….. life is an adventure, and my life seems to have at least different lifetimes rolled in to this one. How I got in to this line of service to others is chronicled here, short version, and it is on-going.

Perpetual Student of Energy Medicine

With such a curious mind, I have always pursued education for my many interests. As far as Energy Medicine is concerned, I have studied along with a vital practice, side by side.

I was always highly intuitive since birth and as such, I feel and work with subtle energies naturally. I did freak my parents out royally when I was just a toddler, telling them what I saw or understood from my high intuition.

When I first became interested in energy healing, it was due to a small mention of color healing in a series of classes that taught several physic skills. I applied the color healing technique to my chronic tonsillitis condition (that pestered me for years!) and within three days healed it, it did not reoccur as it had.

As synchronicity would have it, I was invited to join a group that wished to study the book “Hands of Light” by Dr. Barbara Brennan that had just come out. About eighteen people met twice a month for a year. We studied each chapter deeply and worked with each section to understand, apply and analyze so many new concepts. It was intense study, where we had to examine our own self honesty, and we practiced the “chelation” on each other working logically how this form of hands on healing went.

This is by no means a replacement for attending Dr. Brennan’s school. Yet the book was a launch pad for my own serious study. I find her books provides the best basic Energy Medicine information as it is science based.

Invited to practice at a local healing center, I learned more through offering free chelations to those who came in. Feedback from clients was so valuable. It gave me confidence and a thirst for more information.

Stepping in to Hawaiian Healing

In a soul-led move to Kauai, I began a deeper journey of personal healing. Soon I some intense study in many energy based modalities and the native Hawaiian’s healing arts. I attended Ortho-bionomy classes for two years, which gave me tools that I still use all the time. Each step allowed me to try options with my own health of body, mind and spirit through deep reflection and healing of my own torrential past.

“Ortho-Bionomy is a gentle, non-invasive, osteopathically-based form of body therapy which is highly effective in working with chronic stress, injuries and pains or problems associated with postural and structural imbalances. The practitioner uses gentle movements and positions of the body to facilitate the change of stress and pain patterns. A strong focus is placed on the comfort of the individual, no forceful manipulations are used.” This system can also be used without using any movements at all, as the work can done with energy medicine. I have had many successes using it this way where the pain was too great for any manipulation.

Working as a waitress/bartender at Tahiti Nui in Hanalei, I spent most of my money on learning. During this time, I also worked with Aunty Angeline Locey and helped her build double steamers to form her healing center Mo’olaulani. She taught me some native Hawaiian massage and I practiced on the elders of our community on Thursdays who came for free massages. This was such a fun time as the elders had great sense of humor and fascinating stories!

Aunty Angeline  had studied with Kumu Aunty Margaret Machado. Aunty Margaret had her students and clients go in to a hot steam bath, in her “steamer” as part of the healing process.  Angeline took that method and developed her own techniques for using lomilomi massage inside her hot and wet steamer. She wanted people to truly feel and be grounded inside their bodies as she saw so many people stressed and self-judgmental so that they were not really energetically in their bodies.

I worked the at Mu’olaulani for months building the fires, cleaning, massaging, planting comfrey and just having fun with Angeline and others. One day Senator Edward Kennedy come for a lomilomi session. Aunty asked me to assess his back and use Ortho-bionomy if I could, before they took him in to the steamer. He looked so relaxed when he came out. We were very happy to see the Senate Chairman on Health, Education, Labor and Pensions Committee had come to experience this Hawaiian healing work.

After many experiences there and listening to Angeline talk about her teacher, I flew to the Big Island of Hawaii and met Aunty Margaret Kalehuamakanoelulu’uonapli Machado.

I attend her 10 Day Sea Water colon cleanse program. I felt so amazing after, so light, and happy. I felt like I had lost that Thanksgiving turkey stuck to the side of my colon that could not move due to family dramas! The cleanse helped to reverse damage to my body; now I had to know more from her. I attended her basic and advanced native Hawaiian Lomilomi. After six months of apprenticeship, I receive my license to practice in the State of Hawaii.

Margaret Machado taught native Hawaiian Lomilomi which is medical massage and energy medicine, plus knowledge of herbs, ho’oponopono, colon cleansing, steam bathing and always prayer, ‘pule’. All authentic Hawaiian Lomilomi has prayer work included. I continued to learn from her for about four more years, a week or two at a time.

One-time Aunty sent me a card requesting to see me; I had learned she had just had some surgery. When I arrived, she wanted me to perform some energy medicine on her and after her session she asked me to teach Lomilomi to others, and gave me a Hawaiian Kiss, passing her blessings to me. I was so very humbled.

Aunty Margaret would often say “When your hands are gentle and loving, the client’s heart opens up and God’s love flows through you both.” She taught medical massage which is referred to as ‘Loving Touch’ by her students. Her grandfather, John Au, was a healer and encouraged Aunty Margaret to do this work. Her Hawaiian name specifies her healing linage.

Soon I opened a licensed Massage Business, Ola Massage in Kapaa, Kauai, where I worked for 11 years until I sold it. It developed into a day spa through the talents of many practitioners that work there as well. We offered Hawaiian Lomilomi, Energy Medicine, and various spa treatments, hosted practice sessions for both massage students and Healing Touch students.

In the Taro Patch of Anahola, John Pia and Mike Rhodes built me a Hawaiian style steamer for healing work on our local people. It was designed to carry on the Hawaiian Healing Arts and not for use for the general public.

John is the konohiki of the Taro Patch and passionate about keeping the culture alive. We planted a large collection of the Hawaiian native plants, healing herbs and roots to preserve them. John and Mike maintained several Taro Lo’i (wet ponds) in this area as it had stream fed fresh water from the Anahola river. With much island real estate development, the intent was to try and give the native healing herbs a safe place to grow. This place was also a gathering place for many events, celebrations and music.

Deep Study

Thirst for knowledge continued taking part in many workshops and classes which covered Shiatsu, Aromatherapy, Polarity Therapy, Chi Nei Tsang, Ho Chi, topics on trauma, addictions and HIV, Soul Retrieval, native Hawaiian practices, Chromotherapy (color therapy), Cymatics (sound healing), herbal studies, counseling, and many others. I was never drawn to learn Reiki although I have had a few sessions.

At one point I was able to go to New York for the three-day introductory workshop taught by Dr. Barbara Brennan. It was a wonderful experience to see 350 people working on each other in a sea of massage tables. It was here in this intense energetic space that I could feel the golden light come out from my fingertips.

I heard about the Healing Touch program; a standardized series of techniques primarily taught to nurses, doctors, medical practitioners and included teaching lay people. Although I had already been practicing Energy Medicine for over 15 years, I decided that this would be a good format to be certified in for my professional practice. I took all their classes, beginning and advanced. I received Certification as a Healing Touch Practitioner. (photo: Janet Mentgen, Ann Day and Carolyn)

I went through the entire instructor training program, teaching classes, yet did not complete the last step. I knew I was not going to teach it by the time I got to that point. The Healing Touch Program is an excellent foundation for EM practitioners to become professional, as it includes writing case studies, written assessments and healing protocols for particular instances.

Subtle Energy is Subtle

The magic, as one might call it, comes through in the actual session, for when you are connected to another through energy fields, there are interactions, and energy information that comes, so the work shifts in unique ways right then and there. Suggestions my be from intuition, from Higher Selves and from the spiritual teams in order to address specifics.

I believe I learned more through working on people than in all the classes I attended! But do not misunderstand me, those classes gave me an advantage and foundations that were strong and useful.

As such, Energy Medicine might be a very hard practice to define as it has so many variances within each session. It is very different from the allopathic medical viewpoint of ‘one treatment fits all’. It appears the our medical expertise has left out the most vital part of being a human and that is our etheric energy, our Core Star, our soul. This is my area of expertise, our bioenergy fields and soul.

Walking Forward

In the 2000 annual Healing Touch International Conference held on Kauai, I was a presenter in a group initiative on native Hawaiian healing practices held in the Taro Patch of Anahola for two days. Each day provided a rotation through three lectures; one presenter talked about Hawaiian herbal medicine, another presenter talked while guiding people through the Taro Patch to identify the native healing plants, and my presentation was inside my Hawaiian-style Steamer where we first gave each other sea salt scrubs and then steamed as I talked about the practice of this in Hawaiian healing protocol. The steamer, as Aunty Margaret would say, “allows the body to cry” that is through natural sweating we release impurities through their skin. The presentations were a great success!

Before I began this healing path, education and practice, I worked in the field of Advertising for over 15 years, as a Commercial Artist. I even owned my own small advertising agency, Thompson Arts, Inc. in Houston for five years. This provided a cornerstone for my life as it assisted me in self promotion when I started Ola Massage.

Ola Massage was a great joy and I was blessed with a wonderful clientele of local and visiting people. Each person added something to my knowledge base, as I worked on them for what they needed. With great sadness I sold my business and moved back to Texas assist my parents. I understand Ola has its third owner, so it is around 29+ years old!

In the interest of a well-rounded business and to satisfy my curious nature, I attended other conferences like women in business, writer’s conferences, nurse’s conferences, and various large gatherings of people discussing how to progress in this world.

In Texas I created DeLight Academy as a format for various self-help and energy medicine based education. With this I could manage my time assisting my parents and being mom to my son.

Enigmatic Healing™

Presently based in Austin, Texas, my business Enigmatic Proprietary continues to provide Energy Medicine sessions, Spiritual Consulting and education through Public speaking and through writing books, (still in process). I call my work Enigmatic Healing™ for it is a precious work that may shift according to the unique people that engage my services. Over the years I have worked on thousands of people.

There is an excitement I cannot describe being in this cutting-edge field of Energy Medicine. Although this is something that is as old as humanity is old, currently it has advanced with intelligence and rigorous research during a time of scientific advancement and discoveries! We are seeing more deeply into this field of subtle energy which is THE vital source of all life!

It is also extremely humbling to be so close to people in their walk through their soul paths when working one to one with them. I cannot thank them enough for the knowledge I receive through their sharing and the energy information in their sessions and consultations. I practice complete privacy, and respect each and every person as a spark of God.

I also wish to thank everyone, every teacher and every hard lesson for honing me into what I am today. May my journey continue to be an adventure that helps people throughout the world.

Love One Another!

~ Carolyn Thompson