Small Biography of Carolyn Thompson


Carolyn Thompson carries a portion of DNA that is from her Melchizedek Ouri family. Most people who are working with the Melchizedek groups are over-lighted by these groups, who provide energy insights, direction and consulting but they carry no DNA of these groups. The DNA is a seamless living portion of a Melchizedek group.

The Melchizedek lineage is not sourced from this Universe, yet it is a Universal consciousness. The name is a sound tone harmonic that is a word that we say “Melchizedek” in this density, yet the tone and geometric pattern is something our linear 3D brain does not process. There are families of the Melchizedek and several layers of trees existing from within that lineage. The Melchizedek are the genetic lineage of the builders of the creative structures of holographic projections.

The Melchizedek are like a cosmic crisis management team. When there is breakdown of a system, a creation that is digressing instead of evolving since it’s integrity has been compromised, the Melchizedek come to the rescue. They go into the Universal structure to heal and reweave genetic instruction sets into holographic bodies of celestial level.

Melchizedek Ouri is a rare branch of the Melchizedek, and they bring in healing for humanity. They bestow Soul Integration so people can accelerate and unify various aspects within the body/mind and bioenergy of individuals. Soul Integration provides healing in many areas of a person’s constitution. As an embodied Melchizedek Ouri, Carolyn brings in new healing methods. Carolyn also works on many earth grids, works on clearing the dimensions for advancement and provides instruction for soul growth.

California Babe

Carolyn entered this world as all babies do. Her parents were young and in love building their life together. Her parents had met in college in Atlanta, Georgia. Carolyn’s mother was born in Queens, New York, a Catholic, and majored in Psychology. Her father was brought up a Baptist, the youngest and only one of 12 kids who managed to put himself through college, selling sweet potatoes to pay tuition. He was drafted in to WWII and later returned to complete college where he met his future wife. The Navy provided her father an education to become a hospital administrator where he worked in many Navel Hospitals.  Her family moved around the country every few years: California, Rhode Island, New York, Illinois and Guam.

Born in California nearly fully ‘awake’, Carolyn showed many skills that put her parents on edge. As early as she could talk, Carolyn spoke of ghosts, angels, precognition and demonstrated knowledge of things beyond their logical reason. Her father was brutal in response to this, telling her to be quiet all the time. She was only six weeks old when her family moved to New York.

Growing up, Carolyn was constantly challenged to keep her authenticity within the context of what was socially acceptable, and limited social patterns in her family and school.

During her childhood, Carolyn became a target for abuse, both verbal and physical from her father and her mother. This was a time in the North American culture where the majority of parents beat their children as appropriate discipline. It was what they were also subject to as children, that old-timey Christian/Victorian standard that lacked logic and love; beat the child in to submission, and totally forget that Jesus told us to love each other. Beating, bullying, and name-calling is the opposite of love. Wonder why we have a violent world?

As she grew up, Carolyn spent as much time away from home as she could, for inside the house was hostile. Even her sisters and brothers would set her up for punishment. In the end this might be seen as a gift, for Carolyn communed in nature, even as young as five years old. Running free in the large woods behind her home, she learned to communicate with trees and nature spirits. She honed her high intuition skills even further, but also learned to keep her mouth shut at home. When her siblings wanted to do something, they would tell Carolyn to go talk to mom and dad, just in case they might get angry. This helped Carolyn to learn negotiating skills and the art of persuasion.

Guam was a wonderful time for her as the tropics were so fascinating. Spending time with swimming lessons and going shell hunting with her father, Carolyn became an excellent swimmer. She found herself in the minority at Catholic school. One day she bragged to the Nun that she knew 100 folk songs, and so the teacher required her to sing a different song to the class every Friday. The children loved her songs and lucky for Carolyn they would request some over and over so she never had to sing 100. (Photo of Carolyn with a gecko on her nose and well tanned for being outside all the time).

While living on Guam, the family visited Japan and the Philippines. After her dad retired as a Commander, the family moved to Texas to continued work in civil serve, where Carolyn Thompson went to high school.  To the right is a photo of Carolyn with a gecko on her nose and well tanned for being outside all the time.

Visiting Japan changed Carolyn’s thinking in a huge way, taking her back to her roots as a spiritual person and her deep connection to earth. Guam was where her father retired as a Commander and moved the family to Texas, to continue managing hospitals.

Carolyn received a Bachelor of Science degree in Art Education, all level certification at Southwest Texas State University, but found no jobs in this field, as there were many teachers looking for work. She went in to commercial art, working in a variety of industries. After working with the advertising agency Ogilvy & Mather in Houston, she created Thompson Arts Inc., a small advertising agency that served the booming west Houston real estate market and small businesses. She provided brochures, magazines, small campaigns, photography and photo retouching, maps and assorted advertising services. After five years, she sold her business and moved back to Austin, Texas. It was time for her to move on to her spiritual path full time.

The Sponge Years

Austin during the 1970’s and 80’s was a booming town for artists, musicians,writers, metaphysics and all types of creative people. It was in Austin where Carolyn became a sponge for knowledge and experience, absorbing all she could gather in many fields.

Carolyn grew toward her authentic self, untangling the layered mis-beliefs, and emotional wounds that were sown during her childhood. As she experienced different modalities for  her own healing, she learned about how each modality worked for the body/mind/soul complex. Between working on her wounded self, working jobs,creating art and attending workshops in Metaphysics and the Healing Arts,

Consuming a book a week concerning all kinds of metaphysical and science oriented subjects and attending many lectures and conferences to enhance her growing knowledge, Carolyn was beginning to see the larger picture. Some of classes, projects, and spiritual teachers came her way include:

  • Group Healing Arts Education, Carolyn studied with twenty-two other people who came together for 10 months to study the newly released book on Energy Medicine, Hands of Light, by Barbara Brennan. In the absence of the author, they meticulously worked with each chapter, applying it to themselves and each other.
  • Joanne Cusack, a nationally known radio and TV personality with over thirty years of research and personal contributions in Kirlian photography, bio-energy field study and recognized clairvoyant. She taught Carolyn aura reading, how to identify the rays we represented at birth, Earth’s ascension, and more through her many workshops.
  • Native American techniques and healing; Carolyn studied with the Lakota/ Sioux, Cheyenne elders and learned about their cultural practices and of healing and the herbs they used. She experienced some deep sessions in Inipi and ceremony.
  • Experience Sedona Tours, During 1988-1989, Carolyn Thompson took Texans to Sedona, Arizona as a tour guide to experience the many vortices and learn about the Earth’s energies. Conversations at dinner was the greatest gift to her as people shared their inner journeys.
  • The Central Texas Parapsychology Association Carolyn created their newsletter and assisted with their Psychic Fairs where she also lectured on Earth Energies and Sedona. She used this time to learn HOW people could psychically read a person for there are many ways to do so, and many dimensions from where the information comes from.
  • Armadillo Dowsers, She was an active member with a local group of dowsing enthusiasts that dowsed everything; measuring energy of many types, both beneficial and non-beneficial and experimenting with neutralizing some.
  • Healing Alliance, Carolyn completed basic and advanced training in Channeling with Jo Todd Fuller, who channeled Isaiah. She learned to become a clear channel through bio-energy clearing practices, meditation, and connecting to guides, and discernment. She volunteered to practice Energy Medicine on clients,
  • Intimacy workshop, She learned about the patterns of Adult Children of Alcoholic Parents and the outcomes in relationships, how to change patterns to healthy ones for self and clients. This helped with her own healing of childhood patterns.
  • Sound Wave Workshop by Nicole LaVoie, about her method that harnesses the energy of sound waves to restore a full spectrum of vibrational energy to the human body and finding out about her own personal resonance.
  • Colour Healing Workshop by Georgina Regan, author and practitioner, offering an understanding of how color affects our body, which colors do what, where to apply them and how, and selecting food for their color that enhanced our health.
  • Hawaiian Shamanism, by Serge King, a practice he calls Huna, the Hawaiian Science of Life, Carolyn found such a direct simplicity of spiritual arts and also physics, that this workshop become the seed for her later plans.

Kauai Calls

Carolyn moved to Kauai in late 1989, sight unseen, trusting it was the right thing to do. She had been guided all year to take the leap, which later proved to be most beneficial. She sold all her belongings and moved within telling her family. To tell her family would mean harm to her.

As Caroline Myss said in a workshop in Hawaii, that clans are groups of people with similar tastes. Families are clans, churches are clans, even countries can be a clan. Clans take care of their own. Yet when a clan member decides to leave the group, they will cheer you on, and then, break your legs as you leave. Sure enough Carolyn’s family abandoned her after she moved, no phone calls, mail, etc. for Carolyn this was lonely but also left her to become more than what her family had boxed her in as.

Kauai was really magical for Carolyn as it was so full of life and many native Hawaiians never seemed to let go of their connections to nature. She found it easy to be herself and to open up to her innate abilities without ridicule. Native Hawaiian talk to plants and leave offerings for the plants they harvest like many indigenous peoples who have not forgotten that all life is conscious.

One connection led to another that put her in the right places in a gracious flow and in to the Hawaiian culture. There she learned a great many things. It was there that she felt safe to be herself. This was a time of rapid spiritual growth, learning and experiences.

Her tiny income came first from work as a nanny for two families and then was a bartender and waitress at Tahiti Nui in Hanalei. Carolyn spent her free time on the beach, listening to nature, and to her spiritual team. When she became pregnant, she switched her job to work as a butler for the five-star Princeville Hotel until Hurricane Iniki came and shut the island down. (Photo; Carolyn the butler)

Kauai is a very old island where Carolyn experienced the unseen: ghosts, spirits bound or trapped in a Heiau an ancient Hawaiian place of refuge; night marchers; special vortices; sacred places;and nature. Kauai is called the Garden Island and it looked to Carolyn as all the nature spirits moved to Kauai from the mainland USA. Just before Carolyn had moved to Kauai, she was sitting in a wooded area around Austin and heard no animals, no bird songs, not even bugs were scurrying around, and she cried. How soon would the soul of man become also so barren?

Through her friendly nature, she found out about workshops that focused on health and healing. Here were some significant people who influenced the way Carolyn worked in the Healing Arts.

Otho-bionomy with Richard Valasek 

Every few months Mr. Valasek, RN, Advanced Instructor for the Society of Ortho-bionomy, would come to Kauai to teach Ortho-bionomy, how the body inherently knows how to heal and self-correct, given the opportunity.

“Ortho-Bionomy is a gentle, non-invasive, osteopathically-based form of body therapy which is highly effective in working with chronic stress, injuries and pains or problems associated with postural and structural imbalances. The practitioner uses gentle movements and positions of the body to facilitate the change of stress and pain patterns. A strong focus is placed on the comfort of the individual, no forceful movements are used.” — Society of Ortho-Bionomy International (SOBI). 

After attending many of his workshops, Carolyn Thompson learned to use actual movement, and/or intentional movement: actual movement is about moving parts of the body through different positions; and intentional movement is about the therapist using no movement holding an area of the body and through intention and communication with the muscle groups, movement occurs in the right corrective patterns which the therapist flows with. Ortho-bionomy became a cornerstone of Carolyn’s work.

Angeline Kaihālanaopuna Locey & the Creation of Her Healing Center Mu‘olaulani

Carolyn Thompson met Angeline Locey, a native Hawaiian healer who practiced Hawaiian Lomilomi inside her wet steam bathhouse in order to allow people to deeply relax in their bodies. Lomi means to rub, massage. So many people are not grounded inside their body, our temple for our soul. Angeline would often say, “Love the body.” She wanted to see people proud of the body they had, and to feel relaxed and healthy. Traditional native Hawaiian Lomilomi incorporates prayer, energy medicine, breathe, herbs, and ho’oponopono. Angeline invited Carolyn to come and learn.

One day Senator Edward Kennedy came to Angeline to receive Lomilomi in her steamer. Her steamer was a small building on her deck of her home and large enough for one massage table. (photo left to right; Carolyn, Laurie, Marilyn, Senator Kennedy, Angeline, Moe and Anne)

Angeline asked Carolyn to take a look at the Senators back and use some Ortho-bionomy, if need be. Angeline knew about a bad car wreck he had been in, and she had seen Carolyn remove whip lash from one of her clients within minutes. Carolyn looked at the Senator’s spine, felt the length of it, then she sat at his feet holding them. Closing her eyes to shut out all the people staring at her, she went in to a telepathic conversation with his body. There was nothing to be done, so with a nod, Angeline led the Senator in to her steamer. He came out looking refreshed and his aura was sparkling.

Carolyn was among a small group who met in the early mornings at Angeline’s home sharing breakfast and talking story. Soon Angeline told them of her dream to build a larger steamer and to have her family come to work with her. One man stepped up and donated $10,000 towards her dream. Angeline hired a professional builder come in to build the steamers. (Photo; Early stages of Mu’olaulani)

Soon Carolyn along with volunteers were pounding nails in the large deck with the professional builder showing what to do while he was building two large eight-sided steamers. Her center overlooks the Kalalea Mountains om Anahola. Mu’olaulani was born; according to Angeline the name means “a place for young blossoms to bloom.” 

Volunteering at Angeline’s, Carolyn massaged the Kupuna (Hawaiian elders) inside the steamer who came on Thursdays and assisted where needed, stoking the fire, planting comfrey, and whatever Angeline needed when she had time away from working at Tahiti Nui as a waitress. Many clients came stressed and left looking very relaxed and more confident.

Angeline talked about her Kumu, her teacher Aunty Margaret Machado, who still taught and lived on the Big Island, Hawaii. She talked about the 10-day Seawater Colon Cleanse that Aunty Margaret provided and soon Carolyn was off to the Big Island, Hawaii, to go heal with Aunty Margaret.

In the first place Carolyn had never eaten right and secondly, she had a nervous stomach being shouted at the dinner table too often, and suffered from constipation and other maladies that the modern medicine never seemed to address. She was ready to try anything and had enough money to attend, but not the air fair so Angeline loaned her the air fare to go. In return, Carolyn paid Angeline back within a week and brought the formulas of this cleanse back to Angeline’s’ growing healing center, with Aunty Margaret’s blessing.

Sea Water Colon Cleanse with Aunty Margaret Machado

Aunty Margaret designed and implemented a 10 Day Sea Water Colon Cleanse that helped to heal many of her clients. The native Hawaiians protocol for healing was to clean out the intestines first before any other healing techniques or medicines would be applied. It was common knowledge with the native healers that you cannot medicate what the body cannot assimilate. Learning about their herbs you can see they had many herbal remedies that would act as an intestinal purge. The intestines process and absorb the foods we eat and if areas of the colon are covered with old fecal matter that is not moving out, those areas, reflex points, do not receive enough nourishment. (good read)

Aunty Margaret would use sea water pumped in from very deep within the ocean and dilute this with clean water for the morning purgative. Fasting from food for days, everyone drank one gallon of this Sea Water mix in the morning then sat on their buckets for bowel movements. Hydration did the most part of flushing out fecal matter, and the sea water provided the trace minerals and elements to to body.

After the second day, Aunty would have everyone bring their full buckets outside in the yard where she would pour out the contents in to a strainer, flop the tubes of old fecal matter in to a pan, and tell each person the meaning of what she saw in their urine and fecal matter.

Her observations and her clairvoyance never missed a beat and each participant was told what he or she could do to better. Some fecal matter looked like wrinkled leather, some was like long tubes with constricted areas, and the more healthy fecal matter was tubular formed, soft and all the same size throughout its length. Aunty told Carolyn that she eats on the run, no regular meal times and so food does not digest fully, which was to true, a bad habit from her advertising days.

Uncle Dan, Aunty Margaret’s husband took Carolyn aside and taught her how to make the herbal mixes for this cleanse. Carolyn took extensive notes to bring back to Angeline.

At the end of it, Carolyn felt light and happy. She imagined that old putrefied turkey, embedded with the emotions of Thanksgiving family drama had been flushed out and all the emotions that went with it. As there may be no way to really say, the feeling of happiness was amazing. The body felt great! She wondered why the mainland Allopathic medicine, so called modern medicine, did not use this technique for healing.

Meeting Aunty Margaret, she knew she must study with her.

Learning from native Hawaiians is about observing, and paying attention to what is being done. Later you can ask questions, but during any teaching, it is about staying quiet and paying strict attention. Carolyn spent her break times with both Aunty and Uncle to learn what they were willing to teach. Aunty was very kind and explained why she did things the way she did.

Carolyn returned to Anahola Kauai to gather up money to pay for Lomilomi class. As it was during this time, she spent much of what she earned on education. She lived very fugal, and simply, shopping the farmers markets and driving junk cars. The beaches were free so she spent much time swimming and body surfing or hiking the forests.

Hawaiian Lomilomi with Aunty Margaret Kalehuamakanoelulu’uonapali Machado

Authentic Native Hawaiian Lomilomi includes pule (prayer), lomi (massage), lā‘au lapaʻau (herbal medicine), ho’oponopono (a Hawaiian practice of reconciliation and forgiveness), energy work, and more, depending upon the focus of the practitioner—such as bone setting or energetic maladies. In the past, it was the local native medical system.

The knowledge was passed down through a family member who was destined to continue. This healing art is still practiced today and Aunty Margaret was the first to offer this education to students not in the genealogical lines. Hawaiian Lomilomi is not about certain arm strokes as some make it out to be, but a whole system of health. There are many take-offs of the massage, but the actual practice is serious work for healing people on all levels of their being.


Aunty Margaret’s father passed this art to her, and her Hawaiian name, Kalehuamakanoelulu’uonapali, tells of its heritage and talents. Aunty Margaret Machado’s family style of Lomi is medical massage, energy work, herbs, and much more, for it includes the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects of each client. It is also referred to as a “Loving Touch.”

Aunty would say often “If your hands are gentle and loving, the client’s heart will reach out to yours and God’s healing flows through you both.”  

Yet this does not mean that it is a soft or light touch massage; for if you had Aunty Margaret’s hands working on tight leg muscles, you could scream out in pain as Carolyn wanted to. If you saw her working on someone while talking to the students, you would not see how strong her fingers and hands were. And yet her hands were loving; her heart was open and overflowing with loving. She always prayed for all of her clients. The Elder Hawaiian Healers all agreed that traditional Hawaiian Lomilomi always incorporated prayer.

Aunty had a steamer, a very wet steam bathhouse which Carolyn and fellow students used daily. This steam bath was also used daily in her cleanses. According to Aunty Margaret’s teaching, go in to sweat three times and  come out after each sweat and take a cold shower.

Aunty Margaret’s said doing this “allowed the body to cry”, as the pores of our body would release substances the body wishes to get rid of. The sequence of hot and cold treatments reoccurs in many of the Hawaiian healing protocols, for it activates the natural healing within the body.

After study and apprenticing, Carolyn Thompson became a licensed massage therapist and business owner in the state of Hawaii after completing 570 hours required. In 1992, she opened Ola Massage and Day Spa. Ola in Hawaiian means health and well-being.

She continued to study with Aunty, attending her advanced Lomi workshop covering different deeper health issues and also assisted Aunty in a few of the 10-day Sea Water Colon cleanses to learn about the process and herbs. Carolyn saw many amazing health issues decline and even go away in Aunty’s clients. Uncle Dan would read the letters they received from clients that healed from illnesses.

Once a jealous doctor had Aunty thrown in jail only to find he did not have any legal reason. Aunty was protected under the USA first amendment as it was the client who gave permission and had treatment and healed! The client was embarrassed that the doctor went that route. The doctor was trying to stop her from doing her indigenous healing practice, yet the underlying reason was he had no clue how to heal the client. Laws were later passed to protect all the native Hawaiian healers.

Carolyn went through two of her 10 Day Sea Water cleanses which turned her health around in a huge way. The idea of clogged colon and its reflex points, intrigued her so much she also went through two 10 day high colonics, and a 10 day Pancha Karma (Ayurveda) in a seven year span. 10 days is a significant number to abide by. Later she received a hair analysis where the lab wanted to know what she was doing and to keep on doing it as her hair showed how much her health was returning to her.

Years later when Aunty had gall bladder surgery she requested that Carolyn apply Energy Medicine to her surgery site, and it was at that time she told Carolyn to teach Lomilomi. At times when Carolyn would be massaging a client and wonder what to do or how to approach something and Aunty would talk to her telepathically what to do next.

Carolyn Thompson’s Healing Center, Ola Massage

The Ola Massage and Day Spa opened in Kapa’a, Kauai, on the second story of the Seto Building, overlooking a public park and the ocean. It offered Hawaiian Lomilomi, Energy Medicine, and assorted other spa treatments, with several therapists working when and how they wanted. The spa served local people and visitors to the island.

Ola Massage also offered classes by different teachers that came to the island to teach. A year later she moved her location a few blocks to the south to a ground level building to make it easier for people in pain to come for treatments.

Carolyn Thompson worked with coordinators of Health Fairs that included Wilcox Hospital, the American Heart Association, and many long-standing health organizations to provide complimentary therapists of different modalities a chance to mix with the public in which free services were provided to the local people.

Carolyn, a public speaker, addressed Hospice groups, senior citizens, the Poipu Rotary, and others. Ola Massage was a success. Carolyn loved her work and learned so much from clients sharing their stories.

Becoming a Mother

When Carolyn met Mike Rhodes, he and his longtime friend, John Pia were roasting turkeys rotisserie style on large bamboo stick over a hot pit, just up the river from Mike’s house along the Anahola River called the Taro Patch. John looked a bit shocked when Carolyn sassed Mike, as she sounded like Mike, a native New Yorker.  Mike and Carolyn dated.

One night, they survived the 1991 Anahola flood which killed three neighbors and removed six homes from their street. A month later while taking a break from the horrific mess, Carolyn went to visit Aunty Margaret on the Big Island and later invited Mike to come over and take a break. It was on the big Island that Carolyn conceived her son.

John Pia was konohiki (legal caretaker) of the Taro Patch, around 64 acres of river valley with a vibrant river running through it.

John and Mike, best buddies, built stages there for bands, hula dancing, and other presentations. The land is very active with community gatherings, concerts, weddings, Hawaiian celebrations, and many other special events.

During the summer, they would host to a summer camp, Ho’okahua Ancient Anahola Culture Exchange, which taught Hawaiian culture through crafts, ukulele, lei making, dance, and of course swimming.

Carolyn Thompson taught Herbal First Aid with the children; everyone ran around gathering plants, pretending they had different wounds, and applying aid without a first aid kit as all supplies were from nature. Many of the Hawaiian children knew healing plants well and it was much fun.

John and Mike built an eight-sided steamer for Carolyn up along the rocks. It was named Wai’apo, a word that describes how a drop of water caught in a taro leaf was sacred, as it never touched the ground. Carolyn’s steamer was not to be used for commercial use, but to keep the native Hawaiian culture alive and for healing locals.

The Taro Patch was like their back yard, a short stroll along the river and much time was spent there, with a lot of sharing meals! Carolyn’s son ran wild through the Taro Patch as soon as he could walk. (Photo: Carolyn’s son riding his bike up to the Taro Patch)

Mike would take him up river to play while he and John worked in the taro lo’i (ponds). John Pia informally adopted him (hanai), a Hawaiian way to include children in many activities like family would. The use of Uncle and Aunty are common terms for respecting elders.

Less that a year after the flood, Hurricane Iniki (means Sharp piercing winds), a category 6 hurricane, came over the center of the island and tore homes apart, broke trees in half, and tossed everything around, stopping all activity in the island. No one could drive the main road due to all the power lines covering the road. In some areas the winds were clocked at 227 miles per hour.

Carolyn was eight months pregnant and hid under a blanket in bed to calm both her beating heart and her sons heart, so not to induce labor right then. Mike’s house was nearly unharmed as it sat in a valley, but just about all the homes on the island had damage and about a quarter of the homes were flattened. Wilcox hospital has just opened back up when Carolyn went in to labor a month later, so Mike, Carolyn and her midwife headed down to the hospital give natural birth to a healthy boy.

After enough clean up occurred, Carolyn opened her healing center in Kapa’a. Her contemporaries mocked her as there was hardly any tourists coming and the locals were nearly out of money, siting it was the worst time to open a business,but also due to their limited view of the abundance of clients. Most of her contemporaries worked out of their home part time or in the hotels. But determined to practice and support her child, Carolyn focused on building her business. Within a year she had a thriving business. One tourist who came for a treatment was glad to find a therapist who answered the phone, as most of those working out of their home, did not, she supposed; out surfing instead?.

Thirst for Knowledge

The human body is a very vast subject and healing is complex, as well as the subject of the many energy bodies that are emitted from core star within the central body. Carolyn continued to read and attend workshops that might help her to answer so many questions. Throughout her stay on Kauai, Carolyn added to her foundations of knowledge. Here are some of the highlights but this list does not include all education as she also attended many conferences for nurses and health professionals that are not listed here. Also while working on a client, the client’s Higher Self, their spiritual team, and perhaps a family member who had passed away, would come and educate Carolyn during the sessions and have her give messages to the client.

Healing Science with Barbara Brennan: In 1994, Carolyn traveled to New York for a four-day workshop covering the some basic principles of Energy Medicine with Barbara Brennan  and practicing Chelation method which Rosalyn L. Bruyere had created. There were over 350 attendees. On the last day, they set up half as many massage tables and everyone practiced the Chelation on each other in sycn. Carolyn giggles to herself in seeing this room filled with healers as it was like an Energy Medicine MASH unit. For the first time Carolyn could distinctly feel a gold ray coming from the tips of her fingers. This workshop also confirmed that her early study of Brennan’s first book had interpreted the Chelation correctly.

Lā‘au lapaʻau (herbal medicine) with Vernon Ohia: Carolyn Thompson studied the proper gathering of medicine, preparation and application.

Hawaiian lā‘au lapaʻau: Carolyn met Po’okela Papa Henry Auwae, Master of lā‘au lapaʻau (herbal medicine) andlistened to his lectures.

Shiatsu with Virginia Daves: Carolyn trained in basic full body shiatsu and meridian study.

Lymphatic Drainage by Marci Javril: She learned techniques for assisting the lymphatic system to drain well.

Chi Nei Tsang by Monica Fimple: Carolyn studied internal organ massage and release.

Conscious Eating by Dr. Gabriel Cousins: Carolyn attended this famous physican’s workshop with a focus on healthy food, preparation, and eating food consciously.

Healing Touch Program: The Healing Touch Program offers a standardized education for allopathic medical practitioners, nurses, doctors, and lay people. It was designed by Janet Mentgen RN, using many of the techniques designed by practitioners and many techniques unique to Mentgen. Focused on Energy Medicine, bio-energy anatomy and physiology, client assessment, techniques for treatments, follow up and referrals, SOAP notes and case documentation, mentoring and instructor training, the Healing Touch Program expanded the field of Energy Medicine for use in hospitals, clinics, and professional settings, as well as at home for self and family.

Carolyn completed all the classes they provided by The Healing Touch Program on Kauai and in Colorado. Her primary instructor and mentor was Anne Day, of Healing Touch Hawaii. Other instructors were Barbara Dahl, Cecil DelCarmen, Savitri Kumaran, Janet Mentgen, Mary Jo Bulbrook, Cynthia Hutchenson, Rauney King, and Kathy Morey. (Photo: Janet Mentgen, Anne Day and Carolyn at the certification retreat on Oahu)

Attending the Healing Touch International conferences yearly, she found such joy and excitement of seeing so many nurses practicing Energy Medicine, and hearing how they integrated Healing Touch in to their hospitals and clinics was inspiring.Some stories included the healing of Doctors who used to disbelieve. Doctors get sick and have accidents as well, and some had hard times healing through Allopathic medicine. After they added Healing Touch to their healing path, they saw the real results and later backed the addition of Healing Touch in many areas of the hospitals, like oncology and pain centers.

Volunteering to apply Healing Touch in two hospitals, she worked beside nurses to learn the hospital protocols, for Carolyn is not a nurse. Carolyn also provided practice space at Ola Massage for Healing Touch students and mentored students.

She was certified as a Healing Touch Practitioner in 1997, after completing a 330-hour program, mentoring stage, and continued with the instructor training. She never acquired the instructor certification as her direction was shifting again.

Aromatherapy with Peter Holmes of Snow Lotus: She studied aromatherapy and the blending of essential oils.

Life Long Lomilomi with Dr. Dane Silva: She completed the 60-hour, week-long Lomilomi training.

As a public speaker, Carolyn presented in:

First International BioPhysics Congress: Carolyn presented a talk on the Hawaiian Healing Ritual and the Importance of Breath

Healing Touch International Conference 2000 on Kauai: Carolyn was a presenter at the conference, Taro Patch Walk & Talk on Hawaiian Healing.  Three workshops outside in the Taro Patch; walk the herb gardens listening to Nani Kuehe identify healing plants, and their uses; Ginger A. Saiki talked about La’au Lapa’au, healing herbs as medicine; and Carolyn Thompson talked about Hawaiian Hydrotherapy inside her steamer while everyone enjoyed natural sea salt scrubs with red Kauai clay and steam bathing.

Returning To Texas

Mid 2001, it became time for Carolyn to assist her elderly parents and also provide her son with better education opportunities, so they moved to Austin Texas. During that time, Carolyn had the opportunity to re-evaluate her relationship with her parents.

Since her sense of authenticity had been restored during her life on Kauai, Carolyn found that her abusive father could no longer hurt her. She could sit on a couch as he would insult his daughter and all the while she just loved him. He wanted her to help him and his wife during this stage, and still came off as rude to her. Carolyn saw a man who worked hard all his life, provided for his wife and family, in his 80’s, a man to be respected. She looked upon him with respect as an elder, and let his judgemental words fly away as having no energy. She knew he was in his dying cycle and there was no way that she felt it appropriate to go in to her past with him or even discuss it. It would have been dangerous to do so anyway, she felt.

When it was time for his transition, he did not suffer long and died in 2006. His own knowledge of health had him keeping secrets about his own condition from his family and doctors. He wanted to live at home till his end time, which happened all but the last two weeks of his life. Her mother made her transition in 2014, following a stroke. They both died at age 87, in March, a week apart, did they plan that?

DeLight Academy Carolyn developed an educational company providing self-help techniques and training as well as Energy Medicine sessions. Being self-employed allowed her the time that she needed to care for her parents and helped her to work around her parent’s schedules. After her mother moved in to an assisted living apartment, Carolyn was free to move.

During these years Carolyn focused on being a conscious parent and advocated for her son while she moved through many stages of spiritual development. She was not yet conscious of her next mission, yet her spiritual team and her family Melchizedek Ouri were placing opportunities before her to advance her in solid, grounded ways. Some of her blogs are about certain stages of spiritual development and discoveries.

Advocacy Outreach  Beginning in 2010, Carolyn worked for Advocacy Outreach, a non-profit business in Elgin. She was hired  as an Early Childhood Specialist for five years and taught parenting three years. The advocacy service that employed her provided many services to the rural communities east of Austin Texas, for the poor and disenfranchised.

Advocacy Outreach offered free education that also included English as a Second Language and provided day care for the children of the attending parents that focused on teaching the preschool children English and social behavior for when they would enter kindergarten.

Carolyn designed their website.  She continued taking education classes to broaden her knowledge in education of children and for special needs and circumstances.

Enigmatic Healing  Enigmatic Healing began in 2010 for she stilled worked with clients as spiritual consultant, and practicing Energy Medicine.

She says: “Throughout my practice, my spiritual team taught me much more about the etheric components of the human form, new techniques, and more depth of what and why of dis-harmonies. Not once has there been two clients alike. I am humbled by the grand design of Creator in the abundance of diversity in all areas.I am so grateful!”

Her work had become more efficient as she worked with the clients Higher Self to bring about the desired results. She only practiced Lomi, massage, on close friends and family during this time.

Carolyn is now embarking on the Energy Medicine techniques she brought in as Melchizedek Ouri to accelerate the advancement of humanity. Carolyn works with feet on the ground as she and her family stream in the Melchizedek Ouri Light to people. Their Healing Light ignites changes within each person as it is given. Whether in her office or on a long-distance call, the work is the same.

Play Time Do not be fooled that Carolyn is all work and no play. Balance is the secret to health. She plays the Harp, swims as often as she can, paints and draws, loves to sew and invent, and enjoys meeting people. She may even sing out loud in the grocery store.

She travels around the world when she can. As an avid listener, she collects the experiences of other people are part of her interest in the growth of humanity.

Stepping in to Her Light  As a fully conscious Melchizedek Ouri, Carolyn now embarks on the reason she came in to this life.


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