Services provided by Carolyn Thompson

…… A list of the services such as Enigmatic Healing sessions, Spiritual Consulting, Mentoring and Professional Speaking below with a brief description.

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If you wish to book a session, call 512 413-7578 and leave a message for a call back.

Enigmatic Healing Session

A session provides Soul Integration on all levels of a person’s being, body, mind, etheric templates and subtle energy systems in and around the body.

Each session brings about core enrichment according to the individual’s soul path.

A session clears the energy fields and strengthens the core purpose through removal of static and old energies.

Most sessions are provided as Long Distance sessions while the participant is in rest. One session by appointment is $165.00 (USD)

Spiritual Consulting

This service is conversation which focuses upon one’s spiritual growth.

It is a practical session where I listen deeply to one’s concerns and may assist in providing insights, ideas, techniques, and energy as needed.

In a session, we work with our spiritual guides and Higher Selves to bring about the best for one’s growth. One hour session is $165.00 (USD)


Mentoring is most often defined as a professional relationship in which you receive expert advice that assists in developing specific skills and knowledge that will enhance your personal grow. 

A four session commitment in order to work with your personal soul path and what you need through receiving Spiritual Consulting and guidance ideally to be complete within a two month time period.

Mentoring is about helping a person move towards their ideas and wants and at the pace the person wishes.

In each session we focus upon your needs and interests as you see them to be building towards your goals.

This is highly personal and works toward assisting you in your spiritual growth.  This can be by phone or email. Mentor package is $620.00  (USD)

Public Speaking

As a professional speaker, Carolyn provides education through entertainment and guidance that engages your group. Experienced with large or small groups and all ages; she is a natural teacher. Carolyn earned a B.S. in Art Education from Texas State University.

Beyond college, Carolyn has studied well over 6500 additional hours in various complimentary therapies and has performed healing sessions on nearly 20,000 unique individuals.

She is an experienced entrepreneur through the creation of Thompson Arts, Inc. in Houston, a small advertising agency that serviced many of the mover and shakers building the west side of Houston. After moving to Kauai and learning the native Hawaiian Healing arts, Carolyn opened Ola Massage in Kapaa, offering Hawaiian Lomilomi, Energy Medicine and Spiritual Consulting and provided work for therapists for over 12 years, then sold it.

Education has always been part of her life, either receiving it or teaching, Carolyn just enjoys learning and assisting others. Carolyn has talked before many different types of audiences, and all ages.

  • Gave lectures about Earth Energies to the Central Texas Parapsychology Association in Austin, Tx
  • Provided ‘Experience Sedona” Tours, taking small groups on guided tours to the vortexes in Sedona, AZ to meditate and experience earth energies and make spiritual connections during 1987-88.
  • Co-created an experiential healing day in the Taro Patch of Anahola Kauai for the students and teachers of Healing Touch Program that had attended the Healing Touch Hawaii Cruise 1998.
  • Presented a dynamic afternoon workshops for three days at the Annual Healing Touch International Conference 2000 on Kauai, HI, where Carolyn and two other presenters offered three rotating presentations outdoors in the Taro Patch of Anahola teaching about Hawaiian healing protocols.
  • Mentored Massage and Healing Touch students at Ola massage for licensing.
  • Speaker during the First International BioPhysics Congress, Kauai, Hi.
  • Gave talks about Energy Medicine to Poipu Rotary Club, Hospice, Community Centers on Kauai.
  • Participated in and co-sponsored with Wilcox Hospital local Health Fairs, several years.
  • Taught Herbal First Aid for Children (6-14) during the Ho’okahua Ancient Anahola Cultural Exchange Summer Camps for three years.
  • Provided self-help workshops, spiritual development classes and taught Energy Medicine after moving back to the mainland.
  • Instructed Spanish speaking children (2 ½ – 5) in an English immersion pre-K for a local non-profit using Even Start program and taught parenting to their parents for four years using the Nurturing Program and other parenting programs.

For professional speaking inquires please contact below.


To reach Carolyn Thompson for any services, you must write her with your intentions.

Sessions will need to be pre-paid and a time for it is set through mutual agreement.

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