For over 25 years now I have been attending “Night Meetings”. These are meetings held by the Masters, Off-Earth Leaders and Leaders of a large variety that are active with the Ascension of Earth to plan for the next steps for earth and her inhabitants.

It is essentially a master-meeting in which many of us incarnated on Earth are called to attend in order to review the world situation. This is a time when there are discussions and plans are changed in order to fit the needs of the souls living here on Earth.

These meetings happen with some regularity in order to review and assess many things at many levels. Once a decision is reached, things are set in to motion from a creation standpoint.

Diversity of Attendees

These meetings are attended by qualified humanity; ground crew, volunteers, incarnated Masters and Celestials, people living with all kinds of diverse religious and cultural lives,  and so many mixed background people who are in-body on the Earth. Attendance to these meetings are in their Etheric Bodies. It is the gathering of those who care for Earth and her people.

These meetings as some are so crowded with souls from all over our world, other worlds, and all around the universe.

Each in attendance has a grand center light that shines and pulsates. In this Celestial soup, a saturation of soul stars, all gathered in Love, you understand Oneness.

The sensations and sensual attributes you feel are beyond descriptions in Earth terms. I cannot explain them, not even remotely.

The colors I could never paint here on Earth as there are no colors (yet) of those shades, clarity and brilliance. There is a perceivable depth of field within these colors, like layers, that move and pulsate.

It was humbling when I first start to attend these meetings many years ago as I remember being so quiet; I was afraid it was all only a dream and if I made a noise it would dissipate. But they are very real and dynamic. There are also people I know and recognize there.

High Ethical Standards Only

These meetings are very serious and it takes strong personal discipline to qualify to be invited. These meetings are not for everyone. The meetings have specific agendas and those connected with those agendas attend to report, receive updates and make changes in the Divine Plan for Earth. These meetings are secret in their content.

For the souls on Earth have come to Earth to live through their souls journey, souls desires, and to give away the content could change the way people behave and choose to live.

I attend the night meetings as I am on several different team missions, and those I am leader of. Many other meetings I am not invited to, for the meetings do not pertain to the missions I am entrusted with. It is very much like our corporate meetings here on Earth yet we have no coffee and paper to write on.

In the beginning when I just started to go to these meetings, I did not remember going when I woke up. I sensed something had gone on, but nothing would come to mind. I started to become aware that I was attending meetings although the next day l did not always understand or remember what took place.

Time-Coded Packets

Meeting agendas are fully understood in the higher etheric. The agenda is in the form of ‘time-coded packets of information’ which spring open a certain time. This means the information becomes available at the right time.

When certain markers presented I  suddenly have a surprising amount of knowledge of what was going to happen and what to do as came at the right time. These “time-coded” information packets are designed by one’s personal higher self in order not to overload, over stimulate, or throw the soul off a certain state of being on Earth. It is like a carefully written recipe so that ingredients are added in precise order to make the best outcome.

These packets will open up in your awareness when certain things happen, certain words or even when you arrive at a certain place. One day you might know nothing about a subject, then as an event takes place, you are instantly prepared and know how to move forward according to the Divine Plan.

We receive these kinds of time-coded packets all the time even when we do not attend night meetings and are provided by our higher self for our role in this life. This is something to remember as when a situation gets tough, perhaps you already have what you need to do the right thing; it is just that you need to calm and center for the packet to pop open.

Dedicated Planning

My wish for those new to this idea would be to understand that there is a great background of many souls and entities of the highest caliber working to protect and advance all souls that are willing to step forward and let go of what does not serve them or anyone.

Everyone on Earth is being observed and when someone suddenly says they wish to change and are ready to advance, scores of entities of the highest caliber come instantly to assist.

A soul must ask, and activate change, otherwise there is silence. Say the word. It is your duty to follow through as no one does your soul work for you.

When a soul has awaken appropriately to their role in this Divine Plan, they may be invited to attend these night meetings, which can also happen during the day. It is just easier at night.

Many times I have just suddenly gone to a meeting during the day that was called in an instant. There are entities that come to my physical body’s side to assist and protect me.

People who do not attend these night/day meetings definitely do not have the needed awareness to receive the information from these meetings and that their Higher Self has what it needs instead. The information that is given freely to a general audience is not the full meeting’s worth of knowledge but just that which was allowed at the time.

Those that are just learning, just awakening cannot receive the full agenda of the meetings as it is forbidden. Strictly forbidden. This is one of the code of Ethics of attending the night meetings.

Once someone breaks any code of ethics for these meetings, they are no longer allowed to go to these meetings.  If they realign, they can attend. Their Master teachers are in charge of this action. Again this is to protect the soul path’s of everyone.

People act differently when they get information too early, and make bad choices. Look at the crazy reactions around the predictions of Dec. 2012!!! How many souls walked off their path and just went bonkers, imaging and doing something other than what their Higher Self was guiding them to? And yet how many people did just what their Higher Self wanted and created celebrations and gatherings for people.

Holding back certain information is a protection for the soul’s journey. No spoiler alerts! There is no wrongdoing if you know something before its time, it’s just more exploring.

Expectation can easily cause “disappointments”. How long these disappointments linger is a matter of choice.

Walk Your Own Path

Take the information from those you respect in this field of metaphysics and walk careful with it. It does not matter who it is, it is what you align with at the time that counts.

Discern it, practice with it and if it works for you, keep it. If it appears false or feels wrong, let it go.

There is no ‘one’ guide-book for the spiritual path at all, anywhere.

There are thousands of authors, teachers, friends, and elders currently on Earth providing guidance in every corner of our world.

Find what pleases and excites you for that is the right path at the moment. For the truth within the soul shows you the path through life.

Once you learn all you need from one source go to another interest and learn more. Even the fakers and tricksters have something of value so just collect what you feel is right. Do not follow anyone blindly. Questioning helps your own growth by strengthening or loosening the hold on beliefs and practices that concern you. This is WHY we are here.

The primary reason we are here to live in JOY. When we are not, then we look at why not and sort out. So many societal practices are outdated and take people towards suffering rather than JOY.

Night and Day Meetings review and set plans forward towards more joy in our world, always. We are doing this together. Even what might appear as opposite sides, you will find them in attendance in these meetings too. All sides are planed for.

We are not slaves or prisoners here on Earth, but actors, creators, inventors in a large game within the landscape of this beautiful Earth.

You are sovereign and can shift your own reality more than you might be right now. Stand up and activate the creative choices you hold as this life is for adventure!

I am amazed just how much humanity has changed in my tiny life time already! We are growing in to a global community!

~ Carolyn Thompson

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