Enigmatic Healing

Enigmatic Healing is a process of Soul Integration on all levels of a person’s being, body, mind, etheric templates and subtle body systems in and around the body.

Enigmatic Healing

Enigmatic Healing is the name for my Energy Medicine practice.

Enigmatic best describes the complexity of each individual person on whom I have worked. It also describes the intriguing way that the human body and all its bioenergy works.

An Enigma is something not easily understood or easy to explain; a puzzling or inexplicable occurrence or situation; anything that arouses curiosity or perplexes because it is unexplained, inexplicable, or secret.

As with many forms of Metaphysics (Meta, meaning over and beyond – and Physics, meaning science that deals with matter and energy and their interactions), Energy Medicine as an understood science is still in its infancy, although the practice has been around since before recorded history.

Presently Energy Medicine is being demonstrated and researched throughout the world by adept Energy Healers.

Using the term ‘Energy Medicine’ in this web site, we are primarily referring to the human instrument for application of energy and nothing mechanical as in electrical devises and such.

We will often use the word ‘Energy’ is an open-ended term for the life force that flows through and around people in unseen ways.

 Energy Medicine

The emerging scientific field of Energy Medicine, the study of the functions of our human energy anatomy which include our physical body, has gathered a lot of research, study and application.

This study comes from space exploration, philosophy, physics, geoscience, physiology and biology, and the many fields that people research in earnest.

Even with all our modern information, our physical body is still an enigma as scientists are still discovering new organs. (link)

Our physical body is so intricate that it takes more than a lifetime to study. Many medical people specialize in a certain area and depend upon other professionals to help them form a full picture of what is going on in certain diseases, and how to assist towards health.

“When all your energies are brought into harmony, your body flourishes. And when your body flourishes, your soul has a soil in which it can blossom in the world. These are the ultimate reasons for energy medicine—to prepare the soil and nurture the blossom.” ~ Donna Eden

When science can safely add the knowledge of our bioenergy fields, perhaps healing will come about quicker and with better results. There are many researchers working towards this already.

Without our core star and subtle energy fields, we would have no body.



Core Star

Our entire biofield radiates from our Core Star which establishes our tube of light; also called the Pranic Tube.

Our Core Star is what holds us all as a unit in human form. This may very well be what people throughout time have referred to as the human ‘soul’.

“The deepest dimension of our being is the core dimension in which the core stat exists. The core star dimension is our natural divine source of life; it is the source of life within us. Both in the center of the core star and at its outer perimeter that stretches out infinitely is what I call the “black velvet void”.

The black velvet void is teeming with un-manifest life. It is full of unimaginable power; it is the source of all manifestation. This undifferentiated life exists within and all around us. It is the foundation of all that is normally called life, on all levels we know including these four dimensions.”  ~ Dr. Barbara Ann Brennan, from her latest book, Core Light Healing, page 5.

The core star emanates from within our physical form within our chest area; it is the pure essence of the consciousness of which we come into experience life within a body.

From this core, we radiate out our design, which creates our energy fields and energy centers, and through our the denser human body.

Much healing can be done in the energy fields, yet there are times when disease is anchored into the physical form to such an extent that we need assistance on the physical level such as surgery or other manual medical applications.


Enigmatic Healing

“Enigmatic Healing is a process of Soul Integration on all levels of a person’s being, body, mind, etheric templates and subtle energy systems in and around the body.

Each session brings about core enrichment. It is to align one quickly, in any way that is needed according to their soul path. It clears the energy fields and strengthens the core purpose through removal of static and old energies. This energy clearing and alignment trickles down into the physical body as health and vitality.” ~ Carolyn Thompson

About Carolyn Thompson

Carolyn Thompson works with her 12D collective Melchizedek Ouri, and the Higher Selves of clients in all sessions. With over 35 years in practice through various modalities of Energy Medicine and other complimentary therapies, she has come to a place where the energy work moves swiftly. Being psychic since birth, Carolyn accesses a client’s constitution to assist in their soul growth at the client’s request.

Trained in Ortho-bionomy, certified in Healing Touch, adept in native Hawaiian Lomilomi, skilled in Spiritual Consulting and many other therapies, Carolyn has provided professional assistance to thousands of people world wide.

She created Ola Massage on Kauai back in 1991 providing Lomilomi, Energy Medicine and Spiritual Consulting to locals and tourists, provided a workspace for other practitioners and worked with the community to provide health information. After selling Ola Massage she moved back to Texas to assist her parents, Carolyn continued to study and practice Energy Medicine, Spiritual Consulting, and mentored many as well as taught workshops throughout the United States.

Carolyn is Melchizedek Ouri, Arcturian, and a natural wayshower. She works in multidimensional ways creating grids for manifestation, clearing much of the mis-creations and anomalies that hinder growth, and establishing levels of harmonics through the creation grids which bring about support for the Earth.

With the gift of Divine Synergy, Carolyn sees what needs to be done in order to bring about outcomes. She is a Harpist, artist, and actively writing books with the intention of being informative and inspiring.

Enigmatic Healing Session

A session provides Soul Integration on all levels of a person’s being, body, mind, etheric templates and subtle energy systems in and around the body.

Each session brings about core enrichment according to the individual’s soul path.

A session clears the energy fields and strengthens the core purpose through removal of static and old energies.

Most sessions are provided as Long Distance sessions while the participant is in rest.

Spiritual Consulting

A conversation which focuses upon one’s spiritual growth.

It is a practical session where I listen deeply to one’s concerns and may assist n providing insights, ideas, techniques, and energy as needed.

In a session, we work with our spiritual guides and Higher Selves to bring about the best for one’s growth.

These are individual sessions.



A four session commitment to receive Spiritual Consulting and guidance within a two month time period.

Mentoring is about helping a person move towards their ideas and wants and at the pace the person wishes.

In each session we focus upon your needs and interests as you see them to be building towards your goals.

This is highly personal and works toward assisting you in your spiritual growth.  This can be by phone or email.

Public Speaking

As a professional speaker, Carolyn can provide entertainment and guidance through engaging with your group. She is experienced with large or small groups. A natural teacher, Carolyn earned a B.S. in Art Education from Texas State University.

Carolyn taught and mentored students of massage; mentored students for Healing Touch certification program, and has mentored many interested in their own spiritual growth in a one-on-one basis. She has provided many self-help styled workshops throughout the US. She has also taught pre-K and Parenting classes.

In the past Carolyn has had the privilege of presenting two days of Native Hawaiian Health Practices, a workshop for the Annual Healing Touch International Conference 2000 on Kauai, HI, and for the Healing Touch Hawaii Cruise 1998; she provided a short lecture during the First International BioPhysics Congress, Kauai, Hi; she gave talks about Energy Medicine to Rotary Clubs, Hospice, Community Centers, and Health Fairs; and she taught Herbal First Aid for Children during the Ho’okahua Ancient Anahola Cultural Exchange Summer Camps for three years.

Back in the late 1980’s, Carolyn facilitated Earth Energy tours to Sedona, AZ to experience spiritual vortexes from central Texas, and she gave many talks to the Central Texas Parapsychology Association on Earth Energies and mysteries.

Carolyn continues to learn through her own spiritual walk, and understands that Life is a joy, even when life provides hard obstacles as they are usually gems to polish.

For professional speaking inquires, please present your areas of interest, for what group, and other details in order to enlist Carolyn in a speaking engagement. Thank you!

For sessions, services or other inquiry,

Email at : Caroleen.thompson444 @gmail.com