Enigmatic Healing

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Why “Enigmatic” Healing?

It best describes the complexity of each individual person of whom I have worked on, but also describes the puzzling way that the human bioenergy works.

An ‘Enigma’ is something being beyond one’s powers to know, understand, or explain; a puzzling or inexplicable occurrence or situation; something that baffles understanding and cannot be explained; “how it got out is a mystery”; “it remains one of nature’s secrets”; anything that arouses curiosity or perplexes because it is unexplained, inexplicable, or secret.

Sounds about right. As unless we endeavour to explore this fascinating study, it might remain a puzzle.


Welcome to the world of Energy Medicine, the science of human bioenergy.

The ongoing study of the reality and the functions of our human energy fields which include our physical body, has gathered a lot of research study and application. Even with all our modern information, our physical body is still an “enigma” as scientists are still discovering new organs. (link)

Our body is so intricate that it takes more than a lifetime to study. Many people take just one specializing area to work with, and depend upon other people to help them form a full picture of what is going on and how to assist towards health.

Add to this equation that people have energy fields that can extend far past four feet from their physical form, along with meridians, energy centers, core star and tube of light; the study of the Divine Body becomes interesting.

With out our subtle energy fields, we would have no body, so the study of these fields is an enormous task. Human energy fields have been studied throughout time.


The entire biofield is all radiation from our core star and tube of light.

People are a star in metaphoric and practical terms, in that our soul, our core star is what holds us all as a unit, a human.

The artwork to the left is close to what the core star looks like.

When a baby is being born, that is when the core star is well anchored within the physical form created within the womb.

This core star holds all the ‘software’ for the evolution in any lifetime. As the baby grows, the emanations of etheric and bioenergy also grow.

Most babies do not know they are a separate being from their mother, as they are so used to living within the mothers energy fields. When they are ready they step out and feel their own fields, yet may step back in to that feeling of ‘home’ back in mothers energy field.

Subtle Energy

What makes the study of the human bioenergy hard is that it is a more refined energy substance than what sustains us as form, so it makes it harder to detect. It takes an ability to move one’s self, one own consciousness in to those fields in order to read the energy information. In order to read that energy information, one needs to have become strong and clear using their High Sense Perception.

Healing is something which occurs within the individual. Our Body Divine is so well coded to healing the body, yet there are times when it is just out of balance that we need help. Sometimes healing seems to happen instantly while other times it is so slow, or perhaps it was the pathway to leave this incarnation. Some people came in this life with might be termed abnormalities, only to keep them their whole life as this is also a soul path.

Gathering Energy Information

Through my own healing journey, I have learned about many areas of healing arts practiced. (link) As I learned more about one area, more questions would come and I would be off learning about something connected.

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The one truth that threads through all the practices was leaving the healing to the client, which is not to interfere with their Divinity, but to work with their soul in order to provide the best compliments to the healing process. It is a co-operative effort.

Each Divine Soul, which means everybody, is on their own journey in life and their soul will align pressures, perks, and experiences providing growth of consciousness towards the ideals set in place before that soul’s incarnation.

The ideals set are commitments that propels a person forward. We know on some level of our being what our journey is about, and so although we feel we are walking without a map, there is one within us. It seems to unfold just as we need it to.

If you love music, then you have place it in your life. If it is creating a family, then you step forward that way. These wonderful pathways bring about the adventures, with all the twists and turns included.

I am passionate about people. I am open to hearing their stories and about their soul journey, which in real words means they have talked from their heart. Their stories have helped me to gather pieces of the healing puzzle. Their stories deepen my love for humanity as there is a rich fabric of gentleness I can feel in all people.

Enigmatic Healing

Enigmatic Healing is a pathway of healing for the unique soul, Person.

Enigmatic Healing is my method of Energy Medicine work, aligning with the individual/ sovereign Soul/client and moving according to their soul guidance to me. I work with their guides as well as my spiritual team. In Enigmatic Healing sessions, I work with Melchizedek Ouri Light. (link)

This unique Light is for Soul Integration brings about core enrichment. It is to align one quickly, in any way that might be needed, to their soul path. It clears the energy fields, and strengthens the core purpose through removal of static and old energies.

Melchizedek Ouri Light is specific Light. It is our gift to humanity in human’s quest for returning to authenticity of their souls. This light is very powerful, beyond what earthians have experienced through other means.

In accordance with the Divine Plan for Earth and Humanity, it is time to administer Melchizedek Ouri Light which provides fast clearing and which enhances the acceleration of every soul in which this Light touches.

~ Caroleen, Melchizedek Ouri

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Caroleen Thompson

Enigmatic Healing practitioner, spiritual  consulting, teacher, writer, harpist, and artist.


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