We already see evidence of that, as in old age, faces tend to mold in to a form that expresses their life. Smile lines all throughout a face invited people to interact, while pennant frowns tend to be avoided.

Yet in these times of immense changed there are people who have been looking for certain factors to share and in this sharing, more pieces of our evolutionary puzzle come forth. Through specific instruments they now discovered that UV actually reaches the Earth and penetrates the Earth; which is one of those pieces. After energy moved in to our Earth, it comes up through out body and all life forms.

The properties of the various wavelengths places new light in to our vocabulary so that the changed to the human form can be understood. It is easier to observe the changes in plant life for they are not a complex constitution like a human body.

Although these discoveries and measurements do not provide proof that UV-b & UV-c are actually “new”, they do show there is a major increase. Can this be part of the catalyst for many changes?

It certainly is a piece of the puzzle.

Personal Observations in Nature

When I lived on Kauai, about the third year I was there, 1993, I noticed how the Ti leaves were becoming golden on the top edges, about 3 inches of the top. There were also tree changes. Trees have predictable patterns and they bloom and give fruit like clockwork.

Observing a particular old Mango tree in the yard, it started making flowers and fruit out of season and only on one side of it. The other side of the tree started to flower and make fruit months later. None of this blooming was at its normal cycles.

The sun no longer gave me a tan but only a temporary redness, which was alarming. So my son and I went to the beach only early or late in the day to avoid any red skin issues. So by observing nature, I think this is around the time much more of the UV variants were entering our atmosphere.

What my spiritual team tells me is that UV-c is an instrument of change and the way that the change goes is on concert with the host. Be the Love that you are.

~ Carolyn Thompson