Services provided by Carolyn Thompson

…… A list of the services such as Enigmatic Healing sessions, Spiritual Consulting, Mentoring and Professional Speaking below with a brief description.

Enigmatic Healing Session

A session provides Soul Integration on all levels of a person’s being, body, mind, etheric templates and subtle energy systems in and around the body.

Each session brings about core enrichment according to the individual’s soul path.

A session clears the energy fields and strengthens the core purpose through removal of static and old energies.

Most sessions are provided as Long Distance sessions while the participant is in rest. One session by appointment is $165.00 (USD)

Spiritual Consulting

This service is conversation which focuses upon one’s spiritual growth.

It is a practical session where I listen deeply to one’s concerns and may assist in providing insights, ideas, techniques, and energy as needed.

In a session, we work with our spiritual guides and Higher Selves to bring about the best for one’s growth. One hour session is $165.00 (USD)


Mentoring is most often defined as a professional relationship in which you receive expert advice that assists in developing specific skills and knowledge that will enhance your personal grow. 

A four session commitment in order to work with your personal soul path and what you need through receiving Spiritual Consulting and guidance ideally to be complete within a two month time period.

Mentoring is about helping a person move towards their ideas and wants and at the pace the person wishes.

In each session we focus upon your needs and interests as you see them to be building towards your goals.

This is highly personal and works toward assisting you in your spiritual growth.  This can be by phone or email. Mentor package is $620.00  (USD)

Carolyn only takes up to 6 people at a time for mentoring, to be fully present for each one. At present the next available mentorship will be in June 2020. If you wish to get on the list, just email us at Thank you!

Public Speaking

As an experienced professional speaker, Carolyn provides education through entertainment and guidance that engages your group. Experienced with large or small groups and all ages; she is a natural teacher. She is versed in many subjects, and can cater her talk to assist you in your quest for knowledge, inspiration and leadership for your groups, workshops and conferences.

If you are interested in having Carolyn Thompson come and speak to your group, send us your detailed inquiry to


We are in the midst of changes; making it easier to pay and make appointments. Thank you for your patience.

To make any appointments for any services below, you will need to contact us. If you wish to book a session you have two options;

1. Call 512 413-7578 (Texas), leave your phone number and a message for a call back. Due to the enormous amount to fake/robo calls, all calls are screened at this time.

2. Email us at and let us know what you wish.

All sessions are pre-paid through Paypal or snail mail. Instructions come after you make contact.Thank you! Looking forward to connecting with you!